Genshin Impact Unusual Hilichurl Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video, I’m going to show you where Hilichurl “, Big Wei”, found in Genshin Impact weird there. Let’S take a look Thanks. You are to watch the video so far, remember to like it and sign up and ring the bell for help With the youtube algorithm now back to the video. So the big road hilly charles got its name from CEO of mihoyo, because his first name is wei and you find him engraved around the map. So I’m used to To really explore my map most days with all the tags on other videos about Sports mines and antiquities spots, so checking out Mountain Charlie every day will be Well.

I can just throw it and what I’m going to do is too, As I go to each location, I’ll mark it. So the first one here is at sunrise: let’s Go. I will also link to an article uh in the official forums that shows all this. I bet you can’t keep up with me. Okay, so any sign of hills, Joe Ah, doesn’t seem to be Around here. Well, what I will do is open my map, uh click on it, and this is literally the correct icon, I’ll confirm. Okay, so we should go to the next site to the uh head section now, even if I find it Mother Hill Charles’s profits are fine here to the southeast of even Munstart. If you find that, then I’ll show you where all the other sites are anyway, let’s go there Random event. I will do when i get back, But we need to go straight to the edge of the cliff to the northeast.

This is also where you should come to open the spiral cliff. According to my other video Now I hope you all are enjoying 1.1 as much as I think is cool, so Hillside Kid is not here. So, let’s tick it okay next place at Storm, Horror Layer. So, let’s go, We got ta go here, let’s go And we want to actively go out. This was very strange. Let me go to the Statue of Seven instead, I don’t know why it was so glowing. Okay, where is the entrance O? Well, I screwed up that. No one did Well the mound tail over there. Sleeping is just an ordinary tail Mother. Well, that’s just a regular thing, but mainly on this platform. It’S where it has to look good. So, let’s get it really specific. The next place you want to go is uh. Lingshu pass So the things you go through along the way here Then, from this point in this teleport we want to run South. So I hope you took the time, unlocking all the real-time transportation in the game. It doesn’t take long and is definitely infinitely beneficial. So there is a tent.

We should look out for where he might be Mother. Well, there’s another tent over there. Okay, so there’s no sign of it here: Okay, so the next one that says downhill, um, uh, shizuo, let’s go downhill there And uh. I’M gon na try to timestamp the video as well. So our goal is This: is the central area here this platform. So let’s confirm that spot And, as I said, you can find this once a day every day Or potential rewards. I’M not saying the rewards are cool, I mean some of my friends told They found a cabbage that kills hillside kid, but if there was more around the village Either one Yes, this might be the unusual kid in the hills. Well until you get the achievement yeah and I got, as my friend said – I got a cabbage, So let me see the achievement that I got. I am sorry the achievements of the wrong list, uh below, I think Contender.

Two’S Series was a strange defeat on Extraordinary Hills once Let’s demand it and we’ll see and there’s a reason to defeat him 20 times. So if there’s a reason Go after that a few times, okay, so the next area, I’m going to look into that, I’m going to mark on the map – is Just uh, the Northeast Road port. So you want to go to this place here. Teleport, OK, And if you just want to rewind the video pause it to find my exact location. The reason I wanted to make it in video form as well is just in case these articles disappear. You know I don’t want to assume that articles will be kept on the site forever. Well, let me get some stamina, OK, Mother. Well, looking at the map, this is an area of this type. So let me mark it Well, you can spawn here or the next day Mother, It’s near wolf arena, okay here! So let’s move there so we’re about halfway through There because they said there are 15 spawn spots for this, and this is now spot number seven. I have found that fighting wolves every week is much more difficult, especially now after Age 44 and tell me in those comments down below. As I did oh crap uh did you get any 1.1 Good Drops Wishes, I’m curious to have personally managed to get Diana. Well, I can do the mining here. Okay, I always find it takes a long time to get to that wall spot. I think I’ll be using my remote portable bay here. Okay, so, let’s put the sign over there.

Okay, next up in the storm-bearing mountains, here, Okay, let’s go so he’s actually saying he’s next to this uh shrine Very pretty here now, of course, these points are rough, like I’m sure You will get around this kind of area, but it will give you the least Hint, where is next in the uh village of Quincy, let’s go, Let’s go, there might be faster, OK Looks like you’re supposed to be in one of these fields and Quincy. Village is a good place to be For collecting local specialties. If you need them to get the Battle Pass, you get beautiful, lilies as well And also chili pepper. Well, she got a lily in there, So here almost Well then, after that it says Sorry claustrophobic, claustrophobic. Sorry, I love slaughtering these names. Where is the prankster? Yes, so I don’t remember the name of every region in the game, yet I’m going there, though, Where is he where he is Unless you’re in the wrong area? Absolutely sorry, it’s already here So in the monsters’ area – was a duck running in a poor alley And want to travel east to go up this hill

Well, you can probably have it more than once a day. Yes, I think this video is a confirmation that you are. I can’t have it more than once a day. Oh my gosh Like note to self I’m not standing back to the cliff okay. So, let’s make sure that then we have to go To this place here this shawl, let’s move to the statue of the Seven. We need to go east from here. Well, there is a random box in there like Well. Well, this kind of uh area looks uh. Sls market, I think I’ll – be back to this box after this video, Okay, the stone gate: Let’s go here to turn space And it looks like we have to climb the wall, so we have to go there. So this is actually a big mountain. I have to be wary of stamina Well here, So this is site number 12. So after this one is three. So if you like this old directory content, please let me know In the comments below you can help the video by liking it as well. Well, let’s go You always worry like me. If your stamina is going to run out, Looks like he’s gon na run out and that’ll be awkward, but hey things happen, Don’t run out, don’t do don’t play, don’t do it to me Here we go well. So it looks like it’s almost here. Let me refer to this type of region and then the next region Uh in wad this one here, this tire kane valley, He says about the bridge

Let’S go But for now I’m just trying to ignore all monsters and all chess And everything for this video. Well, it’s roughly shown here And the next two points to go: uh one at the top of uh uh Ching, Yong, Okay. So, let’s get to that little teleport here! Ok, Let’s try to get to the west. I wonder if we have to go up, Let me try and go up to see if it is Up here – Hey, okay, so maybe I don’t think so. I think it’s actually so bad. Well almost here. There is also a point of view there. Okay, let’s celebrate the farm right here. Uh then we need to go to januncast is close to Let’s move on right now, so it’s literally displayed as here.

Well, a good rest, and this is where all the unusual hill chills is the big way I heard Charles Umm, as I saw, and found two of them in the context of this video that I just selected All locations on the map are marked with a monster Symbol – and this is something I’ll probably check Every day – is just for him, because we need to defeat him 20 times Or in order to get them so that, together with the artifacts along with the mining sites, It gives you a lot to look for every day. If you play the game every day like I do So anyway, that’s it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a go, Excellent, you can watch a random video there. You can see the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe.

Thank you guys.

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