[Genshin Impact] *UPDATE 1.2* Tier List – ALBEDO + GANYU


Genshin impact came a long way and now update 1.2 is upon us with 2 new characters, and so many new features Should you roll for albedo or ganyu. Today, i will tell you all about it in this new Genshin impact update 1.2 Tier List. Genshin Impact has proven to be a very f2p friendly game, making the gatcha aspect only a secondary feature. You can infact clear all the content with just the starting character and minimal weapon refinement as proven by Enviosity, But it’s undeniable that some characters bring higher value than others, especially when it comes to specific features such as single target, boss, damage or constellation power. That’S why i made multiple Tier lists about constellations, dps team role, and today we will make an updated list considering also the end game value of each character.

This genshin impact tier list for update 1.2 will be a D to S tier list with some sub category to better fit every character. We will tuch on constellation team value and dps output. Let’S get started Im dux and in this channel you can find lore news guides theories and also odd stuff about genshin impact. Subscribing is free, and it’s also proven that karma will help you get that 5*. You are looking for so please click that button yo ucan, always unsubscribe later before, getting to the new characters. I need to make some adjustments and tuch breafly on the other characters. I rated in the old tier lists Amber is the tail-end in every tier list and im guilty of it. Aswell

Now that i finally reach rank 50 and i had to beat abyss floor 12, she turned out to be one of the best possible choice to deal with the incredible amount of shields that you need to get rid of to make any damage in that floor. She is the only pyro bow user in the game, with a decend damage, output for the charged shot and a very usefull burst skill Constellations doesnt make that much of a difference and, of course there are better options for dps, but for the endgame role i found Out her to be amazing, and i need to bump up that rank to B tier Both the travelers for the very low impact of the constellations aspect and the basic mechanics they will stay in the c tier Beidu is one of those characters. I cant figure out when to use her

She feels underwelming in everything i do and for this reason i feel like the c tier is the best fit for her. I stay with my belief that sucrose is not worth building when you have a better alternative, especially if you have her at low constellations. A never ending skills, cooldown and low damage numbers make her very hard to fit in an abyss team or in a boss, fight in general, B- still Kaeya on the other end could be somewhere useful, especially if you dont have a chongyun or a diona infact. In order to beat the end game content, you must have a cryo unit to destroy the electro ftui shield and, if you dont have that you can’t even try. Kaeya is also an amazing surce of element particles making him a good addition to the team as a support unit.

Also, thanks to the new cryo set that suits him perfectly. I will bump him up to B. Lisa is a nice unit thanks to the defence reduction and all all that good stuff, but there are for sure better alternatives. She stays in the b tier Barbara is a very good healer. She has no shield mechanic like diona, but she still excell in raw healing role B is a good fit. Noelle is kind of underrated. Aswell i feel like a good constellation. Noelle can bring a lot of value thanks to the healing and good damage output. She can reset a tough situation and can be a very good support. I will bump her up to a-. Xingqiu is actually a very good support character capable of enabling crazy damage output, especially with a Kequing or even a fishl.

I think that rating him S tier, like some people do just to clickbait, is not a fair, rappresentation tho. The truth is in the middle, he need’s the biggest rank increase, But he deserves to be in the A rank. Ninguang is a very strong single target. Dps unit capable of deleting bosses and destroying shields like no one else, she is amazing, with an high constellation being one of highest dps output.

She is situational and shine the most with a Zhongli but nondless. I will bump her up. Aswell to a tier Bennet same as amber shows his amazing potential in an endgame enviroment, especially when you need to clear the highest floors in abyss having an healer that can buff your main dps, destroy, cryo, shieds, with ease and also heal. Your party will give you the best help possible to get trough those hard stages, he his an S- for sure. The next character on the tier list is chongyun. That is an ok character when it comes to specific scenarios, but he is underwelming when paired with a different element.

Dps or when you face some element: resistent enemies that are very common in high floors. He will stay in the a tier even with the new artifact set and the new abyss changes that are about to come. Xingling is a good all around character to have a good sub dps, a good support and a good choice for high floor of abyss. Thanks to the shield destuctor gouba, she gets out performed by many other characters tho, especially in the end game content. I will leave her in the a rank. Xinyan got a very high rank last time i made a tier list, but when i got my hands on her she was very underwhelming in every field. I always had a better option for support and dps

She can still be good in some situations and in abyss if you dont have a bennet but other than that she doesnt excell, B tier Razor and jean both can stay in the A razor can be a very amazing dps if buit correctly and jean is a Very good, support/healer, Diona being an healer, will not take advantage of the new artifact set, given the fact that a maiden beloved will be the best choice without a doubt for her, but she will stay in the same rank. Anyways thanks to the amazing shield. She can give the team and the cryo sinergy that is very useful when paired with any other element in the team. Mona will actually gain a rank. She can be a super usefull support and with the new water set, her damage will skyroket aswell, maybe with the 2 set a 2 noblesse oblige. I see her doing very well in this update. Fishl is a very good f2p friendly character, with a good synergy with water, an anemo, but the more i play her the more i feel she should be on the same level as diona

Klee is also staing solid in the s tier thanks to the amazing overall damage. Now, let’s get to the big deals, Diluc Venti kequing at this point of the game are the gods of their respective element. No one comes even close. They deserve to be in this spot Same for qiqi being the best at what she does. Zhongli was a surprise for everyone for the underwelming feeling he brought to the game by looking at numbers and constellation stats. I put him by mistake in the S Tier, but the actual rank he deserves to be in, for the current 1.2 Patch is not higher than S-.

He can still be an amazing burst support, but for a 5* unit he really needs a rework that will come in update 1.3. Can’T wait to see what will they actually change on him And for the last character of the 1.1 era. Tartaglia get’s, the crown for being the Strongest unit at the moment inside the game. The new water set is specifically made for him with the normal/charge attack boost. He deserves to be in the S for being hands down the strongest water unit in the game. Now, let’s get to the new 1.2 characters:

Albedo, a geo sword user with a very unique E skill that allows him to create an elevator while dealing aoe damage to the enemies inside the area and The burst. Skill will create an aoe geo attack that can resonate with the e skill aswell infact. If the e skill is casted before the q, the ultimate will generate up to 7 fatal blossom dealing extra damage, aswell … His burst, will be the strong point for sure, given the fact that it will provide slightly higher damage than zhongli’s burst. If all the blossom are in a perfect position, Albedo will be for sure a good addition for geo teams, but the geo support role he covers. Doesnt suits an elemental reaction, main damage surce, limiting the team possibilities. I will rate him A In 20 days. We will also be able to play with Ganyu the first female banner since launch. She is a cryo bow user with a lotus as a e skill that will attract all the enemies in the area. Much like ambers puppet. The lotus will have hp based on ganyu hp and will deal aoe cryo damage at explosion.

And as a burst skill, she will rain down ice shard dealing massive damage to the enemies in the area. The duration of the Q and the massive area she will be targeting will create an elemental reaction party inside the field actively boosting damage for all the team. Thanks to Superconduct melt or frozen, I really like this character and given the fact that cryo is essential in abyss and the new cryo artifact set resonate perfercly with her passive talent. I will rate her S Until Ayaka comes out. She will be for sure the cryo godness inside the game. Let me know if you agree with this tier list. If so, please leave a like, and if you disagree with something please let me know in the comments below Please remember that you can play this game. However, you want and you should pull on any character. You have fun playing with. Thank you. Everyone for watching, please subscribe for all the lore news guides content for genshin impact. Thank you so much, and i will see you later.

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