Genshin Impact v.1.0 Late Game Daily Routine (AR 40+) By: jameslatief


***Note that this guide assumes that you have collected enough Adventure experience materials and Mora to upgrade all your main characters in your team to the max level. Just hunt blue and gold Ley Line***

At this stage of the game, you no longer have anymore quest to complete. Your Adventure Handbook, Achievements and Battle Pass becomes your new quests, as well as the list of Ascension materials for your characters and their weapon when you finally reach AR 50. Getting to AR 50 from AR 40 will take about 4 weeks, with an average of 3 days per AR level. You will have a lot of time to farm for the required materials.



The first thing to check when you wake up is your resin level. If it’s already 120, do a gold ley line to get some Mora. We all know that Mora becomes really scarce at this point of the game. Of course, we don’t want to have it at 120 when we start playing for the day, so make sure you drain your Resin close to 0 before you sleep.

Next thing to do is to reset your expeditions. This will take about 2-3 mins and you should focus on doing this ASAP.

Since you will be getting crystal chunks and white irons from your expeditions, you should go to Wagner and start forging new pink crystals.

Next is mining. Depending on which day, you can skip this step when your crystals are respawning. Have a route of places marked on your map and mine these places. My favorite character to use for these mining runs is Razor as his Claw and Thunder works like a TNT. The process will take about 30 mins.

Then go back to Wagner, collect the pink crystals that are ready and start another forging queue with the crystals you have just mined.

[Using your Resins]

You must drain your resin as much as possible daily, and if you’re eager to progress faster, refresh it with primogems. For me, I don’t really care about the gacha aspect of the game and will gladly refresh my Resin 3-4 times a day. As for Fragile Resins, I don’t want to make any recommendations and leave it up to your own preference.

Route 1: Farm the character’s talent upgrade materials to level 7. Do day-specific domains with your resins until you max out.

After submitting your forging crystal order, start using your Resin to farm for talent books. There’s always a specific character’s talent book that you want to be farming daily. It’s ideal to farm them on the weekdays, as opposed to the weekends. The domains in the weekend will give 3 different types of talent books, as opposed to a single type in the weekdays. If you have Fragile Resins, feel free to use them during the weekdays.


Barbara/MC: Mon,Thu, Sun

Razor/Xiangling : Tue, Fri, Sun

Schedule for the week

  • Monday: Barbara Talent
  • Tuesday: Razor Talent
  • Wednesday: Gold ley lines for Mora
  • Thursday : MC Talent
  • Friday : Xiangling Talent
  • Saturday : Gold ley lines for Mora
  • Sunday : Dvalin and Wolf

When upgrading a talent, you need talent books and a farmable item(e.g. Stained Mask). Every character has a different farmable item and you should start farming for these items when you’re low on them. These items can be farmed from Slimes, Hilichurls, Samachurls, Treasure Hoarders. You should use the Boss tracker in the Adventure Handbook.

To upgrade to level 7, there’s a new material required (e.g. Dvalin Claw, Ring of Boreas) that’s only obtainable from weekly bosses. Make sure you only kill Dvalin that’s level 70+. This really slows things down for late-game players, especially if your luck is terrible and you don’t get it after killing a wolf or Dvalin. I would focus on collecting the Talent Books and Farmable Items for Talent upgrade first. Once you have collected all of them (4 purple talent books (a.ka. Philosophies) per skill) for every character in your main team, it’s time to do Route 2.

Route 2: Farm for character level ascension materials.

At level 80, your next Ascension will only be at AR 50. I am going to use Razor’s Ascension list here. You’re required to collect 6 purple gemstones, 20 Lightning Prism, 60 Wolfhook and 24 Ominous Masks.

The first 2 items require you to kill Electro Hypostasis repeatedly (20-30x) in order to amass enough gemstones, which translates to 800 to 1200 resin. But since this is not day-specific, we can do this anytime we want, as long as we have enough resin. I recommend doing this 10 times a week in order to get the Battle Pass Weekly Mission reward. Then move on to Route 3.

Wolfhooks are easy to get. Go to the right place to pick them up and teleport to other players’ map for more. This process should be done in less than 1 hour per character. Make sure you ask for permission from the other player and do them a favor.

Ominous masks will require you to kill random hilichurls on the map, so this will take a bit longer. A good tip is to just start a gold or blue ley line and hope that hilichurls will pop up. You can also use the Adventure Book Boss finder to look for the Shield Hilichurls.

Once you have completed Route 2 for your main team characters, it’s time to move on to Route 3.

Route 3: Artifacts farming in Domains

Getting 5* items is very important as you level up to AR 45. All the monsters will be above level 70 now, but your character level is still stuck at 80. Thankfully the domains are more generous and will spit out more 5* items for your characters to equip. In Chapter 9, you’re required to collect 8 pieces of 5* artifacts and fully upgrade them to level 20. You’re also required to collect 2 sets of 5 star artifacts.


Finally, complete your daily commission. You don’t really need to rush this. But make sure you’re actually doing it everyday. (Optional) Buy materials from shops. They reset daily and speeds up the material collection process significantly. Everyday, I will go to Draff in Springvale and buy some Raw Meat (x10) everyday as I find Raw Meat to be the hardest thing to farm, even more than the crabs and fishes.


If you follow my steps, you WILL definitely complete the 4 Daily Missions everyday for your Battle Pass.

As for the Weekly Missions:

– You might have to go out of your way to farm for the 100 Mondstadt and 100 Liyue local specialties that you are still missing after farming for your character’s character level ascension materials. Once again, you could join other players’ world maps. ALWAYS ASK FOR PERMISSION AND THANK THEM!

– You will need to intentionally cook 20 dishes. Easiest dish to cook: Fisherman’s Toast. You can buy all the ingredients from Blanche in Mondstadt General Goods. No foraging needed.

– You will need to intentionally spend 500K Mora on your upgrades. The real challenge is getting 500K Mora to spend. This is about 8-9 Yellow Ley Lines.

-You will need to intentionally use an additional 340 Resin weekly through refreshes/fragile resins to hit 1600 resins used requirement. Refresh a once a day for 50 primogems and this requirement will be achieved.

-You will need to finish 20 ley lines, even if you don’t need EXP or Mora. The trick is to start them, finish them but not collect the loot with Resin. You can complete 4 a day in your world without spending Resin, but you can also do it at another player’s world. I usually offer my service to a newbie and he/she will always be more than happy to let me annihilate their ley lines.

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