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Genshin Impact Waltz of Earth, Wind, and Thunder Quick Guide By: Coolica


Hello everyone! I made previous guides for Day 1 – 3 (none for 4 – 6 as they are the same thing) and now here’s the final quick guide for Day 7! Please note that the last day isn’t out for non-Asia servers as of time of posting, so if you want to save the surprise of the event for yourself, you have been warned of spoilers.

So the last day was a welcome surprise! We get to fight all Hypostatis variants in one event, which was awesome. For the most part, the moves are exactly the same, it’s just that you fight them consecutively so you have no rest time between bosses.

Max points for the last day

For those doing the event just to clear it/not going for max points, it’s relatively straightforward. The way MHY structured the week was basically “training” for the final 7th day fight, so as long as you focus and use each of the tips and tricks for the previous bosses, you will be fine.

  • For me personally, each boss was a lot easier to deal with, their overall HP even at max settings seemed to be somewhat less. They key thing to note is that you have less time to clear the event in general (for example, at max difficulty for timer you only get 300 seconds total, which is 100 seconds per boss instead of 120 seconds.)

  • The modifiers might be challenging for those who main Pyro or Cryo and Physical damage characters, as they are the elemental reductions chosen for this fight. At least though, there’s not crit rate/dmg reduction like previous days!

  • The focus of the fight also seems to heavily favor not getting hit, as modifiers are mostly lowering your damage output when you sprint and/or get below a certain HP threshold. In essence, don’t get hit as it will really screw you over (which isn’t too hard, we’ve been practicing against these bosses for the past 6 days, so we should know their attack patterns by now.)

  • The next boss spawns right after you defeat the first one, so be prepared in terms of positioning and skills. The order of the bosses you fight is Anemo > Electro > Geo.

  • Lastly, there seems to be an issue where sometimes as the fight starts with the Anemo boss, after he wastes a few seconds at the start he usually does a clap move at you after about 9 seconds, but sometimes he bugs out and doesn’t do anything for 12-14 seconds, or sometimes just doesn’t do anything at all. If he bugs out like this you might as well restart (and save your food buffs!)

Other than that, the fights are the same, just that the timing for higher speed clears is a bit tighter so something to take note of. Overall the repeat for days 4-6 was kind of a let down (I wanted to fight maybe 2 of each boss together per day) but this last day was really fun. It was basically testing the culmination of all your training for the previous days.

If you guys need references to the previous guides for each boss, please refer to them here. Don’t forget to check the comments as other people have posted very useful information as well!


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