Genshin Impact Weapon and Artifact EXP Farming Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video I’ll show you How to quickly upgrade your weapons and artifacts in Genshin Impact. Thank you for watching the video so far remember to like it subscribe and call the number Bell for help youtube algorithm. Now this video is back to video At people like me, they’re 40 and older and they’re kind of stuck in what they have to do So because I have a lot of characters now and they are advancing towards level 80 and need To upgrade their weapons, relics, Etc.

As if doing so was kinda expensive, There was a really good article posted on the official forums of the game and person. He tagged all these different mining sites, as well as all these places in search of artifacts. Now the reason they are so good is because they are close to teleport sites and what You also need to strive for 120 crystal pieces. What you can do so that you can access it Blacksmith, can make you oars of mystic reinforcement, but he can only make 30 a day, so you basically need 120 out. So I’ve got five on the way, But I need to have enough mats for another 25. Uh so it’ll be another 100. right Now. The thing about the process is that it takes a few days sometimes for the materials Recharging. So it’s not something that needs to be done every day, but let me show you an example. So, let’s The immediate move here to Bears Hills is now what I recommend to do when you find these spots to Make a mining sign on it.

So you can see that I marked it with these axes and then these Clover, you used to locate the artifacts, but we’ll get to that in a second Instead of showing you every place, because there are a lot of places with things in the game And things May change in the future only showing you the concept of how that works. If any Good mining sport close to the teleport market, you can put up to 120 ticks. I guess So. I can see on the mini map right away, that this is a good mining spot uh when it comes to Mining. Someone with a claymore sword or a two-handed sword can mine very efficiently. If you are Use a sword with one hand, let me show you you might hit this for a while to break it, Whereas if you use claymore a few strokes and it’s done use claymore for it. Well, as I say, look at the article in the link to the description box, where Sites did it take about 2 hours to tag them all but yeah. I know that It’s done so let me just go through this and then I’ll show you the artifacts in a second Plus.

There are always more and more optimal farming methods, but if you play some music or Keep streaming a movie or something on Netflix or anything like what you can get with this farming Very fast process, but would be very useful for you, it’s the crystal pieces. You are looking for, however, It is okay to have other masks just in case. They are needed for other things, for example, why Iron ores are actually so useful in making four-star blacksmith weapons that These can be used to improve the gear? Okay. So that’s the concept of um mining. So what I’m not going to do So you can see that I’ve tagged all of these mining sites, so I’m going to do that next to Teleport Visit all these things. Now, let me show you the artifacts and how they work. If we go right here Now in order to level up the artifacts, you need to use the other artifacts just like the gear, just like Everything.

So what you can do is, if you mark it all over again, you will find these sparkles in Squares next to settlement buildings abandoned vehicles, wherever these will be renewed after 24 Hours of looting them. So if I loot this now, I have to wait 24 hours to do it again, but you Seeing her, gave me a gray low-key artifact, so I can immediately use it to level up. So if you highlight all these along the way like searching for a path that works for you If you’ve found a way like believe me, if you’ve been doing this every day before you know it, You will find a path that works for you, and I have To tell you to combine both get um Artifacts in addition to raw, and if you see any food stains, take them too, because You never know what you may need in the future. It is always a good idea to be more or less careful Prepared in this game, because in this game you fortunately have 10,000 uh loot points, Even after playing this every day since its debut I’m nowhere near filling it up.

What I am going to do now for this video I am going to plant everything I can do And then I’ll show you how many materials I have at the end of this process. So a time interval now, Okay shameless. So I spent a good half hour. 45 mins and you visited all these sites. We identified so remember the link in the description To get maps of where to go. So I visited all of these places I identified. I got the most Um crystal antique materials and all I can do now is time to see a mother Result. Do you remember before we started? We had five, so let’s have a And let’s see how many other things I can make One two and three are fine, so I have a lot on the way I have another 15 on the way And you use the woolly horse to upgrade your weapons. Now is one thing I recommend too, With this one that will help you along the way is to take excursions, so what you can do is fix 20 hours doing this.

Every day you get seven to eight crystal pieces from three to four iron shards, And you can do this once and think three times in total and one of them at time So check results. But i do it every day for the 20 hour release of it Of my characters, sitting idly by and it’s always good for more to come. So I don’t You think you’ll hit 30 days each day, but it will definitely help you level. Your weapons Go on a lot, so, let’s see which character, for example, Um Well Rice Bob just to Let’s see in the center if there’s anything suitable, so I’m cooking. So, let’s see how much The results we got too well, that’s because all the other results that I have are still formulating. So I hope this pushes me towards level 60.

Now, let’s look at the artifacts, I am with my main characters, especially my main dps trying to level up artifacts a lot, But I mostly put my materials in the five stars because the five stars It lasts much longer than anything underneath. So let me just fine. The word Now, because this is a low-level math, it would take some time to actually use all of these. However, Whatever that is what we have gathered today from taking this path, You can see it go on and on Keep going and not bad. So I got loads of stuffs. I got another artifact plus 10.

There is one thing that I would also recommend. If you do, while you are gathering everything, Use, emino or use razer and the article is also explained because they have um additions, Endurance when running climbing or anything other than a wiper, especially if you have a razor, because if it is, He does this ability here. This way, when he mining, then he can remove several points from mine in The same time, which is very useful again. So this is how you can grow a massive amount of I experience, gun and dxp every day and I wait for the 1.1 patch before I get worried Chess game because I know some people cultivate chess. But at the moment it is a manual process. But in 1.1 we’ll get a compass-like element that will point you to The closest chest is available to you.

So I’ll probably make a video about that when it drops 1.1 To explain how to breed chess. Is that simple so that you can hold on to it? If only you want to Two weeks later well, if you liked this video and if you have any other methods of planting Materials, etc., let me know in the comments ah down, my characters really lazy So anyway, guys. That’S it for this video, if you like it Make sure to give him a thumbs up that you can watch about the video there Watch the latest download there or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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