Genshin Impact – Where to find Noctilucous Jade?


All right, uh, welcome back. This is Minyak todaywe’ll, be talking about Genshin Impact on howto, find noctilucous, uh jade, I don’t know howto pronounce it. Let me see on the inventoryuh yeah this one right here noctilucousjade. This is actually one of the items that I needto actually get for. The quest big business yeah Ihave actually tried to pretty much run around theentire well run around the map to findit. So where you can you find noctilucousjade I’ll show you guys on the map right.

Hereyou can get it right here on the Mingyun villageso. If you are looking at the entire map, this isMondstadt. This is Wuwang hill right here justproximity, so you can actually find it. Uh saltTerrae, Dihua marsh Wangshu, inn right here and this isMingyun Village right here. It should be directlysouth well almost directly south of Mondstadt, but you have to go all the wayfrom. This road right here so go to Wangshu inn first then go tothis is a broken bridge. Right herethen! You can go to minion village, okay, it beyou go after you. Go to the Mingyun villagego directly on the uh lake in the middleI. Still this is the lake in the middleof, the united states, okay, from afteryou go down from the road to the lake turn left right here, uh this shouldbe. There should be something here: ahilicurl, something like that: uh right, hereand, uh, actually the cave is blocked by stoneso.

You have to destroy it after that. You goin right here and jade should be right. Hereright here right in this two differentrock you can mine like four of themwell. It will respawn but takes a whileto respawn, but yeah it will respawnso. You have to go inside the cave. Yeah you haveto, destroy the rock in the front of the caveotherwise. You won’t be able to seethe jade, there are actually twotop, two rock you can mine right here. Onthe outside is an iron and a white ironand. Yes, actually I am using Diluc. Yes, this is agacha game and yeah. Apparently my the gacha gamefavor me. This is a five star character. Yeah andI got it the first try interesting, isn’t it maybethey want me to make a video about it anyway, that’suh. I hope this video helped for you guys to findthe noctilucousjade all right. I don’t know how tospell it, but it is noctilucousjade. I will write it down all right. I hope this helpeduh. Thank you for watchingI will see you guys again on the nextvideo. Alright, this is Minyak signing off

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