Genshin Impact – Where to get Philanemo mushroom?


All right, uh welcome back. This is Minyaktoday, we’ll be talking about where to findPhilanemo mushroom, okay. This is actuallyneeded for the ascension for characterlet me yeah. This is for Barbara uh ascension yeah, you willneed this… This thing philanemo, mushroom, Okay, and you will need a lot of it about 10 for level 40 yeah. So this is why I am on the rooftop of monstadt right here. You can actually find the Philanemo mushroom it’s pretty much on the rooftop of prettymuch.

A lot of the building, but it’s not a lotprobably one building, only have like one philanemomushroom uh yeah. It also is here on the tower yep right here on the tower youcan see philanemo, mushroom, okay, phila, another philanemo mushroomokay, so yeah pretty much. You have to goon the building. There’S a lot of you, a lotof, the philanemo mushroom here on thewindmill, I guess: okay, so yeah that’sfor, the philanemo mushroom andactually. There is one more locationis.

The Chloris right here on Windriseyou can actually purchase it from her. Okayi will just go teleport to find Chloris alright, so you can actually purchase it. Fromchloris also here for the philanemo mushroom, as you can see right here in the bottom canalso purchase about up to five and then youhave to wait for replenishment, but yeah youcan also purchase the philanemo mushroomfrom Chloris or if you have time just uh try tobe batman on Monstadt so yeah Chloris is right, hereand most of the philanemo mushroomis actually in the city of monstadtand, also some of them on the rooftopof vale spring. Well, springvale! Okay, so you can also find philanemo mushroom on the rooftop here on Springvale, so it pretty much grows on top of the building this oneright here.

So this is on Springvale. It’S not limited only to monstadt, so monstadtSpringvale and also Windrise. You can purchaseit from Chloris all right: hey, that’s the shortvideo for the philanemo mushroom. Okay thank youfor, watching um. I will see you guys again onthe next video. Alright. I hope this video helped.

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