Genshin Impact – Where to get Valberry?


all right welcome back this is Minyak well on today’s video we will  talk about how to find valberry okay okay if you  guys like this type of video hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe all right Well, the first way is actually you just purchase the valberry from an npc uh called Chloris yeah cloris clorox i don’t know  uh i will show you guys on the map so Chloris right here  uh is actually where you find you can actually purchase the valberry from her  okay Chloris is actually walking around in Windrise this is Mondstadt this is on the road  outside Mondstadt uh Chloris is yeah well is actually walking around the road okay this is Chloris okay can you sell me some plants so there are valberry here that costs about  1 000 gold I forgot what’s the money called.

It’s just gold to me well you can purchase up to five and  you will have to wait until she get uh you could uh refill the valberry again okay this one okay  you could get up to five valberry right there from Chloris and there are actually there are  a second way where you can actually Forage valberry for free okay so I will be back  I will go to these two areas this is stormbearer mountain and still stormbearer point this is actually  where you can actually get valberry for free um yeah I will be back I will show you guys uh storm  well valberry on stormbearer point okay all right all right so this is the what the plants look like valberry this is what the plants look  like uh yeah you could actually find uh pretty much all over the stormbearer point it’s a bit well spread around but it’s actually here on the stormbearer point some people also  said they are on stormbearer mountain but i haven’t actually found one on stormbearer mountain  well but it should be on this area right here so yeah this is the valberry you can get it  also for free but this is four per plant so either you purchase it from Chloris or just get it  you know for free forage it from the wild anyway this is a short video about how you find valberry  this is actually an ascension material for your character um if i’m not mistaken this is for Lisa  but this uh ascension material for Lisa.

You should really bring the knights of polonius with you  and you need valberry to complete the ascension all right uh this is a short video thank you for  watching uh i will see you guys again on the next video all right this is Minyak signing off.

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