Genshin Impact – Where to mine Crystal Chunk?


All right guys welcome back. This is Minyak welltoday, we’ll be looking at the. What is that crystalchunk? This is Genshin Impact. Video. All right, sowe will be looking on the location of the… What wasthat crystal chunk! This is actually a craftingmaterial that you need for 4-star equipmentyeah anyway uh, if you like this type of videohit, the like button and don’t forget to subscribe all right, let’s begin okay, so this is crystalall right. So this is crystal chunk right. Herethe blue blue thing right here is crystalchunk. I’M going to oh well, not very good, yep crystal chunk right there. I am burning anyway, okay, so the crystal chunk islocated right. Let me see if I canokay. Let me pull out the map Qingyun peakso yeah. I found a couple of uh crystal chunksright here on the qing yun peak. I think aboutmaybe, 10 or 20

So what you need to do is well ifit’s from mondstadt. You go all the way south west through the wuwang hill Dihua marshso. If you are looking at Wangshu innWangshu inn, actually is a very good location. So you go west from wang. Shu inn go to Jueyun! Karst, you know from the road right here so if you are from monstat, go south righthere up to wangshu in all the way the roadyou know. If you follow the road thisis, the broken bridge that goes to thewhat is the noctilucous jade. This is Chuilithere’s a Guili Guili plain and go west until you go, you find uh Joeyun Karst and this uh Qingyun peakif. You have a statue of the seven right here, ispretty much underneath the statue of the sevenuh. Well, it’s actually notunderneath the statue of seven. It’S Minlin Liyue.

Okay, if you all have a teleport location, thisMinlin Liyue is on underneath the Qingyunpeak, so pretty much you have to climb yeahyou have to climb over. Is it going down hereyeah you have to pretty much climb the wholemountain. If you want to uh, you know mine, this ah stuff, Kaeya is not very good at mining. You need a claymore, oh going down. Oh yeahthe, crystal chunk is right here on top ofthe mountain, pretty much on the mountain andmountain side and underneath the mountain itselfpretty much on the Qingyun peak, all right, yeahthe, crystal chunk is actually needed for a lot ofthings for uh crafting. So if you don’t know, whereto look for it, it’s going to be a bit of a problembut yeah, it’s on the side of the mountain andyeah. Sometimes you have to go all the way.

Upto mine it I mean I’m actually very high above so yeah there. You go for crystal chunks, Ihope this video helped okay, okay, thank youfor, watching I will see you guys again on thenext video. Alright, this is Minyak signing off

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