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Genshin Impact Windtrace Tips and Tricks – HUNTER SIDE By: Jaunedice


Windtrace is my favorite Genshin Impact gamemode but during my time as the rebel and the hunter, I have seen a couple of mistakes that player take that leads to a victory to either side. This is not a Be all end all guide to this gamemode and there are a couple of things that I have missed out (so I can still win some games).

Sensor Aura

Sensor Aura is one of those skills that have been overlooked by the other one due to its use. Sensor Aura has the same circle size as the Capture Skill so if you are going to use Sensor Area on a couple of crates, you might as well just use Capture so they don’t have time to react. However, Sensor Aura has a couple of applications that makes it better to use than Mysterious Hunch

  • Sensor Aura detects areas vertically too. So using the areas on trees (like the trees on Wuhang Hill) allows you to find rebels on top of them.

  • A second, but weaker Capture. The flaws of Capture is that it comes with a 3 use skill. Having another skill that allows you to test if the cluster of barrels are legit or not. This allows you to save the capture skill on a surefire capture instead. Most of the time, people’s reaction to the sensor aura is delayed so you can always have time capturing them.

  • Bypasses the Rebel’s “Lay Bait” skill

  • A funny troll move if you just want to mess around

Dealing with Mona

Mona is the most BS character in this gamemode. If I could host this gamemode, I would kick every single mona player that enters my lobby. Her water sprint ability allows her to hide on small holes and on grassy/flowerly plains. The water sprint ability also allows her to run faster than the average rebel so she’ll be harder to capture. But like most players who abuse a mechanic or “plays by the meta”, they tend to not be skillful. Here are some things that I have noticed:

  • Rarely uses the disguise. This is because the water sprint ability doesn’t activate while she is disguised. If the Mona player is last or still available, then save your captures on the inevitable goose chase that you’ll do against her.

  • Wait until the favor drops. Once it does, use the Imprisoning Curse to prevent her from abusing her biggest skill as it guarantees a capture. Remember to deal with the other rebels first before using the skill to guarantee the lockdown on the Mona.

  • Check corners and crevices. Mona players like to run towards a wall to hide their body.

Common High level Hiding Spots

As the gamemode goes on, more and more people realises how ineffective it is to just disguise near furniture and wait for 3 mins to pass. Its easy for rebels to abuse the gamemode and hide until the timer is over. I have won a couple of games where I didn’t even need to disguise at all. And now, I shall be giving you the tricks to do so (and ways to break them)

  • Check high places. Most hunters I see rarely look up so you get easy wins just by hiding on top of the roof of the windmill or clinging onto a wall. Be warned though, as these people are ready to jump off that high place once they see you climbing towards them.

  • In Dragonspine, due to the cold conditions and limited fireplaces and lit torches. Rebels would either hide near these areas or forced to run towards these to get warm. Search each boxes and barrels around these areas and/or wait for rebels to run towards these warm spots.

  • No furniture can climb or attached to walls. Seems stupid to point out but the Dawn Winery street lights while attached to the house walls may seem like a designed fixture to the new players. Capture them when you can

  • The roof on the shack at Qingce Village can be climbed on. Check the back of the roof or climb it (via the tree near the shack).

Always run towards the favor

The favor is a guarantee capture for the hunters. Most rebels wouldn’t leave their hiding spot just to get the favor but you wouldn’t want to be dealing with the rebel that has the courage to get one. Remember that there is a delay until it drops so you will always have time to run towards it., but never waste any time not getting it.

I’m not sure if anyone would be reading this so I’m not sure if I would be doing a Rebel side version of this. But for the few hunters that see this, I wish you the best!


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