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Genshin Impact Wish System Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you how the desires system is, It works in Genshin Impact and how you can use it to attract and acquire new characters. Thank you for watching the video so far, remember to like it. By subscribing And the bell rang to help youtube now algorithm back to the video Now not long after the game, it will unlock the Wish System, which you can access through the menu and On pc. You can press f3 to access it directly. This game is known as gacha game, so you Spend in-game currency to buy items that you need to roll and get weapons or characters to order. The game is now the easiest way to do this.

You have different tabs that have different priorities And you can see every 10 wishes, so every 10 rolls you get 4 stars or higher, and What you’ll also get in the beginning is that there will be a fourth tab. That gives you two rolls for beginners, Which seems to be almost easier to get ready at the beginning of the role genre. Now all the time, The game When you play you are constantly winning something called gem management And you get them, for example, for completing missions. Quests achievements and unlocking chests Whatever anything you do in the game may give you a hacker jump. So if you go to Wish System, you can click Desires and it will just say: Do you want to replace 160 Pirogem For as much as you need for the role the other way to find it is. If you go to your list, Click on the store then go to those payment.

Deals that you see you can either Buying with Pyrogeme. You can redeem the star sparkle that you will get when you roll Or you can exchange the star dust which you will also get as you spin and use these. The items are more and more and I’ll show you that in a little while also because it’s gacha Can uh buy things for crystals and crystals have a price, I would say it’s a very slippery slope, not nearly as much money as it is. With my personal finance channel, Don’t just go close to five dollars money right now, as this is a gateway property, Make sure you are very careful personally, I will not spend any money, I’m in this game, so instead I’ll win, Pyrogames, Stardust and Stardust And I’ll get It this way, so let me go back to the wish system because I know I have at least 160 I’d like to just buy 1 Destiny with 160 previous Gems. Yes for sure, but let’s see what we get Well.

I’Ve got a rank, free weapon and 15 Stardust Shields and when it adds up, I can use it to buy more Operating opportunities. So I think I have your system. It’S almost like a different experience on loot boxes and This worries me a little bit because it makes me wonder if things will happen. It also happens with loot boxes, but we will wait and see but, as I said, be very careful, But I do have some scope there. Let’S take a look yeah. I have some requests from On my YouTube channel to explain how the wish system works and it is done through the wish system, And these roles have a chance to get other characters as well.

So you can see five Star. Promotional characters can only be obtained at a specific wish within a specified period of time, So they try to motivate you to basically spend money or do it quickly then Hope I get it I mean another way to do. It is to save, until you get Say, 1600 pirate gems and then buy 10 rolls at once. So I clearly don’t have that now. This is how you get other characters.

This is how you use the desires system like this All works, so if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below Anyway, guys. That’S it for this video, if you like it make sure to give it a thumbs up To top. You can watch the video there and watch the last upload there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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