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Genshin Impact – World Quest: Time and the Wind – Thời gian và gió


Hello friends: This is the Time and Wind mission To begin this quest. You need to go to the deserted island at sea and read the inscriptions here, Island location, on the map To get to the island. You need to use Kaeya to freeze the sea surface Or fly from the nearest cliff with Venti and Amber on the team.

Now have to find a handwritten note. The diary is in this pile of rocks. Note the information from 2am to 5am in the diary. Now. Wait until 2am to search for new clues Use, elemental vision to find the wind gathering point. Wind element must be used to destroy the wind gathering. Point Freeze the sea surface for your foothold. The first wind convergence I destroyed before It’s on the opposite side to fly through destruction.

The third wind gathering point is on this pillar. The rest is to defeat the eye of the storm Chase, the eye of the storm and take it down again Coming here, still have to wait until 2am 5am Now uses the wind element to break all wind convergence points. After all, wind convergence points are destroyed. The eye of the storm will appear, Beat it again and talk to the NPC next to it. Thank you for watching, remember to subscribe and like when it feels good.

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