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[Genshin Impact] Xiangling: What to build? All-in-one Character! (+ Chongyun)


A day in the everday life of xiangling~ Elemental reactions are a big part of character building. However, not all reactions scale that well Vaporize and melt are the only amplification reactions that amplifies the atk that causes the reaction, The others only rely on the character, level and elemental mastery of whom causes the reaction. You generally require different elements to react, but in the heat of battle you may not consistently be able to apply the elements. In order With that, I introduce you. The twins that were born to be together, Xiangling, being a pyro and chongyun being a cryo, enables melt reaction which amplifies the dmg, causing the reaction by 1.5x or 2x depending on the element causing the reaction.

By having chongyun elemental skill, ( E ) xiangling essentially becomes a dual element: dps, allowing melt reactions to fully scale off her stats. We can essentially utilize every dps stat on xiangling to not only boost her dps output, but also her reaction damage Even guoba (, summon ) is not going to sit back and let xiangling claim all dem juicy dps. Here we have a baseline value of the melt reaction which amplifies the summon flame dmg Xiangling basic, applying cryo at a steady rate enables guoba to deal the reaction damage at each interval At 513. This is done with little to no leverage from weapons or artifact. So just base level and stats from lv70 and weapon

Next, we slightly boost xiangling stat with atk, a minor 5 % increase in ATK With the low crit rate without much equipment. I wasn’t expecting this, But nonetheless, as you can see here since the atk dmg can crit, the amplification of melt will scale off it as well. Coming up at 535, we can see that there is an increase and atk stats does play a part in this (. Other reactions like overload only scale off level and elemental mastery ) Next, just to verify that elemental mastery is still in play. We swap to a slight increment of elemental master 13 And we have a value at 524. We can safely say that the reaction will scale off the damage produced that causes the reaction. ( burst test run ) With both their elemental skill, CD being really close, ( 15 on chongyun and 12 on xiangling ). We essentially get a steady uptime on the melt reactions during downtime, while farming energy for the next burst rotation, (, abyss, test, run. ) Note: this is slightly overkill due to the gears and level difference, but still hurts when hit x.x Guoba Powar

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