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Welcome to the complete guide to Xinyan in GenshinImpact Xinyan is a brand new four-star pyrocharacter. If you follow the details to utilizeher in the vast amounts of ways that you canand take these details to heart, you’llbe rocking your way to center stagein, no time at all, Xinyan’s. First skill hereis sweeping a fervor the backbone of her kither elemental. Skill will apply a shield basedon the amount of enemies hit in the amount ofdefense Xinyan has. If you hit the highest tier ofthe shield, it will also intermittently pulse forpyro damage, which can be very important if you’reutilizing her an elemental based team based oneither melt or vaporize her first ascension thisshow goes on even without an audience will lowerthe requirements you need to hit In order to hitthe highest tier shield baseline, this is threetotal enemies hits this time. You only need tohit, two or more enemies to get the highest tierversion of that shield and get that very importantpyro.

Aoe damage rock her second ascension and nowthat’s rock and roll will increase. The supportutility that Xinyan has for either herselfor in a physical damage super conduct team, as thecharacter, who is currently shielded by sweepingfervor, will have a 15 percent increased physicaldamage above throw this on a physical damage carrysuch as a razor or even a super conduct. Crescentpike wheeling at Xiangling or Zhongli and let yourcharacters go to town Xinyan’s elemental, burst isrift revolution in this elemental. Burst, lets hersteal the stage and provide not only solid utilityto. Your party, but high physical burst damage. Thelarge portion of the damage from her elementalburst rifle evolution is physical damage.

Andit is then supplemented with small aoe pyro damageto nearby bows using rift revolution in the properteam composition will allow you to utilize Xinyanas a burst damage dealer that is supporting andaugmenting your team, both defensively as well asoffensively with her sweeping further shield buffXinyan has two highly notable Constellations thefirst one is wild by the rhythm at constellationfour. This causes sweeping furthers damage whenactivated to decrease the opponent’s physicalresistance by 15 for 12 seconds. This is a smallersuperconduct style debuff, where superconduct is 50sweeping, furthers wildfire.

The rhythm debuffis a 15, her most important constellationin, a constellation that changes how you canutilize this character is impromptu, openingher constellation too. This causes rift. Revolutionher elemental burst her high damage, skill toalways and is guaranteed to become a 100 percentcritical hit. Also, when using your elemental burstyou will be guaranteed a level three shieldwhen cast. So this is a double wombo comboconstellation, allowing you to build herfor insanely, high elemental, burst damagein, giving you a second shield to throw onyour teammates to further augment both theirsurvivability, as well as their damage when itcomes to equipping your Xinyan. You have to askyourself. What’S one of two ways, are you going tobe running her?

Are you running her full supportconstellation zero or you could be runningher burst, damage oriented, constellation, twoor higher if you’re running c0, then you’re gonnabe, focusing on almost entirely defense percent inenergy recharge to get the biggest shields thatyou can on your Xinyan as well as gain accessto. Her elemental burst to supplement the extrapyro damage. If you’re running her constellation2, you were looking for attack percent criticalhit damage, as well as energy, recharge, lookingat. The weapons selection for Xinyan any of thefive star weapons, the unforged wolf’s, gravestoneor skyward pride, are fantastic on her as youwould guess.

At a glance here, unforged in wolf’sgravestone give you the highest damage. Potentialin, a single hit from her elemental burst, while theskyward pride gives you the wonderful energyrecharge for a more supportive oriented buildor, a build that just wants to use her element toburst that bit quicker. No five star weapons noproblem run on over to the blacksmith and he hastwo solid weapons to sit your appetite. Betweenwhich of the two builds that you are preferringif you’re, going for a full support, build the whiteblind gives you everything that you need: defensepercent mainstat, as well as a stacking attack.

Andmost importantly, defense buff on your Xinyanevery time. She strikes an enemy hit, the enemya couple of times with the white blind and thenpop your elemental skill, to get the largest shieldpossible in a short period of time, whereas theprototype animus for you physical damage, dealersout. There is a fantastic choice as it does giveyou attack percent and a nice damage dealing procthat can activate with a quick, normal attackbefore. You pop your elemental, skill and thenyour will burst other four star: fantastic optionsare, the sacrificial greatsword and the favoniousgreatsword, both fantastic energy rechargeclaymores that you can use at your leisure toget, quicker applications of your elemental burstyou could even use these in damage dealing c2 orhigher Xinyan builds As you won’t hit quite ashigh per elemental burst, but you will be gettingyour elements to burst much more often anothernotable weapon here is the black cliff slasherthat.

You have to spend star glitter to get howeverthe black cliff slasher has critical hit damage asits secondary stat, allowing you to get a plethoraof extra damage from a guaranteed critical hitelemental burst on Xinyan, most notably fora three-star weapon. If you don’t have any ofthe weapons mentioned in this video, the skyridergreatsword is right up your alley. Providing youextra physical damage, as well as a stacking attackpercent proc that you can stack up before you popthat elemental, burst in a constellation 2 orhigher Xinyan build you, don’t have any of theseoptions you’re trying to make Xinyan your go-torockstar guitar girl physical damage.

Carry thesurface spine is right up your alley. You are goingto, be needing to build critical hit rate if she’sgoing to be your main, carry someone who’s, outthere, normal, attacking and charged attacking fora. Large amount of time in the serpent spinesadditional benefit of a stacking damage. Buffas long as you don’t take, damage plays extremelynice with her design and while it’s not her mostefficient or effective role, if you are using heras, your main carry the gladiator’s nostalgia. Setis gon na be in easy access right up. Your alleywayto increase her damage on her normal attackas. Well as giving her some attack percent forthose of you running your journey on full supportlook, no farther than the Circlet retracingbolide set. The two-piece of this set is goingto increase. Your shield strength by 35 and, if youwant, to get a little bit extra damage.

The four setbonus here is going to give you forty percent bothnormal and charged attack damage for your Xinyanif. Your Xinyan is a c2 plus elemental burst damagedealing extraordinaire. There is no doubt aboutit. The sets that you’re going to be going withis, a combination of the nobles obliged and thebloodstained chivalry sets you’re going for twosets of two pieces here, as the noblest obliged topiece gives you, 20 elemental burst damage and thebloodstain chivalry set is going to give you 25physical damage. You’Re going to stack these upfor a grand total of a 45 multiplier, increasenothing is even gon na come close to this two-piececombination when it comes to artifact stats, thisis once again going to be dependent on what wayyou are using your Xinyan.

If you are going forthe full support, build both in main and secondarystats. The only two stats that you care about, isenergy recharge in defense percent for quickerelemental bursts, as well as a higher damagereduction in higher hp threshold on the shieldthat Xinyan, provides the longer the shield laststhe. More of that buff is going to be on and activeto your carry when running the elements of burstdamage dealing Xinyan, you are looking for criticalhit damage on your circulate. You are looking forphysical damage on your goblet attack, percenton your sands and for substance attack percentcritical hit damage as well as energy rechargeremember.

You do not need critical hit chance, inthis build whatsoever. If you are c2 or higherbecause, your elemental burst is guaranteedto critically hit whenever it is that you use itas. The two most obvious roles for Xinyan to beused in your team is either a full-on support. Orthe c2 burst damage. Dealing support. Remember youcan feel free to leave your normal attack talentat level 1, as she is not there to carry your teammake sure you level up rift revolution. If you arethere to use her element to burst for the highestdamage possible, as it does scale a tremendousamount per level put into it in the shield on yourelemental skill, sweeping fervor, also scales, upwith tail and selection as well, Xinyan is so goodbecause. She is so flexible from supporting yourhyper carries such as razer in a superconductphysical damage dealing team to providing the pyroelement for other damage.

Dealers such as child andarea of effect situations to proc his vaporizedhydro damage on over and over again there areplenty of possibilities and team compositions. Forxinyan to use whether physical or an elementallydriven team, with cryo or hydro, carry charactersbased on the vaporize or melt elemental. Reactionslet us know the best ways that you’re using yourXinyan down below what you intend to get herwith and how much you enjoyed the guide, if youwant, to see more content like this for gunshipimpact make sure you like this video and subscribefor more till then we’ll see you In the next one,

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