Genshin Impact Xinyan Character Build Guide – Physical DPS Carry By: Not-Casuals


Hey everyone, here is our in-depth Character Build Guide for the new 4 Star Xinyan!

You can check the 5 Minutes video version of this guide here!


A quick disclaimer, the purpose of this guide is to give in-depth information on how the character can be optimized and how far we can push her limits. It may take more time for f2p players to push as far and do as much damage as I am doing in the video.

Xinyan is a new 4 star pyro claymore character that features using a fire shield as well as having an elemental burst that deals high amount of damage. Her most popular role will be as main DPS carry with an emphasis on Physical DPS, similarly to Razor, as she can deal high consistent damage.

Her fire shields will also be especially useful as they will play both an offensive role but also a defensive one. Her shield playstyle will also open up to interesting team comps featuring uncommon artifact set pieces.



  • As for her attacks, most players will end up using normal basic attacks. If you have her 6th constellation, charged attacks may become an interesting option as well. If she is your main dps carry, this talent will be the first to be leveled.

Elemental Skill

Elemental Burst

  • Her ultimate ability is quite powerful as it does AOE damage and will cause a large amount of physical damage while also applying a pyro damage over time. If you have the 2nd constellation, this elemental burst will always crit.

Passive Talents

  • The show goes on, even without an audience; reduce the number of enemies required to be hit for increasing her shield level.

  • Now, thats rock n roll; when shielded by sweeping fervor, deal 15% increased physical damage.


  • The First Constellation, Fatal Acceleration, increases ATK SPD BY 12% of normal and charged attacks for 5 seconds after performing a crit. This can only occur once per 5s.

  • The Second Constellation, Impromptu Opening, makes her elemental burst’s physical DMG has 100% Crit Rate and will also form a max level shield.

  • The Fourth Constellations, Wildfire Rhythm makes sweeping fervor hit reduces enemies physical resistance by 15% for 12 seconds.

  • The Sixth Constellation, Charge attacks require 30% less stamina, also, her charge attacks gain an ATK bonus equal to 50% of her defense.

Stat Priority

  1. Phys DMG

  2. Crit Rate / Crit DMG

  3. ATK % / ATK

  4. Elemental Mastery could be an interesting option depending of your team composition assuming you can proc a lot of melts, overloads, vaporizes and such.


1. Wolf’s Gravestone is going to be your best in slot 5 star weapon. This weapon has been known for being the current best one for these types of characters. The refinement effect provides a significant damage increase.

2. The Unforged is also going to be an amazing weapon because of how this character can apply herself with a fire shield which will synergize well with this new 5 star weapon.

3. Skyward Pride will still remain an interesting option mostly because it is a 5 star weapons and will scale better than any of the 4 stars weapons.

4. For low spenders, the Prototype Aminus, Serpentspine and Blackcliff Slasher will all be viable options. The serpentspine especially may feel more accessible on Xinyan because she has the ability to shield herself, thus avoiding the loss of stacks from the serpentspine.


1. 4-Piece Retracing Bolide

  • Running 4 piece of this set could be an interesting option to receive a significant increase in damage, assuming you are able to maintain your shield uptime. Shields could be coming from different characters in the team, such as a Diona or a Zhongli.

  • 4-Piece Gladiator

2. 4 Piece of gladiator will mostly be useful for people that do not want to bother optimizing the shield uptime or that simply do not like using the charged attacks.

3. The following sets could also be combined together for interesting results:

Closing notes

  • This Main DPS character that can apply her own offensive shields does open up for some interesting team compositions assuming you enjoy triggering elemental reactions. A lot of creativity could be applied whether its regarding a shield based team comp or an elemental reaction team comp, or both!

  • As for any Physical DPS Character, it will always be a must to bring an Cryo + Electro Character Combo in the team in order to activate Superconduct and reduce the Defense of enemies which allows for much higher Physicals Dmg

I hope that you guys enjoyed this guide, feel free to ask any questions or share any feedback you may have and we will do our best to get back to you. Let us know what you think of her so far and what combos you think are best for her in the comments! –Xeno

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