Genshin Impact Xinyan First Look DPS Guide By: rancer1045342


Hey guys, in this guide, I’ll be showing you an overview of Xinyan’s skills, and how you can utilize her as a DPS. Note that this guide is based off first looks of her skill set, and mostly how to run her as a DPS/Secondary DPS, therefore I won’t go that in depth over her support capabilities. Personally I feel that her damage output can be insane, especially if you have her at Constellation 2 (C2).

If you guys prefer listening and watching a video of this, here’s a video I made:

Elemental Skill – Sweeping Fervor

First, let’s talk about Xinyan’s elemental skill, Sweeping Fervor, which forms a shield and deals Pyro damage to nearby enemies on impact, then does Pyro damage periodically. Your character will also be infused with the Pyro element. This skill’s duration lasts 12s, with 18s cd

Depending on how many enemies she hit with her skill, she gets a shield that comes with 3 different levels:

Level 1 Shield : Ad Lib 0-1 Enemies hit
Level 2 Shield : Lead-In 2 Enemies hit
Level 3 Shield : Rave 3+ Enemies hit

Here’s a quick picture to reference what I just went over above, in case this confuses people

r/Genshin_Impact - Xinyan First Look DPS Guide

This, however changes after you ascend Xinyan and gaining her first passive, which decreases the amount of enemies you need to hit to generate the certain level of shield.

Level 1 Shield : Ad Lib 0 Enemies hit
Level 2 Shield : Lead-In 1 Enemy hit
Level 3 Shield : Rave 2+ Enemies hit
r/Genshin_Impact - Xinyan First Look DPS Guide

Also going to plug a picture explaining what I just explained above

At Ascension 4, Xinyan gains another passive that allow characters shielded by Sweeping Fervor to deal an increased 15% Physical Damage as long as the shield is active.

The strength of Xinyan’s shield scales based on her DEF stat, and the level of her shield. The shield also has a 250% DMG absorption effectiveness against Pyro DMG

r/Genshin_Impact - Xinyan First Look DPS Guide

If you get her at C4, the skill’s impact damage decrease enemies’ Physical Resistance by 15% for 12s.

Elemental Burst – Riff Revolution

Xinyan’s elemental burst is unique, because it does physical damage first, followed by Pyro DMG explosions, which basically looks like this:

CD 15s

If you get her to C2, her elemental burst’s Physical dmg hits for 100% Crit.

In addition, her ult’s physical damage modifier is 341% at level 1 talent, which makes her an insane burst/physical support if you’re not planning on using her as main DPS.

Main DPS

If you’re planning on using her as a main DPS, you should generally get her to C2.

With her first constellation, upon hitting a CRIT hit, she gets her Normal and Charged Attacks increased by 12% for 5 seconds, which can only occur once every 5 seconds.

This means that it is possible to get 100% uptime on that sweet attack speed boost if you keep hitting crits, which as a normal carry, you should have ~50% crit rate.

Since her elemental burst hits for 100% crit at C2, you can utilize it to keep your C1 attack speed buff.

Remember her Ascension 4 passive that gives 15% Physical Damage bonus when you’re shielded?

At C2, you will also generate a Level 3 shield every time you use her elemental burst, which makes it so you can essentially have a 100% uptime on her shield. This means that you can get that 15% Phy DMG boost as long as you have your shield up.

Since her elemental skill lasts for 12 seconds and her cooldown on the skill is 18 seconds, her shield downtime is 6 seconds. But, if you use her C2 elemental burst during that downtime, you generate another shield. With good cooldown management between her elemental skill and elemental burst, she basically have an increased 15% Physical DMG boost (as long as her shield is up)

Here’s a picture to sum up what I said:

r/Genshin_Impact - Xinyan First Look DPS Guide

In my opinion, Xinyan is really good, especially if you have her at C2, which makes her shine as a main damage dealer. She also works great as a support, giving your main DPS an increased 15% physical damage when you have her shield up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide, I hope this helped some of you as to whether or not you should roll, or use her! And for people that are planning on rolling on this banner Good Luck!



  • Very good DPS at C2, which she can essentially have a 100% uptime on her shield (also 15% phy dmg bonus after ascension 4) if you take advantage of her C2 elemental burst that generates a shield.

  • Good support/burst dps as her base damage modifier on her elemental burst is 341% at talent 1 (also 100% crit rate if you have her at C2)


  • Being a primarily physical DPS, she can’t really take advantage of Superconduct (decrease enemies’ physical res) since her shield procs Pyro DMG periodically, which is the main culprit behind Overload.

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