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John lee is one of the most anticipated characters you guys have. Let me know in a gentian impact we’re going over everything you guys should be looking at for weapon selection from five star weapons, forester weapons, craftable weapons and even some three star weapons. So you can guys can get prepared and craft the weapon that are going to suit you best with your team composition and your use of this new geo game changing character, the first one we want to talk about guys, there’s going to be two different.

Five star pole, arms they’re, going to be working very well with how john lee is used in your team, so the first one actually is going to be the primordial jade wing spear. Now this spear, i think, is going to be by far his best spear possible because he is going to be a bruiser sort of type of damage dealer. You guys have seen the skills for zhang li. He can do a lot of things. He does reduce damage. He does put shields on, but he also resonates with other geo damage structures to constantly do geo damage he’s a spear user, so he’s a fast attacking character. He also has big burst damage with his ultimate, as well as the unique petrification status element that increases both physical and geo damage. He does not have an imbue as of right now that we know of from the closed beta test. This means that he does do geo damage with his skills, but his physical attacks is normal in charge attacks.

They do physical damage. This means that you’re going to try to maximize your crit rate and create damage like of a lot of other characters. But then it’s going to be determined based on your team composition and what you want him to do, whether it’s more physical damage or more geo damage, or maybe a mix of both what weapon is going gon na be good for him. Why is the primordial jade wingspear so powerful? This is because it’s just everything that you just want for him to do more damage. It’S got the crit hit rate sub stat, which means it’s gon na. Allow you to hit that 50. 60. 70 percent critical hit chance. Substance and then pile on your critical hit damage get to 130 150 critical hit damage with a high critical hit rate.

That’S just going to increase the damage of everything you do with this character, but there’s more to it he’s a spirit, character, spirit, characters, attack multiple times. He has that cool little flip, kick that you guys have seen before, and the other part of the primordial winged jade spear is that on hit. It increases your attack by a certain percentage for six seconds, but it stacks multiple times. The base value is a 3.2 percent attack buff for six seconds, but you can get seven stacks of this. So that’s a lot of extra stacks of just attack bonus for him, but on top of that, not only is that increasing your physical attacks or normal attacks or charge attacks and your skills.

But if you hit the max stacks, which is not that hard to do it’s going to increase your skill damage by 12 as well now, if you get extra unbinds for this weapon, you get some more refinements. That goes all the way up to 28 skill damage. As well as six percent attack, buff per stack with seven stacks, so that’s a lot of damage. 35 percent attack buff, there 42 attack buff there. A lot of attack buff a lot of attack buff here. Big maths coming in this is awesome for him hit chance damage buff for your skills, attack buff for everything that he does. The geo resonance damages elemental, bursts everything. This just does everything that you want for yong ling now. The other spirit to talk about here for the five star spears is the skyward spy.

Now this one’s a little bit different, but it’s got its own little bit of uniqueness, so it does have the passive black wing and its secondary stat here is actually going to be energy recharged. I know energy recharge. Isn’T the craziest thing that you’re looking for on a main dps character, but this is going to allow you quicker use of his elemental burst and his elemental burst does have that unique, very strong, patrify effect, it’s going to immobilize a lot of your enemies. It’S going to increase the damage they take by geo damage, as well as physical damage. On top of that, the black wing effect is going to increase your hit rate by eight percent for free here at refinement, unrefined so level. One refinement just having the base ability there.

It’S also going to increase your attack speed by 12 percent. So that’s going to help you out in a lot of the circumstances there, especially if you want to do like a a chain gun sort of uh team composition, where you have characters like official or other characters that proc affects when your main character is attacking. This is going to help you fire off bonus attacks from those characters as well. So that’s going to be something that you might want to look into in certain team compositions there. Maybe you have official in a uh diana right for a cryo, a lightning character set up, so you can guys can do super conducting you swap john lee in you. Have the uh the pitcher fly effect come out and you’re flying around doing a super fast attacks with your with your spear you’re gon na.

Have that super conductor effect down, so they have 50 physical defense down, so zong leans damage is getting damage bonus and you petrify stuff oz is doing more damage, uh you and then you blow up all your all your structures and just do a bunch of damage That way, so that’s gon na be something that you guys can do there and then, on top of that, the attacks with the spear have a 50 chance to trigger a vacuum blade that does additional damage as a physical damage in a small aoe that procs once Every two seconds, so that also is gon na, have a damage proc on it as well, so that can proc once every two seconds he’s a fast attacking character got the energy recharge, got free, critical hit rate and you have attack speed on top of that. So that’s going to be another top tier spear for him if you want to have more use of his elemental verse. Now, let’s get into some of the four star weapons here, the two that are top tier in my mind, for you guys here that you want to be looking at here, you’re going to have an amazing we’ve, seen it before the crescent pike, the crescent pike, especially If you want to maximize the amount of physical damage that he does do is going to be amazing.

This is because the crescent pike works very well with spirit type characters, because it is a spear obviously, but it has the effect of the damage. Proc bonus the infusion needle. So after you pick up an elemental, orb or particle right, you use your elemental skill. Another character uses their elemental spill skill. You give that elemental, particle or orb to zhong ling. Every attack that he does for the next five seconds is going to proc an additional attack that will do damage we’ve seen shingling or zhang ling. I always get those two names mixed together, very similar uh, but xingling use this spear to great effect already, because it’s going to proc extra attacks, it’s not adding 20 damage to your attacks. It’S procking! You have the spirit, characters who have like his spear kick that can hit multiple times her second third hit and her skill does a multiple attacks. This will proc multiple times on that and do bonus physical damage at max refinement. This is a 40 extra proc.

Now, if you go into your skill sections and you look at the percentages of a lot of different characters out there specifically spirit characters, you’ll look and see that those multiple type hit attacks they’re like 30 right 30 per hit. This is gon na. Do another attack on each one of those hits for 40 and then on top of that, the secondary stat here for the crescent pike is a bonus physical damage. So it’s going to increase all of your normal and charge attack damage and then it’s going to double dip in on the bonus attacks. Those bonus attacks can crit, they can create damage they’re going to use your hit damage, and it’s just gon na be a good time there, and if you once again put him in a super conduct team with a uh, a cryo character, as well as a electro Character get that super conduct effect lower that physical resist.

You have very, very, very, very nice combination for zhang li to get in there do that. Bruiser put those shields on himself apply the apply his uh petrify effect with his elemental burst. Not only does it increase the geo damage by 20 percent, it also will increase the physical damage as well, so you’re going to be just kind of dipping into a lot of different cookie jars with this weapon, and it’s going to be very good for you now. The other weapon to talk about here is actually the death match, which is one of the most bland weapons, but if you’re having trouble with crit, kill critical hit rate stacking critical hit damage, this is gon na help you out a time there. This is because it has critical hit rate as a sub stat, and then it has the effect of gladiator and it will increase your attack as well as your defense percent. So if there’s more than one opponent that you’re facing you’re gon na get an attack and defense percent base, refinement is 16 attack. 16 defense. If there’s only one enemy left in live, though you’re going to get a full attack, benefit there and base effect. Their refinement rank, one is gon na, be a 24 attack.

Buff now attack buffs aren’t the craziest thing in the game: you’re not like trying to look around for just maximizing your attack. It’S really quick chance damage, but this already gives you a large amount of chance. So, if you’re having some issues gathering some gear together with queer, hit chance sub stats, so you can use that qr hit damage main stat circle it. That is the thing that you guys want to be doing at endgame for pretty much every damage dealer out there, because you get 68 critical hit damage as long as you can get your critical hit rate up there, 50. Plus. That thing is going to allow you to do so much damage having critical hit damage and zongli is not any different than any of those other damages out there. So deathmatch is also very very powerful for you in that way. Now also, we do have, if you guys, don’t have any of these weapons. If you guys want to hold on to your white tassels the three star weapon there. This does have critical hit rate as a sub stat as well.

It’S going to help you out for all the same reasons that we listed before to maximize your critical hit rate, so you can get that critical hit damage rolling, then, on top of that, it also is going to give you a 48 at max refinement. It’S a three star weapon, so you guys should be able to get it out there. You can get these from chests in the world 48 normal attack damage increase as well. Now is it the best weapon out of all the weapons we’ve talked about? No, it’s got the lowest base attack, so it’s not gon na hold up. It’S not gon na be better than the forced weapons. It’S not gon na be better than the five-star weapons, but i wanted to mention that one, if you’re using a three-star weapon, that’s the one you should use. It’S got that critical hit rate. It’S got that normal damage increase there and it’s going to do some work for you if you’re trying to use a three-star weapon on jungling. So keep that stuff in mind guys as you go about using and looking for different weapons for jungling in the future.

As you use your resources, talk about and think about sort of team composition, you’re putting in him in he can do a lot of cool stuff. Double geo character is pretty much going to be a mainstay for him because he works so well with the double geo characters. His number one, i would say his number one partner – is going to be ninguang, but there’s a lot of cool stuff. You can do with him if you want to see that video the best partners for him based on what we know from the preliminary data we have on this character, subscribe for more check that out in the future, like obviously the traditional youtube, stuff and uh. Hopefully i’ll see you guys in more future gungeon and pet content and then until then guys stay safe and i’ll. See you in the next one.

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