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Genshin Impact Zhongli Build Guide | Best Artifacts & Best Weapons | Genshin Impact


Welcome to the complete guide to john lee for genshin impacts. Jungle is able to provide an enormous amount of damage and support, as well as utility to your team through defensive and offensive means. But how you decide to build him is going to greatly depend on how you want to use him. Zomlings normal attack is a very fast attacking skill, able to complete the entire animation in about 1.8 seconds.

The fifth hit of this six hit combination is a of itself four hit attack, so in the first five hits of his combo he attacks eight times. This is to be notable with a certain weapon for a physical damage, build known as the crescent spike, which we will get to later on. It is also capable – and you are able to cancel this with the animation cancel on his fourth or fifth attack quite easily into his charged attack to finish that combo with a strong hitting attack. You can also animation, cancel this after that fifth attack. The four hit part with a stutter step. This is by holding forward and then tapping left or right. This will quickly and allow you to get back into that five hit combination again to greatly increase the amount of times you can hit an enemy and proc that crest and spike, but more on that later zhang, lee’s elemental skill, the dominus lapidus has multiple uses and Multiple function, it has a press and a hold use, and each of these are going to apply several effects to either your enemies or your party. The press effect will allow you to summon the stone steely dealing aoe geo damage on impact.

While it is persisting on the battlefield, this object itself and any other geo constructs will pulse aoe geo damage. It will be a small amount of damage over time, but it is geo damage. You can gain benefit of the crystallized geo elemental reaction in conjunction with other elements such as pyro, electro, cryo, etc. The whole version of this skill causes all nearby geo energy constructs to explode, creating a shield around zhang li with a scaling damage absorption based on his maximum hp, and it absorbs geo damage 250 percent more effectively. In addition to this, all these nearby geo objects will also explode for geo damage.

This skill both provides not only utility as well as damage, but it also provides two types of damage: generic damage over time from the emitting effect or burst damage when exploded with multiple constructs in a nearby area. His elemental burst. Planet befall is a hard-hitting, large, aoe skill around a centralized target. This skill is his highest hitting single target attack and it also provides the effect of petrify enemies where petrified cannot move. This effect lasts at a base level, starting at level 5 at 3.5 seconds and will scale all the way up to a full four seconds at level. 10.

It also has an extremely low cooldown of 12 seconds in an exceptionally low energy cost of only 40 energy. This skill planet befall is one of the two ways that you will be building a zhong li. You will either be building him as a burst. Damage support character or, if you want to take full use and master and break the effect of his fast attack, speed in combination with crescent spike. You can build him as a carry damage dealer. If that is what you want, yours only to do weapon considerations for zhang if you have a 5 star base weapon known as the primordial jade wing spear – and you are using him as your support damage burst damage dealer.

This is by far going to be his best weapon. It has among the highest base. Attack in spears gives you critical hit rate as well as attack percent, with its stacking attack. Percent per attack done up to 21, even at refinement rank level one. In addition to that, while at max stacks, you will be doing a bonus damage starting at 12, if you have this spear and you’re going for a support, dps burst damage only this is going to be by far his best fear, due to that crit hair rate Plus attack percent plus straight damage bonus at maximum stacks. With his fast attack speed, it is not hard to hit those mac stacks right away, drum in drop. His elemental burst, explode his elemental skills in his constructs and then swap back out. If you do not have that weapon for an elemental support, dps build the death match is also a fantastic choice. Early on it does give a large amount of cr hit rate.

The downside to this weapon, though, is that it is plenty bland and it has one of the lowest attack bases among spears. However, it has an exceptionally high critical hit rate. The other two five star base spears the skyward spine – can also be used in this support. Dps build it does give you energy recharge. It will increase your critical hit rate by a fair amount. It also will increase your normal attack, speed the things you care about with that spear or the critical hit rate and the energy recharge gets you. Those faster higher hitting elemental bursts the new one, the vortex vanquisher, if you have any of the other options on here that we’ve been talking about, i would save your precious in-game resources. Do not pull for it. It’S a fine weapon, but it is far from being a broken weapon. Aung zhang lee, with all of the other different options available to him.

Now, when you move into from the support dps build into the carry damage, dealer build, there’s one weapon, you should be looking to use, and that is the crescent pike. The crescent pike was used by a lot of players using ling, and this is going to be no exception with zhang li. This is because he has an even faster attack combo and still has a multi-hit four hit on his fifth hit. Part of his normal attack. Crescent price has a broken frock that can deal an insane amount of additional damage and transform how you use your john lee with a proper team. If you want him to be out there in the forefront, this is the weapon for you moving into artifacts. If you’re going to burst, support dps route, there you’re going to be using two pieces of petra as well as two pieces of the noblest oblige. This is because you’re looking to increase your geo damage, as well as your elemental, burst damage the geodamage 15 on two-piece petra, in conjunction with the 20 elemental burst.

Damage from the noble set is the highest amount of damage. You can add straight to his elemental burst. You can also go four-piece petra for some support aspects if you are using him as a more supportive character and you care a little bit less about his damage, losing that 20 elemental burst damage. Likewise, you can also go for four piece: nobleus oblige for that extra 20 attack whenever he elemental bursts. However, guys if you want to get the most damage from a four set proc for your support, zhang lee you’re gon na want to go. Petra sat the 35 elemental damage. Bonus is an insane insane proc as long as you are picking up that crystal in the proper time and swapping to your proper team mate when you’re moving into the carry dps play style of jean lee. The four piece gladiators, where a lot of you guys are going to start, and it’s going to be a very strong set for you guys.

This gives you 18 attack as well as 35, normal in charge attack damage. However, if you have a high refinement rank whole arm of the crescent pike, we’re talking refinement three four exceptionally level. Five, then the two-piece blood stain and two-piece gladiator set is where it is that you want to be, for instance, at rank 11 talent. His normal attack is a total of 398.34 percent total multiplier between his first five attacks, a refinement rank 5 crescent pike will get 8 procs from those attacks dealing an additional 320 percent damage if you’re using a physical goblet in this build, the four-piece gladiator set will Do 1418 percent total multiplier, whereas the double two piece will do? One thousand four hundred and fifty eight percent total multiplier slightly out damaging the four piece gladiator set. This will change and this is with a rank, 11 talent. So the lower level, your normal attack, talent, is the better. The blood stain set will be with your crescent pike in tandem. In addition to these two pieces of sets here, you also have the option to wear a four piece version of the retracing bolide set.

Well, it does do about the same amount of damage as the gladiator. As long as you have that shield effect active, it will trade off a minuscule amount of difference in damage for the increased shield effect and slight playstyle change, as you will need a shield for that damage bonus. If you want to sacrifice a tiny bit of damage and a tiny bit of a playstyle difference for increased survivability, then the retracing bull light set is where you want to be while building these sets up for your zhang li. Look for these important main stats as well as sub stats for him. Your circlet wants to be a critical hit, damage circlet, use a either geo damage goblet for the elemental burst damage only or a physical damage goblet for the carry john lee. The sands is going to be an attack percent sands and then, as far as your sub stats are concerned, you’re looking for critical hit chance, critical hit damage and then attack percent. The fourth stat could be a little bit of elemental. Recharge follow the stat priority and your zhang li will be able to be a master of the rocks, dishing out damage in any way.

You want him to do and leveling your opponents for you moving into teammates and compatriots for john lee being a support, damage character when you’re using him with that build. He can slot in pretty much anywhere. However, if you’re using him to his fullest potential – and you don’t really need any sort of certain elemental geo reactions or other elemental reactions, you can slot him into a double geo, double pyro team. This will give you the 25 attack bonus, as well as the double geo bonus of 15. Increased damage, a fantastic character to use him along is going to be ninguang or the main character, as they do have extra geo placement of the rocks or the jade screen. For zhang li to take benefit of bennett is also a fantastic supporting character, able to be your healer, your support in a large attack buffer all at the same time, your final fire character could be a another pyro character to increase your damage over time with him Being a main damage dealer in this build such as de luc or bennett himself, or you could slot in yet another pyro support character such as shinyan, who is the newest character to be added to gentian impact right along zhang lee. However, if you’re looking to abuse his physical damage with the crescent pike, procs you’re going to want to pair him with an electro as well as a cryo character for the super conduct effect official is going to be a fantastic supporting character using oz to increase his Damage with his attack speed, as well as the elemental reactions that you may be applying throughout the battle, either with his own geo statues, in conjunction with oz’s attacks or with another character.

This is a great way to further take use of john lee’s. Incredibly fast attack. Speed diona in a team composition such as this to slot in azure cryo character, is a fantastic way to proc that super conduct with her extremely low cooldown. On her e press skill, you can also slot in chi chi, who also can continuously proc a cryo diva for that super conduct debuff, while maintaining the healer role you can also put in someone like kaya here. If you also want to transverse this into not only just a super conduct team, but also a freeze team at your leisure, then jing shui is going to be a fantastic character to throw in here as well. Adding to this team composition in three new ways: additional utility through the ability for you to proc, that freeze effect to keep your enemies cc’d even longer, between freeze and petrify, and then in addition to that, he also has the ability to heal your team in reduced Incoming damage, while also increasing your outgoing damage with his elemental burst, that can also be doing damage, while he is in the back lines.

With this team composition, you have super conduct as well as freeze a healer and a half damage reduction in two characters that can do additional damage while zhangli is attacking. This is going to be a fantastic way to turn zhang li into your carry of choice. Take full advantage of that broken crested, pipe pock and increase the safetyness of your team at all times. In addition to that, you will also have the full access of cryo, hydro and electrogel elemental reactions to make three of the different elements in the game: elemental shields. At any time, hopefully, you found this video informative as well as entertaining.

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