Genshin Impact Zhongli main DPS team comp guide By: SaberManiac


Okay, for all you new CEOs of GEO, here’s my take on Zhongli’s main DPS best teams and pairings, based on who I’ve tested him with.

1. “Zhongli doesn’t even need to attack” team – Albedo or Geo MC + Fischl + Xingqiu

  • This is, IMO, his best team for overall team DPS, beating out most Superconduct teams due to the sheer amount of off-field damage from these three.

  • Albedo is Zhongli’s best Geo pairing by far, with 10-13K AoE Blossoms every 2s, on top of 3K – 6K resonance damage from Zhongli’s pillar and Albedo’s flower. Both have 40 cost Bursts so you can easily spam your Bursts in quick succession.

  • If you don’t have Albedo, use Geo MC pillars + Burst for resonance damage. Be careful with your pillar placement – enemies are very susceptible to end up ON TOP of the pillar and you deal 0 damage to them.

  • Fischl is Zhongli’s best non-Geo teammate, ideally C6 because this will proc everytime Zhongli attacks

  • With Fischl C6, Xingqiu not only adds a crap ton of damage from his Burst, but also triggers Electro-charged every hit. He also indirectly increases Zhongli’s shield strength with Damage reduction and can heal in a pinch (all the healing you need, really). Ideally with Sacrificial Sword and/or C6.

  • All 3 supports are off-field and benefit greatly from the damage increase from Geo resonance and Zhongli’s shield RES down.

2. Superconduct team

  • For those of you who want to maximize his normal attack damage, use a Superconduct team. Inferior to the team above because we lack a Cryo applicator who can out-DPS Xingqiu (Kaeya is the closest, but his Burst multipliers aren’t nearly as good).

  • You want:

    • Another Geo character for Geo resonance – this means Albedo, Geo MC or Ningguang, who you can rotate with as a secondary or Burst DPS. Ningguang also boosts Geo damage by 15%.

    • Electro – Fischl is the optimal pick, but Beidou can work and Razor can be a secondary DPS with Retracing Bolide. Keqing and Lisa are not supports.

    • Cryo – Kaeya is your best option, imo, for frequent Cryo application every 6s. Ganyu can work, if you rolled for her and want to use her as a support, but Kaeya has better overall damage – choose the one who has more investment because chances are, you’ve levelled Ganyu waifu over Kaeya the benchwarmer. You already know how strong she is and is the best Cryo character in the game for both offense and support. Qiqi can work because she heals in cases where Zhongli’s shield breaks prematurely (should never happen, really), but is the worst Cryo applicator in the game due to her high Burst cost and long cooldown. Diona cleanses, so she’s strictly a F11 pick as her shield is inferior, her Cryo application has targeting issues (and is on a long cooldown unless you have Sacrificial Bow) and her heal has a high energy cost. Chongyun is Zhongli’s worst Cryo support.

3. “Lazy to switch characters” team – dual Geo and dual Pyro

  • A team comp with “close enough” values to a Superconduct team that you run when you just can’t be bothered to switch characters and just want to play as Zhongli only.

  • Any Geo character for the 2nd slot, ideally Albedo, Ningguang or Geo MC.

  • Bennet and Xinyan are ideal for the Pyro slots, because Bennett fulfills every role in the game and Xinyan boosts physical damage when shielded.

4. Geo Trio

  • The 1.3 buffs to Geo means that Triple Geo is a very, very viable team for neutral damage, especially with Zhongli’s Jade Shield.

  • Zhongli, Albedo and Ningguang are the best Geo trio, because Noelle is only good if she’s C6 and Geo MC is obsolete if you have Albedo, but can work if you don’t have Albedo. Geo MC’s constructs can block Ningguang’s Jade Screen from appearing, though.

  • The best 4th slot pick is Bennett because of his universal damage boost on Ult. He is also a good battery in general and fills in the healer/cleanser role if necessary. If you don’t have Bennett, then Barbara works for the 48% attack boost from Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer weapon.

5. Geo Supremacy

  • If you have Noelle C6, congratulations, you can now run Geo all day, every day. Noelle being a claymore character means she can break shields if you don’t have any other shieldbreaker. She can heal in a pinch as well.

  • All Geo team means Burst spam for days.

  • PS you get Ningguang for free during the Lantern event. Ningguang + Noelle + Zhongli + Geo MC is honestly a very good team.

6. Stunlock team

  • A little redundant because Zhongli’s shield already mitigates enemy damage, but fun > damage.

  • If you want to permanently immobilise your enemies, you can choose between perma-Freeze teams supplemented by Zhongli’s Petrify, or, Venti + Sucrose.

  • Ideally, you are running dual Geo + dual Anemo for spammable Bursts

    • The premiere pick for this team is Venti, obviously. Add Sucrose for vacuum succs when Venti’s Burst is on cooldown, and for those extra few seconds when both Venti and Sucrose are on cooldown, use Zhongli’s Petrify. Best Geo extra for this comp is Albedo, but Ningguang C1 is good as well.

  • For Permafreeze comps, aim Zhongli’s pillar AWAY from enemies. You don’t want to shatter them.

    • You want Chongyun or Kaeya + a frequent hydro applicator such as Barbara or Xingqiu. Normal Attack with Zhongli but use a Cryo goblet. When Chongyun’s infusion is on cooldown, use your Burst – you might have trouble with Burst uptime because Zhongli is absorbing Cryo energy particles, so your damage in this team isn’t very high, but hey, enemies can’t attack you.

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Tl;dr / Roundup – Teammate recommendations with Zhongli as the main DPS/carry

So you can mix and match characters as you see fit.

1. Support DPS – set and forget characters, mostly off-field damage.

  • Albedo – Easily his best partner. Pillar resonance, Geo resonance, low cost Bursts. Awesome duo.

  • Fischl – C6 ideal, because it procs with every hit of Zhongli’s attacks. Think of it like an Electro Crescent Pike.

  • Xingqiu – Best paired with Fischl, use a 4-pc Noblesse set for maximum team damage gains.

  • Beidou – A Fischl replacement who can counter things. Use a Sacrificial/Favonius Greatsword or an ER timepiece for Burst uptime.

  • Kaeya – Your best choice for Cryo Xingqiu. Frequent Cryo application.

  • Ganyu – Slightly less damage than Kaeya on Burst unless you group enemies together, better as a main DPS.

  • Venti – He makes all teams better. Battery, damage and CC pick all in one. Use DPS artifacts (2pc Noblesse & VV).

2. Secondary DPS – characters you need to switch to in order to deal damage, switch during Zhongli downtime/cooldown.

  • Ningguang – You’ll gain more mileage out of a Ningguang main DPS + Zhongli support comp, but Ningguang can work as a Geo battery + Burst and pillar resonance support. Can flex as a damage support with Jade Screen.

  • Noelle C6 – only if she’s C6. You will likely still have ER issues even with Zhongli unless you run her with Favonius Greatsword.

  • Geo MC – You will need to micro-manage your construct placement so they are all ideally within pillar resonance range. Geo MC can bypass the 3-construct limit with her Burst and bonus points for adding 10 crit rate post-Burst. Good battery for Zhongli, and very good if Zhongli is C1. She is your best F2P pairing.

  • Razor – Tap Skill for Defense down, Hold skill for strong AoE Electro and Burst for unga-bunga damage. 4-piece Bolide works best.

3. Damage supports – for boosting solo/team damage overall.

  • Bennett – Can replace your second Geo teammate as Bennett’s damage boost is just that good and outweighs Geo resonance. Be careful to keep enemies within the Pyro field, and please do not C6 Bennett.

  • Barbara – Only if you have an R5 Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer, which you should have.

  • Sucrose – Like Barbara, use her for the R5 TToDS. Bonus points for grouping enemies before blasting them with a Meteor.

  • Xinyan – Pyro + Phys damage up + Phys Res down, but has low shield uptime and overall poor Pyro application.

4. Utility picks – Healers/cleansers, mostly.

  • Qiqi – For superconduct teams only. Heal + Cryo but be careful of her cooldowns.

  • Diona – If you need quicker Cryo application than Qiqi and cleanse + heal. High Burst cost so use Favonius/Sacrificial Bow.

  • Jean – Serviceable if you have no one else. Strictly a F11 pick.

  • Noelle – Your best pairing to fight the Geo Hypostasis. Zhongli/Noelle/Fischl/Xingqiu can one-cycle Geo Hypostasis. You don’t even need to level Noelle for this.

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