Hello everyone this is dux! update 1.2 is upon us with 2 new characters. Albedo a geo sword user that can can create an elevator with his e skill while dealing aoe geo damage over time and a burst skill that will deal aoe damage aswell. And of course we got ganyu a cryo bow user that can distract enemies with her e skill that will create a lotus with hp scaling with ganyu hp. she also has an amazing burst skill that will rain down ice shards in the area increasing cryo damage aswell. This characters are truly something to look fowards to and a good choice to spend those hard earned primogems for a free to play player. but some of you for some reason might find this characters uninteresting, with already seen mechanics maybe. and especially when a free to play player has to spend those primogems, he needs to choose wisely because when you are out, thers no turning back.

That’s why if you are not in a hurry and want to be sure to get the perfect character to enchant your jurney, today i will talk about what will be release in the future ! Let’s get started! (intro) Let’s start With Rosaria. she is a member of the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt. and her artstyle is very well done, speculations talks about her as a vampire. but we dont know much about her backstory but given the fact that she appeared in the 1.2 reveal livestream she we be probably coming out in the update 1.3 or 1.4 not sure if we will see her as a secondary character in the upcoming banners. i hope she is a 5 stars because she looks very good and almost too good to be a 4 stars. Genshin Impact has a very complex story and one of the biggest secrets revolves around Cloud Retainer that is supposed to be in love with the traveler and have an human form…

There is a long reasoning behind this so if you want me to make a video about the topic please let me know in the comment, but long story short if you go in the wangshu inn and look at the notice bord there is a rare phrase that revolves around the traveler supposely written by the cloud retainer. Also being one of the Adepti she can change shape and turn out to be actually a playable character and based on this speculation this might be the model. with the same train of tought its also possible that the mountain shaper and the Moon Carver will take an human shape in the future. Ganyu is also one of the adepti alongside Xiao! the fan favourite character that will most likely be in the 1.3 update given the fact that the theme of that update will be the lantern festival.

Xiao is One of the “Mighty and Illuminated Adepti” guarding Liyue. he was available as a playable character during the 2nd Closed Beta Test, but has not been made available since. they have him ready and bug free since than so it’s only fair to see im in the near future. many other characters has been “speculated” but we will not get too much into the image that many of you already seen with hutao – kate – mimi – yunjin – yaoyao, the first dendro user – sayu and kuzuha. but instead let’s get into the best looking charactes inside the game, im talking of course about the eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. Tartaglia is the character we all know about but there are 10 more that we will probably see in the near future given their involvement with the story. Signora, also known as “The Fair Lady” is a tall woman with pale skin, platinum-blonde hair, and light grey eyes. She wears a black Fatui mask over her face, covering her right eye, and a black earring on her left ear.

She is one of the harbringers and my personal favorite. the artstyle and the posh and haughty personality makes her stand out from the crowd. she has been involved in the story with dialogues with venti, tartaglia and zhongli. she is the most likely to come as a playable character in future updates. In the event unreconciled stars we had the opportunity to meet scaramouche that is known as balladeer. a very uncommon character that in the future we will see more involved in the story.

Scaramouche model is very elaborated and has a very charatteristic hat. he is not well-liked. Some say he has a disagreeable personality, being difficult to get along with, while others say he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Even his fellow Harbingers dislike him, but outside the game he is by far the most popular character with many stans accounts all around twitter and instagram. if myoho somehow decides not to release him as a playable character they will miss out on so much money. Tartaglia is the last of the eleven fatui we have a model of but one other character of this group is truly someone to look fowards to. Im talking about Dottore. He apparently killed ursa the drake, so im assuming he will be the strongest cryo user if he becomes playable. During Tartaglia’s first Story Quest, Mighty Cyclops’ Adventure!, he takes his younger brother, Teucer, to see the “Institute of Toy Research” — which is actually one of Dottore’s research facilities in Liyue, developed to research the creatures in the Abyss.

As a side product, it ended up creating an abundance of Ruin Guards, which the young and naive Teucer saw as enormous “Mr. Cyclops” toys. Dottore, having apparently grown bored with the facility, abandoned the autonomous factory and left the area without shutting it down. This resulted in the manufactured Ruin Guards spreading into the surrounding area, attracting the attention of the Millelith. We have informations about him from the diluc Story but mainly from the manga where he is described as ruthless with little regard for human life. His first appearance has him threaten Krupp with being an experiment subject for his repeated failure to get results, and he later makes good on that promise after Krupp is compromised by Diluc during a banquet. He also takes no interest in the death of two Fatui diplomats during the Black Fire incident, leaving Barnabas to resolve the issue for him. He is for sure another character to save those primogems on. Pulcinella is the only other fatui harbingers with an image to describe them.

He is responsable of introducing tartaglia in the fatui with the guise of serving the Tsaritsa as punishment. Im not confident about him being a playable character tho, not in the near future. same as the other harbringers Pedrelino, Pantalone, Sandrone and Capitano that we have no informations about. Another Op character that will probably come out after the 1 year mark is Varka the current Grand Master and Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius. Half a year before the Traveler arrived in Mondstadt, he departed on an expedition with the city’s elite forces, leaving Jean as the Acting Grand Master in his absence. Little is known about Varka’s appearance, but Razor’s character stories and voicelines suggest he is extremely tall. he will for sure be a surprise in the future! Ayaka was a playable character in Genshin Impact during the first Closed Beta test.

She was not available in the Final Closed Beta Test. maybe for the overpowered skills that merged venti’s q , kequing mobility and kaeya bridges . we will not see her until update 1.4 or 1.5 but if you want a dps carry with an unique pull together mechanic she is someone you can spend all your gems on with no regrets. We will get her eventually and when that happens be sure i will not have a single primogem left.

Baizhu was first seen in the 3rd Closed beta test but was not available as a playable character. Similarly to Fischl, he has a talking pet character, Changsheng the white snake resting on his shoulders and only for this reason i would speculate on his support role but of course this is not confirmed. Baizhu is introduced in the quest Guizhong, where you are tasked with finding everlasting incense. Qiqi is introduced and tasks the Traveler and Zhongli with finding a ‘cocogoat’ and bringing back ‘cocogoat’ milk in exchange for everlasting incense. After it is revealed to the Traveler that the cocogoat doesn’t actually exist, and what Qiqi was after was actually coconut milk, Baizhu enters the room and comments that Qiqi has learned a valuable lesson. He reveals himself to be the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, and offers a price of 3 million Mora for the everlasting incense. Though Baizhu’s personality is largely unknown so far, it seems he cares about Qiqi, much like a father figure or guardian to her. However, it must be noted that in Qiqi’s story 3, there is the following lines “The method to cancel her orders is very simple — hug Qiqi from behind, and tell her something like “I love you the most”, and her orders will dissipate just like that.

Unfortunately, there’s just no element of sincerity when Baizhu does it-“. This may imply that Baizhu is simply using Qiqi, and if that is so, it implies that Baizhu might have a more sinister nature. Mihoyo will need to provide a very exicing back story to convince me on pulling another male character. i would skip if he came out tomorrow. Cyno was first seen on Chapter 12 of the official webtoon, and has appeared in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview. In the series, he is seen to assist Collei in sealing her Archon residue. and In the Chinese version of the manga, Cyno says he was sent to Mondstadt by his mentor to assist Lisa. we will have to see what this character will be like in the future updates Dainsleif is an upcoming playable character annunced in the official stream as a featured character of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, which focuses on the lost kingdom of Khaenri’ah.

A lot of hype around this character and i cant wait to see how they will introduce him. some speculations talks about an Honkai Impact correlation/collaboration around this one. we will have to wait and see. Lyney and Lynette are both new upcoming playable character in genshin impact and they appear in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview. i would love to see a twin character mechanic where you can play both at the same time, doing skills and all the other ordirary stuff. if they dont go onto this route it will be hard to convince me to pull on both of them.

They have so many possibilities, please mihoyo dont trow this! i want to also have in an extra character that is actually a fanart that looks real and it’s from sol. i will leave a link in the description below but. it would be nice for mihoyo to maybe add some community feedback on future characters like this one that i would be totally into. she looks amazing and dendro characters will be so cool either way! This concludes the list, but keep in mind that you should roll based on who you have fun playing.

dont go for meta, chose based on your personal preference. Ganyu and albedo might look appealing to some and i dont want to discredit them in any ways. Play this game for what it actually is, a casual game! With that being said if you enjoyd the list let me know by leaving a like and write in the comment who will you spend your gems on! Subscribe for future Genshin Impact content! Thank you so much for watching and will see you later!.

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