Genshine Impact Want to do 10x More Damage? Vid / Written Guide By: mtashed


I’m going to do a quick written guide, but I cover it in a video here if you’d rather watch / listen instead:

Step 1.

Choose your DPS character. Honestly pretty well anyone will work, but prioritize 5* characters like Diluc, Keqing, Qiqi. You can also use anyone like Xiangling, Razor, or Chongyun

Step 2.

Choose a weapon with good physical damage and a desirable second stat like % attack, or critical. If it has a cool bonus that gives you MORE damage… GREAT!

Step 3.

Spend ALL your resources leveling this character above everyone else. Obviously you want a full team of OP anime gamers… but trust me here. Ascend them first, prioritize their weapons, level their skills, and most importantly…

Step 4.

Stack Artifacts with Attack Damage / % Increased Attack as their main stat. Optimally you will find some with the main stat being attack, as well as secondary stats like crit or crit chance!

You then want to MAX these artifacts (even if they are blue). You can always upgrade to purple later, but even a well rolled blue leveled up will SLAP with stats. You can also infuse them into new gear at 85-95% of their experience value

The higher your character level, the weapon level, and your abilities, the harder these artifacts will scale and stack damage. But you can go from doing 150 damage per auto attack to 600+ very easily with even blue items.

If you are having trouble in harder world tiers: You probably haven’t been focusing enough on artifacts. Sift through the 900 in your bag, and stack some stats <3

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