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For glass, indonesia, you can turn the caption on hello. Everyone gameplays is here with another Genshin Impact video. Today i want to make a tutorial for this particular quest called the Chi of Guyun. I’M sorry, if my pronunciation is wrong, this quest rewards you with 500 experience. 60, remote gems and agree to open a shrine in the ua, which is very nice if you are looking for leveling up your ar [ Music ]. So now, after you interact with this half spherical ancient thingy, the first thing you need to do is go to the left and find this kind of used tattoo. It was supposed to be holding a shiny object, but i activated before but press any prompt.

That would come up, i believe it was start or something do that, and the next statue will be located here. Let me grab the first. It would be best if you took out some enemies, because there will be enemies here and after that interact with this tattoo. The last one is located here: do the same with the enemies and interact again with the geo’s tattoo. After that, a chest will appear near the house, recall engine thingy, open it, and it will give you a fragment for the quest.

Now. You need to go to kingship village, you can teleport to it. If you open, the teleportation already from here go downstairs and pass the bridge to meet with pop sky. Ask him – and he will tell you to ask the chief of the village now ask granny walks in and tell her that you got a frogman. She will ask you to go to the village’s highest place and to the west side to find some new status. You can, however, find another way to go up there, but for me this is the best route, so [, Music ] after reaching the top you’ll, be present with these gear status and track with another half spherical ancient thingy to get a clue.

So it’s safe to watch in each direction. The first one is win, swept coin, which is the one that facing the strong terror layers. The second one is the snow capped peak, which is the one that was facing the mountain with snow. The third one is adaptive about, which is the end, and the last one is the one that faces the leeway cd after that you will be rewarded with another chest that contains the second fragment. Now you can glide down to the west of the village, light again from this cliff to the heel forward and now go upstairs and you will be present with another puzzle. So the first is north and then south east.

Here we go and then northwest. Yes, the last one is south west, okay and another chest appears it contains. The last fragment grab everything you need now back again to granny. He will give you the last location to solve this mystery. Now we need to go there. You can teleport to short on your journey pass the bridge [, Music, ] and glide across you can take them out, but i’m gon na go just here. There’S a hidden cap behind this waterfall and generally guardian up ahead, but no worries. It won’t wake up down the stairs to the door, because you’ve collected all the three fragments.

Now you need to insert it submit one by one and click give proceed to go in the cave, but before continuing make sure to pick your baseline up, because after these treasure hoarders, you will be facing five ancient guardians that divide into three wave. The first wave only one guardian, the second wave – there will be three guardians at the same time and the last one is the flying guardian, not an easy fight. If you are not prepared after that, go deeper into the last cave, you will find a geoclues and you can take after this open the luxurious chest and grab everything.

There’S a total of five chests exclude that luxurious chest so make sure to open every chest. You can get this spirit to get up ahead and it will reward you with another chest: [ Music, ]. Now everything is done, teleport again to kingship village, to ask granny again for the last time so yeah we’re done here. We’Ve been rewarded with 500 experience. 60. Primo gems and a key to open the u.s shrine. If you still confused, you can ask me in the comments below consider to like and subscribe to support this channel thanks for watching it see you around [ Music ]

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