HIDDEN MISSION! Get Your 4 Star Weapon & Artifact for FREE!! – Genshin Impact Newbie Guide


Hello guys welcome. There is a hidden mission in this game and the hidden mission wouldn’t appear in your quest list until you talk to the npc or you find the place. So this video will tell you how to clear the hidden mission – and this is the first video about hidden mission, and maybe there will be another video for another hidden mission on my channel. So stay tuned, okay, guys to start the hidden mission. You need to go to this place, Dadaupa Corge and talk to the npc. To start the quest you need to search for her talk to Dr Livingstone to get the clues about the quest, the quest is about break the three seal barriers to get the treasure chest and you will get 4 star weapon and artifact from this quest. So, let’s start the quest first go to this area and go to the center area click into the fray. You need to defeat all enemies within the time limit.

One seal is already broken and you can open all the chest here. Second, go to this area: go to the center area. Again, I will kill the archer. First, all seal has been broken because i’ve already cleared the first seal, but i will show you the location after this guys, and this is the treasure chest, location guys and we will see what will we got from this chest and wow purple grade not bad. I will show you the item and this is the artifact critical rate – almost 3 %, not bad elemental, mastery and defend – and this is the material for crafting 4 star weapon. You can bring this item to the blacksmith npc at the town to craft your 4 star weapon. Now, as I promised, I will show you the first location to clear this quest. This is the first location guys you need to defeat all enemies here and active. The element statue at the center after you break the 3 seal at the 3 place. You will able to open the treasure chest here. Okay, guys, that’s all for hidden mission. I will upload for another hidden mission on my channel. So if you like, my video, please like share and subscribe bye

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