HIDDEN QUEST GUIDE!! Reward 4 star Artifact (Chi of Guyun) – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome hidden quest, or we called it. World quest doesn’t have any clue about where you can get the quest or where the next location will be make sure. To always talk with every NPC you met here is one of hidden quest in Genshin Impact. I hope this guide can help you even a little. So, let’s start to start the quest talk to Yaner, and this is Yan’er location on the map near Stone Gate. I’Ve already talked to Yan’er before and you will get “ The Chi of Guyun” quest. After talking to her investigate the ruins in this location, shown on mini-map go to this location where the Ruin Hunter is Paimon will say something defeat. The Ruin Hunter. The weakness in on their head after the Ruin Hunter is defeated. Don’T forget to collect the Geoculus and open the treasure chest around here. Open this “, Incomplete Writing”, near the Ruin Hunter location before and Paimon will say something about “, Strange Stone”, and you need to find this “ Strange Stone”.

This is the first stone. I’Ve already opened it, but there is a “ start” button here when you first found it. This is the stone location on mini-map. This is the second stone and the location on mini-map, and this is the last stone when you are already found all the stone. A treasure chest will appear near the Ruin Hunter location before Paimon will say something again and now we need to go to the Qingce Village. Go to this location near Qingce, village, open the “, Incomplete Writing” again and follow the instruction follow this instruction to start the stone a treasure chest will appear now: go to the village talk to any villager at Qingce Village, the villager will say something about granny Ruoxin And we need to find her ok, this is granny Ruoxin place and talk to her. Now we are at the next location of the quest I’ll. Tell you about how to get here after this one talk to the “, Incomplete Writing” and follow this direction. First start with this 2 statue near the yellow stone.

Next, is this statue you can see Dvalin nest from here last? Is this statue near the small yellow stone emm guys? I hope you understand with my explanation. You can see this picture too. I hope doesn’t difficult to understand after then open this chest and let’s get back to granny Ruoxin. This is granny Ruoxin place, as I promised you can go to that location from here start from these stairs keep climbing until you reach the highest point. After then report to granny Ruoxin now we need to search for a waterfall here. The location is shown on the mini-map. Ok, this is the next location and I found a waterfall here. I cannot go in here. There’S a secret passage here. Oh I hate this boss. Really submit all the fragments wait. I wan na take a screenshot for my thumbnail defeat, all the treasure hoarders first after then, we need to defeat 5 bosses here and we need to protect the Qingce Cache from being destroyed by the boss. We will face only 1 boss at the beginning, I’ll skip this one thats, not too difficult after then, now we will face 3 bosses at once, so prepare yourself and keep watching the Qingce Cache if needed, use the food buff to increase your attack and defense.

Next, you will face the Ruin Hunter again as the last boss. I would say this boss is pretty easy, rather than the 3 bosses at once before remember, to hit on his weakness to take him down. Ok, let’s find the treasure~. There are a lot of treasure chest here: ok, we got a 4-star artifact and, let’s see the status base, attack and base defense 5 %, not bad, let’s open another chest and I dunno guys why I suddenly got teleport when I open this chest. The last thing you need to do is report to granny Ruoxin, and the quest is done thanks for watching guys. I hope this guide can help you a little about the hidden quest. If you like my video, please share and subscribe.

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