HIDDEN QUEST!! Reward : 2 Pieces of 4-Star Artifacts!! – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome today Ill make a video guide about the hidden quest. Again, you can watch another hidden quest, video on my channel Ill, put the link on the description box and now without any further ado. Let’S get into the video to start, the quest talk to Soraya Soraya location is near Guili Plains. I’Ve already talked to her and once you talk to her, you will get this quest. “ Treasure Lost Treasure Found”, and we need to search for 5 ancient stone tablet. Here this is the first ancient stone tablet and the location on the map not far from Soraya.

This is the second stone and the location. This is the third stone location. This is the fourth stone location, and this is the last stone location after found, all the ancient stone talk to Soraya again Soraya will ask you for more clues and we need to find another 2 ancient stone tablet again. The location of this 2 ancient stone tablet is shown on the minimap. You need to defeat some monsters here, after defeating the monsters. This is the stone tablet. Now, let’s go to the second location, after defeating the monsters go below here, go in through this door defeat. Some monsters here to get the treasure chest, and this is the second ancient stone Now talk to Soraya.

Again After talking to Soraya, you will get your first 4-star, artifact and sorry guys forget to show the status, but the quest isn’t done yet next go to the Wang, Shu Inn and talk to Soraya. Again after talking to her, we need to find 4 strange, jade plate. The location is shown on the minimap. This is the first jade. You need to defeat those monsters first, after defeating the monsters. Now you can start the strange jade here. This is the second strange jade plate and the location on the map. This is the third strange jade plate and the location on the map, and this is the last location after then talk to Soraya again, Soraya is still at Wangshu Inn. After a talk to Soraya, we need to find the final ruin, and this is the final ruin already have a bad feeling about this, and this is the location on the map. Click investigate. Am I right about the bad feeling before all you need to do now? Is defeat this 3 Ruin Guards what a pain and remember guys.

You can use your buff food here after defeat those 3 bosses click. The start button now enjoy the reward you will get the 4-star artifact again this time. I won’t forget to show you the artifact status, critical damage, 9 %, not bad after then talk to Soraya and your quest is done thanks for watching guys. If you like, my video, please share and subscribe.

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