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Are you still looking for a way to make your noel god tier? Should you be stacking defense percent attack percent we’re gon na be going over all of that today and giving you the math behind the decision making process that you’re gon na be following we’re? Also gon na be showing you my noel’s gear, you’re gon na have some nice little footage to be playing in the background for you guys, if you’re new to the channel, we provide high quality data, driven, genji and pet character guides, as well as content critique. If you want to see more stuff like this, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button turn the notification bell on. If that’s not enough, for you guys, we’ve been dared that if we hit a hundred thousand subscribers we’ll pull for c6 gone, you invite the bullet. As long as we hit that deadline before the banner comes out. That’S right!

You could not only get top tier content, but also witness the c6 go actual goat anyways, let’s get right into it. What am i doing with my noel noel is very good at doing a couple things obviously she’s your shield and your healer, but the thing that she does that is very interesting. Compared to anything else, is she can really kind of double dip on stats with per elemental burst, obviously sweeping time you get a defense percent of your total defense added to your attack. This is very, very powerful, as you level it up. Obviously, if you have no constellations the highest, you can get this to is level 10, which can give you a 72 percent attack bonus from your defense, so 72 percent of your defensively added to your attack. Now, obviously, you can get constellation six as well, which gives it an additive 50 bonus. The max amount that you can get from this is 135, so this allows her even with this poultry amount that you see right here, 1. 325 attack. You can skyrocket this up to 5 000 plus without we’re not talking about bennett, buffing or anything just straight up her taking her monstrous defense, getting it in there and smacking people down and having her just be your backbone sort of bruiser hard carry character, no one’s Better in the game for that than noel now, with the weapon i’m using right now is the white blind.

I finally got this bad boy to level 90 and if you are one of those players out there, a lot of you guys this is gon na. Be your best weapon by far, and we can give you that math as well like we said, because that’s just what we do on this channel for stuff like this, that uh, obviously i’m really excited about so very strong weapon. It’S gon na be de facto her best weapon defense percent sub stat. There gives an attack in defense percent bonus up to four stacks of this, and you might not be able to refine it right now, right, it’s all rng, but one knee you will get this to refinement rank five. That can give you a 48 attack and 48 percent defense.

This is a stat stick for her. It’S insane so she’s very good at getting and building her defense and attack extremely high, so we’re really focusing on in our artifact, so we’re using the retracing bolide set, because the most majority of her damage isn’t coming from her elemental burst. It’S not going from her elemental skill, it’s coming from normal in charged attacks. Also, this does help her shields be better, so allows her to absorb more damage. It makes her shield last longer longer shield duration, especially doing higher content and harder content harder, hitting monsters. You want the shield to last a little bit longer, so you can heal your team back up quicker and for a longer duration of time. So you want that 35 extra shield strength.

That’S awesome, 40. Additional normal and charge attack damage as well is also insane for her, that’s where all of her damage comes from and unlike the gladiator set, this is charge attack in normal damage, not just normal damage, and on top of that, it’s a bigger bonus than the gladiator Set so this is a fantastic thing, for you be doing there she’s amazing, with her long reach very fast, hitting charge attack, you can hit an enemy, a single enemy around two times per one second somewhere right around in there. That is an insane amount of damage, especially if you’re hitting four enemies two times in one. Second, each individual damage number might not be super high, but you can hit things eventually for, like 20k per hit, hitting four dudes for 20k twice per second 80. 40K. Second, damage dps, that’s pretty powerful, especially since she’s also healing shielding your team and restoring everyone to full hp. That’S very strong! So that’s going to be her set by far. Obviously the thing people always talk about.

Do i need constellation six and one to be here. Make her good it makes her insane, but can you use it without it yeah you can and we’re gon na be going into that right now, for you guys giving you the date of what it should be that you’re stacking attack percent defense percent, it’s gon na, Be broken down, so you guys can understand that first off rumi lane the groundwork for her base stats, we’re doing the level 80 as well as level 90 noelle. This is because i know all you guys aren’t out there. You know ar 50 plus getting that level. 90 noelia, but even if you’re not even able to hit 80 yet you can have something to look forward to in the future. So you know the path that you’re choosing as you’re playing gunshot impact. It’S always about on this channel, using the characters that you like to the fullest of their potential so level 80 noel, very low bass, attack 169 – that is extremely low, but her base defense is actually pretty high. 708 at level 80. 799 defense at 90 and 191 attack at level 90

The white blind 449 attack at 80 510 attack at 90., the unforged, which is going to be the big five star weapon that we’re comparing everything else to. You could also use something like the wolf’s gravestone, but the unforged gives you the most attack percent because we’re using this weapon, not because it’s the other weapon that you can use, but because it’s the biggest and baddest attack weapon that you can use to try to Get the most amount of attack from noel a level 90 version gives you 608 attack and obviously the feather is 311, but this is not base attack. This is additive flat attack the feather guys out there if you’re new to against an impact is not affected by attack percent from your artifacts from your character traits anything like that.

It is not affected by that. It’S additional flat attack added after the fact. One thing to take note here, though, is after you hit level 90. You have 799 defense. This is very interesting because you have 191 attack and the unforged has 608 attack. You add those two numbers together. Your base attack is also, if you’re, using the on for it’s going to be 799 very interesting. Let’S take a look at our percentage of bonuses. Now noelle does gain increased percent defense from certain ascensions at level. 90 she’s gon na have 30 percent free defense at 80 should have 22.5 free defense. The white blind, whether it’s 80 or 90, is going to give you either 47.2 defense or 51.7 percent defense at refinement rank 1. It’S gon na give you a 24 attack in 24. Defense bonus at refinement, 5 48 percent attack and 48 defense bonus. The white blind is a stat stick monster for this character.

Looking at the unforged we’re going to be getting 45 to 49.6 attack from its attack percent sub stat at refinement rank one at maximum stacks. Five hits in having a shield on which is not hard for noel to do at all. It will give you a 40 attack at refinement rank one at refinement rank five. It’S going to give you 80 attack if you’re, using a sans artifact 46.6 attack in 58.3 defense, whether you want to use a defense roll or an attack roll on your sands, then we have the goblet 46.6 percent geo damage is what you’re looking for on your Goblet, so just how much attack can you hit? How much defense can you hit, and should you be stacking defense percent or attack percent? Let’S start those comparisons. Now, with a level 80 white blind build. All of these builds are gon na, be using the same metrics. Here we’re gon na be comparing a c6 versus nana c6 noelle here, both of them level 13 sweeping time we’re doing in level 80 noelle a level 80 with refinement, rank 5 noelle and then we’re also using some bonuses that you could apply to your character.

You don’t have to, but we want to see how those affect us so for the instance of this we’re not using any sub stat rolls defense percent attack percent in our subsets on our artifacts. Unless we’re using the with bonus section, the with bonus section, we have applied the 25 attack from the double pyro characters. We also have, if you stacking attack 25 attack or 35 defense there. We also have access to the 15 additional damage from double geo. The 15 additional geo damage from ninguang and the 40 extra charge in normal attack damage from the bolide set. The stats that we are focusing on for our noel is going to be critical, hit chance in critical hit damage. That is what you’re aiming for on your circle in your sub stats in general and obviously, noelle also gets 15 bonus. Charge attack damage if you are using her charge deck and you have that constellation. So the first set is going to be the level 80 white blind setup.

This is going to be varying and showing you guys exactly what it is that you’re, gaining and missing, and the things in between we will talk about. So you guys know exactly what you should be doing to get the most out of your noel, depending on what you want to use her for so we have the level 80 setups first sweeping time 13, compared to sweeping time 13 with constellation six. The green is gon na, be your attack with defense sands, followed by your attack with attack sands, follow how much defense you’ll have, if you’re, using a defense sands by by how much defense you’ll have if you’re using in attack sands. So keep that in mind. The attack sands is all stacked in attack, you’re, getting attack, percent sub stats or the defense sets you’re getting when you get down to the bonuses. Defense percent sub stats from your artifacts there now, first and foremost the first one here you hit 2594 attack with a all stacking and defense, build versus 2531 attack with an all stacking attack build, so they are extremely close, although you will have roughly 400 more defense, Which is going to affect your shield strength as well as how much you heal your teammates under the effect of your elemental skill, once you get constellation six, you will see that you will no longer really be neck and neck anymore, even at level 80 with refinement Rank one white blind: you are now over 200 total attack on the stacking defense. Build compared to the stacking attack.

Build constellation 6 does help out tremendously a full defense build if you compare the other two setups. This also holds true without constellation 6. Even at sweeping time 13, which gives you 85 percent of your defense added to your attack, you are extremely close with the white blind, no matter what, whether it’s refinement rank 1 refinement rank 5 with a party bonus without a party bonus. They are extremely close. All together within around anywhere from 100 to 80 attack difference. However, the big change here is differencing in your actual defense between these two builds at the end of the day, sweeping time with the bonus 2202 attack. If you are a stack in defense because of that extra defense percent sub stat there, whereas you will only have 1541 defense on the full attack, build not only that the full attack build will have less attack than the full defense build will go figure.

What can you take away from this, though you say i don’t have constellation six. I don’t have the constellation that adds an extra. You know three levels to my elemental skill: i’m not going to be getting 85 percent of my defensive attack, i’m getting 71 percent of my defense to attack what that means is, once you are able to hit level 10 on your elemental burst on noel. You will have more attack on a full stacking attack, build somewhere around 200 more attack, or so. However, you will also have 700 less defense on your full attack, build than if you would have just stacked full defense in the first place, so you’ll be trading. A tiny amount of additional attack you’ll be getting that extra little bit of extra additional attack there for a vast decrease in how much defense percent you can hit there with your choice to stack full attack versus full defense, and this is with the white blind. The unforged level 80 setup very similar everything is the same same circumstances. If you go full defense build sweeping time. 13. 2698 attack.

You stack full defense 2674 if you stack full attack, so the full attack, even with the unforged, still loses to the full defense build, and on top of that, you are also trading off about 400 defense you’re, going from 1280 defense down to 867 on this build And this builds defense overall, it’s much lower because you do not have the white blind. You do not have the bonus of up to 51 defense as the white blind secondary stat. You do not have the bonus of up to 48 additional defense from the white blind. Proc, you are missing nearly 100 straight up defense at the end of the day, from choosing to use an offensive weapon like the unforged of the wolf’s gravestone or the serpent’s spine. This dramatically decreases the amount of shielding that you have the amount of heals that you have for a tiny, minuscule amount of bonus attack in the base scenario, where you do not have sweeping time, leveled up to 10 or 13.

One day you will and so take that away, but what about level 90? What should we be looking at here? At the end of the day, the unforged? It’S got to get that big attack right. It’S gon na out level, the white blind, it’s a five star weapon. The base stats are higher, so the level 90 white blind versus the level 90 unforts the unforged setup here – stacking all defense here sweeping time 13. No additional bonuses refinement rank 1 3070 attack. We chose to stack full attack 3036 attacks, so the full defense build here even with the the big unforged still is going to lose out to the stacking defense build here and in addition to losing out on that miniscule, amount of attack, defense, you’re gon na – be Missing out on 500, almost defense 1505 versus 1039 defense here on the stacking defense versus the stacking attack, built at constellation six, it gets even worse as not only are you no longer neck and neck with your total attack, you are about 250, less attack straight up Out the gate and you’re still losing in the defense stacking because you’re not stacking defense, it’s not happening you’re, not getting. Defense percent sub rolls you’re stacking all attack and even with refinement rank 5.

This will continue. You will still lose during the elemental burst. You will have a less total attack if you’re stacking attack percent in attack everywhere than if you’re just stacking defense percent. Now, why is this? This is because, when we originally talked back about base stats at level, 90 noelle has 799 defense. The combination of her base attack and the base attack of the unforged is also 799, the amount of additional staff for either attack or defense that you gain per percent attack or percent defense. You gain is the same and if you have a constellation six noel with sweeping time maxed out, you are getting 135 percent of your defense added to your attack. Knowing that stacking attack can never be a level 13 constellation, 6 noel it’ll never beat it. In addition to that, the game also gives you more defense percent on a sub roll or more defense percent as a main stat sans, then it will give you attack percent. A main stated defense sans, gives you 58 percent defense and it attacks and gives you 46 percent attack. With all of these things said, you will never be during your elemental burst a high defense stacking noel. It will never happen even with a weapon like the unforged that gives you up to 130 percent. Bonus attack at refinement rank 5.

But does this beat out the white blind? Let’S roll the white blind now now the white line here, as you can see, right away, decimates it if you have high constellation c6 with level 13 maxed out that elemental burst. This is for all the reasons we went over. You have that 135 percent of your defense added to your attack. You get way more overall defense in this build 2581. So, even though your actual attack is very low during your elemental burst with max stacks of the white blind, you are going to absolutely demolish any other, build in the game. The white blind for a constellation. Six and well, nothing beats it. You get the 5008 attack, that is, with the 25 bonus attack from the double pyro, that is, with a little bit of uh percent defense and sub stat rolls down there and we’re not talking major we’re, not talking. 50. 60. 70 defense substance we’re talking like 30 35 defense sub stats that you can roll out there, but even without those sub stat rolls high constellation 6 sweeping time 13 you’re still going to hit 4 45 attack without any other bonuses, not counting the elemental resonance. Not counting having any attack percent or any defense percent sub stat rolls on this build.

Nothing can beat the white blind. You’Ll have more attack, you’ll have more defense if you’re high constellation. So what is it that you guys should be taking away from this? The things you guys should be taking away from this are: if you are one of those few people out there, you have constellation six and well she’s your favorite character. Do not listen to anyone else telling you to stack attack percent on her, even if you have constellation six during your elemental burst. They are flat out wrong, build the team around giving her energy use a you know the traveler or uh ninguang out their fantastic partner or zomling. Get those energy particles make sure that you can get in there do huge damage with the elemental burst she’s going to have a massive defense she’s going to be a wall for your team, heal you for infinity hp, pretty much have a giant thick barrier be able To save people when they are about to go down with her uh talents that she gains access to with her ascension, that gives them a 400 percent barrier off of her giant defense there. So a 10 000 hp barrier instead of auto, reviving someone you’ll get that and she’s able to do a wicked amount of damage. If you do build her, you love her build her that way, if you have her at constellation, sticks and maxed out eventually talent on her sweeping time now, if you’re, not one of those people out there, you’ve already clicked off the video, don’t do that?

What should you be taking away from this? So what you should be taking away is that the lower level your talent is on your elemental burst? You do have constellation six, the more attack you will have if you stack attack percent, but the worst, your supportive capabilities will be the best thing about her. Is your play style on your character? Noel is going to change based on where you are in gunshin impact. If you’re very early on you have not very many talent points, you can’t put you can’t hit level six level, seven, the late level, nine level, ten talents, you’re not ar 50 45. You just started out if you wanted to do damage for you. You’Re just gon na stack attack just going to stack attack and that’s what you’re going to be doing. But when you get to the later points of the game, where you don’t need to hit constellation c6 level 13, where you need to make that choice is when you do hit ar 45, when you do hit ar 50, you can take sweeping time to level 10

You are still going to gain 71 percent of your defense added to your attack. You can still use the white blind. You will not be able to out damage a full stacking attack build, but you will not lose by a tremendous amount instead of having the 135 percent or the 85 defense to attack. You’Ll have 71 percent defense to attack. You can still stack that defense percent and you will have bigger heels, bigger shields, better support for a small amount of damage loss. If that’s, what you want to do, you want to have the shields do know that you will only lose a small amount of damage. Doing that not enough to make her crazy bad in comparison to a full attack build, but if you are a player out there, you just wanted to get out there.

You just want her to hit things really hard. You don’t care! How much healing you do you? Don’T care how much defense you do she’s constellation zero for you just wanted it and you just love the character. If all you wanted to do, you have no levels up in sweeping time, or maybe you do at the end of the day, you have the levels up and sweeping time you just want to do more damage. You don’t want to heal or shield just get in there and level up your attack and have fun with your whirling dervish, but for the rest of you guys out there who do have the big stuff. I just wanted to make this video, because there’s been a lot of things that i’ve seen that have been like it doesn’t matter. If you have to see this, it doesn’t matter what level your sweeping time is.

They are wrong in every way, shape and form on all fronts. The best way to build it for damage. If you have the higher levels of sweeping time with the least amount of trade-off, is to just maximize that defense percent and go to work and do damage that way. She can do a lot of aoe damage at the end of the day. If you get those big builds, especially if you have someone in your party to give her an attack with like bennett, you can do literally like 20 000 damage per charge attack hits once you get her maxed out level. 90. All that all that good stuff, that you can get 20 000 damage per charge to that kit and that hits around two times per second. So, if you’re getting four enemies two times in a second for average, thirty thousand damage.

That’S 120 000 dp, like straight up by definition, dps as an aoe damage dealer, while healing your team, while being a giant bruiser, that’s really strong and that’s how i’ve cleared most content against an impact. I won’t lie guys, but if you want to see more stuff like this, when we break down certain characters that you’re just interested in because you are interested in them, they don’t have to be by definition, the best character in the game.

But if you want to learn how to use your character, the best way possible for you with what you have that’s what the channel is about, we explore that and also talk about other games and impact related content coverage, new characters, new events. You want to see that stuff come and join us come check out the twitch growing the channel awesome stuff out there guys. I want to see your comments down below your smiling faces. Tell me what it is that you’re focusing on against right now what character it is that you’re focusing on and what you’re doing with your noel. If you do have one and i’ll see you guys in the next video, take care guys.

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