How does the element work in Genshin Impact – Easily Explained


Hey you’re back good to see you here. As you may know, my name is shasco and today’s video is about elemental magic on ganshin impact. As you may know, the elements are part of something really important in this game. You can’t maximize dps. If you don’t know how to mix elements and use them in your favor, but before we begin, let me tell you that i just took this game the last week and i’m really new in this. However, i’m doing my research – and this is what i found – i hope this helped you a lot as it’s helped me. So, let’s start with how many elements are engaged in impact, there’s seven elements as we know, and they are electro or electric dendro or nature, hydro or water, animal or wind geo or earth pyro or fire and cryo or ice. In this case, i know it could be weird if you’re new to the game, so we are going to stick to the elements, as we know them in real life instead of the weird names okay.

So this is how the elements by themselves work ice, reduces the target movement, speed, electric will affect body of waters, and these effects will pass to others and will give you the reaction of electrocharge, since they are already wet earth will cause crystallization effect, which causes the Affected target to do reduce elemental damage, except, of course, for air damage. Water will cause the target to become wet, and this is very good for elemental reactions and fire will cause a smart burning dot. Okay, so now that you know, let’s talk about about elemental reactions, reactions are the result of combining some elements together, and they are awesome for good damage if you know how to combine them well.

So these are the elements and how you can combine them. Okay, first one is burning, burning, uses, nature and fire, and this will deal damage over time. Crystallize will use earth or any of ice electric water or fire element. This will absorb some of the elemental energy of your enemies and drop a crystal that can give a character, an elemental shield. The moment you touch it, this shield will absorb all type of damage, but it will work better with the chosen element electrocharge.

This is electric plus water. This will deal electric damage over time frozen. This is ice plus water. This will freeze the target into place, melt ice and fire deals. Extra damage, overloaded, fire and electric will do aoe fire damage, super conduct, ice plus electric will deal aoe damage and reduces the target’s defense, swirl, wind and any of ice electric water or fire element. This will do extra damage and will do an express effect. Vaporize, water plus fire, the attack will deal two times more damage if the water is the triggering element and 1.5 times more damage, if fire is a triggering one, so the element knowledge will be also important in what is called elemental resonance.

This is something that will trigger a bonus buff when you play in co-op mode and they stack. These are enduring rock to earth. Users will increase the resistance to interruption when protected by a shield also will increase damage by 50 percent verbum flames. Two fire users. You will be affected by ice 40 percent less time and also will increase your attack by 25 percent soothing waters to water users. You will be affected by pyro forty percent less time and all incoming heal will be increased by a thirty percent. Impedos wins two win users, it decreases. The standard mania consumption by 50 also increases the movement speed by 10 percent, and it will give you a cold reduction of 5 percent high voltage. 2. Electric users, affection by water, will be 40 percent less time. Also super conduct.

Overloaded and electrocharged will have a hundred percent chance to generate an electroelementary particle every five seconds sharing in eyes two ice users. You will be affected by electro for 40 percent. Less time also will increase your critical strike against enemies that are frozen or affected by cryo by 15, and the last one is protective canopy. This means that if you have any unique elements, you will increase your elemental resistance by 15 percent awesome now you know how this works, but what are the best combination? What i found and, from my opinion, there’s a lot of combinations you can use, but the best one are the following: fire and electric are perhaps one of the best combos.

When you burn and then you attack with electric damage, you will get a lot of aoe damage to a group of enemies. The second one is using ice and then electric this will be exactly as far as electric, but you will lower the defense of your enemies. So you can make bigger damage in certain cases. Also. Fire and water are awesome for high damage dealers, because you can trigger the two times damage boost perfect for characters as, for example, deluxe. When you can do a lot of forced damage.

Also, you can use cryo and then pyro to make sure you can boost the fire damage two times, and that will be today’s video. But before you leave there’s something i would like to ask you, since i’m not that good at getting impact. Please leave some tips for me and everyone that watches this video. We will appreciate it and also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, see you next time!

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