How to Beat “Ritou Escape Plan” – Genshin Impact Guide


Rito Escape Plan  A lot of you guys wanted to see how to do this quest, so I’ll show you guys exactly how to do it. And you guys also wanted to see my comp. My team composition. Official was the op one. And one of the biggest reasons why was because of the skyward harp.

So yeah. Also tried to do some good stuff with their talents, so it helps a lot. Also got constellation one and a few random artifacts. The comments below said to lower your world level when you have hard quests. So be sure to lower your world level if you feel like your characters are under leveled or the quest is too hard because it helps out a lot.

Okay we have five minutes on the clock to escort this balloon to its destination.

I hope this isn’t too hard Okay it’s kind of annoying. That was useless oh my goodness! Oh it’s losing health..

. that’s crazy, okay. All right so we have a bit of damage there. Yep.  Just folded him Okay, so this is perfect, it’s raining.

I can get my Fischl out and that helps a lot… it helps a whole lot. Fischl is wonderful for range.

Okay let’s continue… More. More of these guys.

I’ll use my ultimate  I think it’s about time to use my ultimate. Use more of this. Uh, destroy, destroy these barriers or else these barriers will slow down your balloon. My balloon is getting destroyed. Right now I could use a XingQiu ult.

So I will be sure to utilize that. XingQiu ult only you works when you use your normal attacks. This guy is still destroying my balloon. There we go. Let us continue with this journey.

.. three minutes left on the clock. Try and speed run this  Don’t know what that does.

I guess that works.

Okay, so I will go like this real quick.  Use the ults. Very nice. Use the e, it’s aoe. Works very well.

.. okay this guy is really op.  I can tell. I’ve never used this guy’s ult.

Not good. Oh wait, that’s actually good. Okay that’s not bad. It’s working very well. Okay about two minutes left on this clock  Oh we’re done.

Is that it for Rito’s Escape Plan? Oh. Oh he liked her. Okay, that’s kind of sad. There we go Rito’s Escape Plan.

We’ve completed it..

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