How To Get A Strong Account Without Spending Money: Genshin Impact


Hey everyone mtash here and after building multiple accounts. I’Ve got like three accounts that are fully ar 45 and like really far into the game, and then i’ve got one more account that i’m still leveling up. But, i have played through the game a lot and, i have found out a constant and and that is that primo gems are kind of finite. To an extent right, there’s only so many achievements that you can do to get primo gems and there’s only so many quests. You can do that are going to give you primo gems, and once you find most of the chests that economy of primo gems is gone as well, and so, even though this account has been extremely lucky, this account is cracked. I’Ve got venti, we’ve got luke, we’ve got c1 zhong li, we’ve got a wolf’s, gravestone we’ve got mona. I understand that this account has been extremely lucky.

The amount of five stars – i’ve gotten, but my economy of primo gems is essentially done and this account is set. What i mean by this is i’ve done the mass majority of free wishes available and there’s nothing. I can really do other than the spiral abyss and take the daily commission stuff and take the uh the resources. So i just punch my mic or take the resources that mihoyo gives me and wish on the account. And if i continually just wish on a banner here and a banner there and use my my wishes, whenever i’m going to get more characters and eventually i will hit pity and i will get another 5 star character. But i will never get mass constellations on a character ever again unless i really start to save – and i wanted to talk about this feature – because i’m sure that many people that play the game have an account – you’ve got some five stars, you’re leveling them up.

That’S amazing, but if you start saving your primo gems and spending them all on one banner a month from now two months from now three months from now, you can make your account much much better and i wan na showcase that with one of my other accounts, So this is my free willy account. This was like a four star only account i. I was building this up to do as kind of a challenge and if you look at my characters, uh, i don’t have a ton of five stars. I would say that this is kind of average luck right. I’Ve got two five stars working towards pity and this would be another uh. You know normal luck, account i’m gon na say, but here’s where things change yep i’ve got a bunch of good characters, but i also have a ton of constellations because i waited until the zhang li banner to use every wish. I ever got on the account and what ended up happening is. I ended up getting a maxed out shangyun.

We got some razor constellations, a maxed out, xin yan. We got a couple of five stars working towards pity and if you look at just the value of this f, uh four star character he’s essentially a five star with max constellation. Xin yan, i would say, is like a five star, valued character, because i have used all of my wishes on this and even my razer, even with two constellations. If i could get the four he’d be cracked out of his mind, but even with two razer is now much stronger than just having one copy, and on this account i took uh. It was about 15 000 primo gems between all of the quests. The chests that i found doing a little bit of spiral, abyss and uh and any of the free gems that i got right now. I’M not saying make a brand new account because some of you might have a bunch of five stars. You put in a lot of effort and when you make a new account now they actually don’t get as many wishes as when you used to make accounts back in the day they really nerfed re-rolling.

But even if you don’t make a new account, if you start saving now – and you can do the spiral abyss now, that ends up being thousands upon thousands of primo gems down the road for a future banner. If you look at the amount of primo gems that were given out this month, it was like around 3 000 or, like 3600 primo gems, between the daily commissions between the uh. I think it was like 1600 that they gave out or like 1400 or something like that for the playstation awards and all the or the mobile awards, whatever the hell they were, and they did a couple of events right. And so, if you add up all of those for just a couple of months and you add in the spiral abyss, you’re closing in on 10 000, primo gems, maybe 12 000 prebo gems after a few months. And so if you took those primo gems and you wished on a banner where maybe there was bennett – maybe you get a c4 or c6 bennett and then this character is gon na, be cracked out of his mind, or maybe you do have that shingling and she’s On a banner again – or maybe they add diona once again or sucrose, there’s multiple characters that you probably already use and already level. And if you wait for another banner and you just spam, it you’re gon na make your account so much better. It’S not even funny.

You’Re gon na take that four-star character, you’re gon na max this constellation and all of a sudden, they’re gon na feel like a five-star character. I know that you probably want all of the new characters. You probably want to get that new five star, but if you could skip albedo or maybe there’s some four stars on there – that you don’t really care about even gone, you maybe gone, you doesn’t look crack to you and you don’t like the four stars on there. If you hoard your primo gems and focus on one banner and just go ham, there’s a good chance that not only will you get really good constellations or four star, but there’s a chance that maybe you get you know c1 or even c2 on a character right. If you saved up got c2 clee if they ever add a banner with another five star, that’s really powerful and you get c1 or c2 they’re going to carry your team. But that doesn’t happen if you just wish willy nilly the primo gem economy for everyone is slowed down once you do all the main content, but you can still save for another banner down the road.

I know that it’s tempting, but this could be a make or break for a lot of people, and i think that it’s going to be a big thing, long term uh for you. If you want to max out they’re not going to add, you know any time to they’re not going to have 50 characters in the game, they’ve got a cast of characters and they’re going to rotate some of these four star characters back through right. It’S gon na happen, and eventually you know official we got a free constellation or a free official uh on these accounts because of an event who’s to say they don’t do a noel event or a ning wong event or a beto event. Eventually, those things will happen, and so eventually you will get constellations and if you can then pair that with banners, you’re gon na have some six star or six constellation four stars very soon. It’S gon na be a month or two and you’re gon na. Have these cracked accounts and uh you’re, not even gon na, have to spend any money start saving your primos for characters. You plan on using you’ve, invested in you’re, excited for and then go ham on those banners, and that’s all i wanted to say. Eventually, you are going to get lucky.

Eventually, you are going to beat the pity right on this account. I got a bunch of uh of four stars. I only have two five stars. I would say that this is kind of normal, with the amount of primo gems that i spent, but eventually i’m gon na hit that that pity early, i’m gon na get a couple five stars back to back. I’M gon na feel lucky about it now. This is another account that i have and i made this a while ago – and it’s been getting some daily commissions, but i’m at like 4 200 primo gems right and i actually have a ton of quests. If you look at my journal here, i’ve got tons of quests. I have not done like any quest on this thing. It’S ar 3, because i’ve been doing a bunch of daily commissions right, but i’ve got these wishes here right. I’Ve got 4 200 primo gems right here, but i want you to look at this now. I got d-luke on this account, but i want you to look at this okay. I did a bunch of wishes on already. So if you look, i got relatively close to pity we’re looking at 11 pages here, so this account again is gon na be one of those accounts.

Where you know i didn’t get extremely lucky. I didn’t get a five star super early. You know i got. I got close to pity i got like the soft pity kind of thing and so on an account like this. I do have some four stars and i’ve got some constellations and i do have my five star, my first five star and if you’re in this situation, you’ve got your first five star. If you were to wait, if you were to wait for another banner and you see that character, that you’re, like, oh that’s, amazing, a team like this bro, even these one, one, two three four five six characters this this. Even these, if we throw in the main character, if you have this cast of characters, i think that that’s pretty reasonable for most people, and maybe you don’t have the shin cho.

Maybe you don’t have the beto, but if you can make a cast of just like five to six characters, they can get you far into the spiral abyss. If you crack out and max out one character and you give them one cracked out, you know prototype weapon that you craft. They will do enough damage to get you into the spiral abyss further in. It might take you to your level, 70 and 80. To finish. Some of the levels, but if you can just make a core cast of characters, that is more than enough for most of the content in the game, and so if you can then make that core cast of characters. Amazing and then you see a banner for them and wish and all of a sudden you got c6 official, oh my god, it’s gon na be amazing, and so that’s kind of the test that i’m doing with this account.

I’Ve got my core cast of characters for now and i’m gon na do all my quests and i’m doing my daily commissions and i’m getting all the free wishes that mihoya is going to give and one day i’m going to save up 20. 25. 30. 000 premojims. I don’t know when maybe when the ayaka banner comes out, i don’t know when, but i’m going to save up tens of thousands of primo gems, i’m gon na wish it i’m gon na try to get. You know three or even four constellations on that five star and this account is gon na, be insane. It’S gon na be better than some paid accounts, because i focused all of my resources on one banner and all of those characters are gon na. Have lots of constellations and i’m most likely gon na get multiple five stars right there?

That’S that’s what i’m hoping for and and because i got uh d luke on this one. I know that, for this account the next wish is gon na, be the the character on the banner, so i’ve guaranteed my first drop and hopefully future constellations you can make in insanely good accounts. You just have to be smart with when you’re spending the primos. Thank you so much for watching hope you enjoyed, and i will see you soon. My friends bye!

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