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There are a ton of things for you, guys, tobe doing in Genshin and back, but this videois tailored towards the end game getting thebest gear. What you’re going to be looking foras far as weapons and equipment is concernedthis is not going to be a video for a new playerif you’re, a newer player go ahead and checkout some of the other videos on the channeltailored to you. But if you’re an endgameask player you’re on the road to the finaletrying, to look how to get strong for the abyss9 10 11. 12 then, this is what we’re going to betalking about today, we’re going to be talkingabout what it is that you should be lookingfor when it comes to weapons, putting a fullbuild together for your character as well aswhat. It is that you’re, looking for and whatan actual good piece of gear, a good artifactlooks like so you can differentiate between whatis worth leveling and what is not worth levelingup and worth all of those precious artifactsthat, you’re, probably running into a drought ofat. This point in time.

So artifacts come in tonsof shapes and sizes and games and impact whatartifact set. You should be using on each characteris gon na differentiate between them based on yourplay style. If it’s a fast hard-hitting, normalattacker, you’re gon na want something like themartial artist set or the gladiators set. Ifyou have a support, pyro elemental, characteryou’re. Looking for the crimson wish of flame setthundering theory set for someone like Fischlonce, you have the ability to farm those setsand. You should not be doing that until yourar 35 ar 40 at the minimum. So you can get thegood high tier five star sets especially fromgeneric domains at ar 40.

Then we’re going tobe looking at what sort of stats and what anactual good a piece of gear is and whatis worth your time and precious resourcesleveling up. So once you have a piece of geardropped for you, you’re going to be asking yourselfshould i invest in this. Is this going to be goodfor me? So, let’s take a look at some pieces: ofgear that are good in some pieces of gear, thatare going to be bad and not worth your time. Sofirst case you’re, looking at the main stat foryour pieces of gear, the circlet, the goblet in thesands, have the most variety when it comes to mainstats the other ones, the feather as well as theflower. These always come with the same main statrolls, there’s always hp and flowers. Always flatattack on the feather. You guys know this by now. Sothe first thing that you’re going to prioritize isthe set that you want and then you’re going tostart prioritizing your main step, but after thatwhat is going on here and what about the sub statsand? That’S when it comes down to the nitty grittyreally, strong sub stats or what you’re lookingfor here, but how does it work?

So, let’s talk aboutthat the higher the base rarity of your item, isthe, more sub stats and higher stat rules. You canachieve! This is because a lower level, artifact hasa, less native base substance on it all artifactscan hit a high subset amount, but not all artifactswill have the same amount of sub stats. Every fourlevels that you level an artifact up. They willgain an additional sub stat slot up to fourif. You are already at four. Instead of gainingan additional sub stat slot, you will actuallyincrease a pre-existing subset. This is whyfive-star. Artifacts are so powerful. They don’thave to waste any roles, giving you an extra subsetthey already come with. All the roles for you tosee. This allows you to determine for yourselfright then, and there take this gladiator’striumph. For example, it’s a defensive, main statthen. It has crit damage percent attack, percenthp percent and then flat hp. So this one wasokay, this one is on no l actually right now, i’mactually using her and she’s. Pretty strong rightshe’s got some things that skill off defense she’sgot some things that skill off her attack, if youwant to make her a bruiser type character, extracrit hit damage. This is going to do very well forher, every single time. You level this up, rememberevery four levels because we’re already maxed outon the five stars for this base.

Item you’re goingto get one of the four stats increased at randomand this one, the rng comes into play for you guysand. This is how you’re gon na know whether or notyou need to continue or you need to stop it’seasier with the five stars than it is the fourstars. We’Re gon na explain the five stars firstif something drops and it has two or three goodsub stats. It’S going to be an excellent piece foryou to try to target something on like this. Onei was happy with the attack percent. I was happywith. The crit hit damage increase, so i leveledit up every four levels.

One of these thingswould increase at random. I got attack. Percenti was happy with that. I continue with this onegood additional attack percent increase. I washappy with that continue on continue on continueon. Now it’s max level. Most of the rolls went. Toattack percent, as well as q, hit damage percent sofor this character and it’s going to be differentfor each of your characters. You have to determinehow, you want to use that character, what thatcharacter scales off of and what you’re happy withon that artifact. For me, i love the defense percentfor noelle in one of her slots, then i wanted toattack percent, so she still hits hard and thencreate damage helps me there a perfect artifactin this instance for me, if that flat, hp wascreated chance, like five percent hit chance, fourpercent per Hit chance that makes this artifacteven better. That means there’s not really a rolethat, i’m super unhappy with.

I have created damagechance in that case attack percent and then hppercent, that’s fantastic. I would absolutely lovean artifact like that. Now, let’s talk about fourstar artifacts, so four star at fx have two twoup to three. As you can see, they can actually dropwith two to three predetermined, sub stat rollsso. This is going to be a small little differencebetween. A lot of the four-star artifacts out theresome four-star artifacts, are actually better thanother four-star artifacts. This is going to followthe same train of thought that we talked aboutfor the rest of this video and previously everyfour levels. You will either get a new sub statadded to the pre-existing ones or, if you alreadyhave, four different sub stats, you’re going toincrease, the ones that you have. This is what makesthese four star artifacts, that drop with threedifferent sub stats better than the ones that dropwith two, because, for instance, this tiara flameif.

I want to maximize the amount of substance ihave which you want to because you’re approachingendgame. That means two of those times wherei’m going to add to the power of my sub statsi’m, going to add new ones to the tiara. First, sothis is actually get one less actual upgrade thanthe conductor’s top hat, because this only needs toadd one new subset, whereas the tiara needs to addto, which could mean that this elemental mastery17, i could actually get an extra increase to theelemental mastery or the extra cr hit Rate onthe conductor’s top hat because of that smalldifference, so you can get very, very well stattedfour stars and you could use them at end. Game noteverything needs to be a five star. It’S going tobe extremely hard, extremely difficult guys to geta perfect piece of gear, but this is why we’ll wantto go ahead and describe how this system worksfor you guys. So you can make your own decisionsthat’s.

What we’re here for we’re here to learnand figure out what’s best if we wanted to go overevery best subset for every character in the gameon, every best piece of artifact for them, we’d behere for ever right, because you’d be like what’smy best artifact for this character, like Attackpercent mainstay, then you want to hit chance, thenyou want hit damage and then, if you’re playingthe character this way you want some elementalmastery. If you’re, not, maybe you want some defenseinstead. Maybe you know things like that. Cannot goover all that stuff, but a simple rule of thumbif you’re approaching the end game and you’relooking for those perfect pieces of gear, the substats are going to be very, very important for youyou’re not going to want to invest in things thathave.

You know attack flat defense flat elementalmastery on a character that you’re not using youcould, get that really awesome piece of gladiatorsgear and then it just has a bunch of stats, youdon’t necessarily care about on your characterright. You don’t want a physical damage. Dealerthat, has you know flat hp or percent hpin combination with flat attack flat defense andelemental mastery? It’S not going to do anythingfor you. Can you use that as a sub in for nowyes? Is that going to be your end, all be allpiece of gear? No, it’s not! You’Re goingto want to invest in something for youthat works very, very well with you thereare going to be times and instances guyswhere you’re just going to have to roll thedice.

You know you’re not going to get thatperfect piece of gear you’re going to haveto roll the dice and see what you get thereand see if you’re happy with it for instancethis royal flora, i’m currently using on ventiand. It did very well for me at rolled energyrecharge got lucky there, it rolled elementalmastered a time or two got lucky. There then ihit like a defense one time and got unlucky therebut all in all, i’m very happy with this piececould i have gotten unluckier. Could i hitflat defense the entire way up? Yes, i couldso. Let’S talk about when you should knowwhen to quit, leveling up a piece of gear. Becauseyou’Re gon na have to make these decisionslevel it up a couple of times if it hits thecouple of the stats, maybe you’re. You know one outof three, two out of four, that you like three outof, four that you like. If it’s hitting the statsthat you’re happy with keep going and levelingthat piece of gear, keep loving that artifact butif.

It hits one thing you that you don’t like maybeit’s, hitting that defense flat a couple of times. It’S hit it two times hit it three times if you’renot happy with it, which you shouldn’t be at thatrate, it’s time to stop investing your preciousartifacts, because the only way to level them upright now, it’s time to stop investing and just letit sit. Let it sit there for a while. Maybe it’s aset piece that you’re using but stop investingin it. What you need to do at that point in timethough guys and here’s. The good news is that whenyou imbue an artifact with a previously alreadyleveled up artifact you get a substantial amountof that exp so you’re not entirely penalized fortrying to get good items out of items that don’tlook that great you don’t get the full amount backbut you do get Somewhere around 80 90 of thatexp that you spent back into your artifact sofor right now say this gladiators nostalgia. Thati have i know. Well, if i wanted to level this up, acouple of times, maybe see if i can’t hit that crithit rate a couple of times. Take the plus six plusnine cause i’m a little greedy and i get good andi get that credit rate. I can keep using this behappy with it, but not fully invested. I’M not goingto, take it to plus 20.

I’M not going to take theplus 12., maybe i’ll, take it to, like. I said 9 or10 or somewhere around there and get that extra hpbut. When i finally get the better gladiatorsnostalgia to drop. If it drops and it looks reallygood, it’s got defense percent. It’S got. Attackpercent crit hit chance all of the good stuffready to go. I can take the gladiators nostalgiathat. I worked on a little bit used as a stop. Gapto get me through different tiers of contentlike the abyss floor and i can get that 80. To90 percent of my exp back into my new gladiatorsnostalgia and that’s the good part about followingthat system, taking a little bit of risk, you’reactually not really penalized that much but iwant to get this video out there for you guysso. You guys know what you should be looking forwhen. It comes to approaching the end game, what’sworth your time and resources and gentian impactwhen. It comes to the artifact system with thatbeing said guys, thanks for spending that timehere today again, if you want to see more stuffon, the channel different guides character, reviewsbuild guides all of that great stuff. You knowwhere, it is check it out the playlist and alsocome back for more hit that subscribe button. Andi’Ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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