How to get Three Amazing Weapons FREE: Genshin Impact


Hey everyone mtash here and today i wanted to talk about some free rewards that you can get in gentian impact with this new update, the dragon spine, mountain uh, the the first one is the event sword, and i wanted to explain why this one’s so amazing, but You can also get the brand new claymore uh for free. Now i have a refinement rank 2 on here, but you can get this claymore for free. You don’t actually have to craft it. Even so, if you were not, you know in possession of any prototypes. That’S okay, i’m not going to go through the whole quest today. There’S some videos on how to do the whole quest, but i wanted to talk about this because this is a very big step in the right direction of this game. So there’s already like five guys in this, i don’t wan na do a full guide, but there’s gon na be some secret quests, where you’re going and finding these boxes.

There’S like the princess box and the scribes box and you’re gon na find stone tablets. There’S like eight of them around the map. Now you might have opened up this room, but if you don’t interact with these torches and light them, you’re not gon na get the free claymore. So some of you might have already been in this room. You might have done this part, but if you don’t light these torches up, you won’t get the free swords so make sure you go back and do that if you haven’t done that already. This might be news to you. I wanted to make sure uh that i posted this, but this sword is fantastic. It is physical based, so that’s gon na be really good for people like beto and razer, and you have a chance when attacking to drop a crystal like this. That does damage awesome. Anything that can allow us to avoid the gotcha system to get some good weapons for our characters.

I think, is a good thing and with all these characters that you bring in the game, um there’s some cases where you have all of these different characters. You can’t use them, you can’t upgrade them, you can’t get weapons for them, and i know on my account, i was struggling to use a lot of characters because it’s like i don’t have a weapon. I don’t even have a four-star weapon for them and getting this snow tuned star silver for free. This is a cracked weapon for beto. It’S very good on razer, it’s very good on xin yan. This is a godly weapon and to give us this, for free without having to use any of our crystals or a prototype, is amazing, and i think that the quest involved with it was pretty sweet overall. But this is just one of the free weapons that we got and with the uh you know the dragon spine mountain. They essentially gave us another great spear as well.

I don’t know if you want to craft the spear, but they are giving you essentially a free spear. I want to talk about that and then we’ll talk about the sword, which is absolutely god tier, but by leveling up the tree to level eight they’re going to give you this prototype, which is fantastic, love that, because it is gon na, be used in a quest Right here, uh, if you look at this quest on your uh on your journal, i don’t know if you have it just yet, but the festering thing you’re gon na go, find some dragon’s teeth and you’re going to be able to create this dragon spine spear. Now this is a physical damage. It’S got a a lot of percentage here. This is double some of the other weapons. This physical damage bonus. So that’s a very big physical damage bonus here and it’s got essentially the same passive. Now, if you want to finish this quest, you’re gon na have to craft one of these spears, which is fine.

That’S fine, you’re gon na get some primo gems, you’re gon na get the spear um and some experience, but this is a damn good weapon. Is it better than the crescent pike? I don’t know for sure if it’s better uh mathematically, but this is a very good weapon and if you want to refine it a few times, i don’t think you’re going to be crying about it. I don’t think you’re going to be upset about it and maybe it might not be the best on shangling right now, but maybe on another character down the road. I think it is really good on shingling. Don’T get me wrong, but i’m just saying even if you don’t use this weapon right this. Second, it’s giving you options down the road. I don’t know who the you know: the next four star or five star polar pull-arm user is going to be or when they’re gon na be here, but having this weapon given to us is a game changer. Dare i say this changes everything because um you know this is just another weapon that we don’t have to worry about and we don’t have to hope that we get um from wishing now this sword is nuts, so it gets uh 1.5 times the amount of experience For leveling it during this event, so you’d be pretty dumb.

Not to do that, you can save a bunch of materials, but the other thing that is crazy about this sword is they didn’t just give us a four-star sword. They gave us a good, very good, four-star sword and, on top of this they’re, giving us all the materials to ascend it and and refine it for free for free, there’s, no weapon in the game that has come out since the very beginning that you just get Free refinements that you get free experience on this, that you get that you get free like tier, five and uh. If you look at this we’re getting elemental damage here, we’re getting crit rate on this elemental skill that is super powerful. This passive alone is incredible and uh, knowing that i can level it up and get all that experience. But look at this look. Look.

Look look. So we go into the event. If you go into the um event details here right, we’ve got these uh these stages. It’S not unlocked in my region yet, but for right now we’re gon na use primo gems, but these are the materials to upgrade it and in the next one, there’s gon na be more materials to upgrade it, and so essentially all you’re doing is using the um. The crystal ore that you can farm very easily and a little bit of mora, but on top of that they’re giving you more here like this is the mora to upgrade the weapon right and then, on top of that, go in the event shot. There are other uh weapon upgrade materials. There’S experience there’s mora, there’s everything you would need to not only level up these weapons but level up a new character if you got a new character level up albedo, if you got albedo right, there’s another one here, another shop with more items.

These are the refinements for the sword, and this doesn’t cost resin. Do you want to know how much resin is in here? Do you want to know how much resin worth of materials are right here? This is like 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 minimum, and then we’ve got another like 80 resin here. Another 80 resin here well, maybe not technically, not because you farm that, but a whole bunch more resin here, because i think you get like 30 of these or something like that. It isn’t updated just yet, but we’re looking at hundreds of resin given to us of materials that normally you would have to spend. Normally, you would have to wait till the next day to get it and the next day and the next day and to be handed this all right now. I just feel like a this is the best event yet and b with this region. This region was beautiful. This region was cool. This region had puzzles this region had secrets. It gave a bunch of adventure rank experience. It gave a bunch of primo gems. I don’t know how many primo gems that this region gave in the thousands, probably and with the event.

This has me very hyped for the future of gentian impact. Yes, i hate the gotcha system. I’Ve said it 9 000 times, but if they are going to give these things to players and they’re going to give it to them for free. This is progress that i’m very, very uh, proud, i’m not proud of, but like happy for like excited, it makes it a lot easier to recommend this game to people. When i see things like this now it does appear. Oh i’m gon na, be you know honest with you guys. It does appear 11 days right until this is done. It would be a mistake to not max this out as best you can it would.

It would be a mistake. Obviously i know that there’s christmas and new years and other things going on, but the amount of rewards that we’re getting here and you don’t have to spend any resin on it is i mean it’s amazing it it’s flat out incredible uh the amount of rewards we’re Getting here and it’s relatively easy to do, people are saying that you can do it very quickly, uh like max out all the stuff in the store. So it’s not like it’s gon na be a huge time sink or anything. I would recommend getting it done because you never know when you’re gon na need some of these materials for a different weapon down the road or a different character, or something like that. But i just wanted to make this video talking about this, because i was really happy with this um.

These weapons are are, are incredible and accessible, and i want more of this now you’re just going to give us a couple more free characters that the tash fed’s going to be really pumped up, but we got official right, we’ve gotten barbara uh. We have gotten some free characters in the past and uh. Hopefully we get more in the future, not much more. I want to say uh it’s christmas, i’m gon na go, spend some time with my family. Thank you so much for supporting this channel. Thank you. So much for subscribing and hitting that bell notification. Uh! Thank you! So much for you know interacting with my sponsors and just being there for me this year this was the biggest year i’ve ever had on youtube by a large margin.

Uh last year was my best year and i was like oh there’s, no beating it and we smashed it. I think we had 44 million views last year and uh we’re approaching 69 million this year. So nice we’ll see if we get to 69 million uh. Maybe if you guys all like this video we’ll but um yeah, that’s it. I’M gon na spend some time with family for the next couple days and uh. I will see you soon: okay, bye.

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