How To Make $1,000,000 In Minutes! Cyberpunk 2077 Money Guide


So you want to be a millionaire in cyberpunk 2077. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day. We have found the easiest and fastest way to make money in cyberpunk 2077 to date. This is gon na, be getting you millions of dollars in cyberpunk 2077 extremely quickly. Now we do need to get an item from a specific quest. So as we approach this location, that’s right here we’re gon na actually pull up on the map, so you can see exactly where this is uh. The quickest, fast travel location is going to be piez, and this is down in uh. So you want to be a millionaire in cyberpunk 2077. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day today, i’m going to be showing you how to become a millionaire in literally just minutes in cyberpunk 2077

There’S a specific method to this and we’re going to be getting an item from a side mission. That’S going to allow us to get millions of dollars every few minutes, depending on how fast you are with this. It’S a ridiculous money making method and we need to do the sidequest space oddity now. This should be relatively easy to do, and the quickest fast travel point to this is going to be here at piez. Now this is in the santo domingo area at the southern part of the map and if you zoom in you’re gon na see the fast travel point right here – and this is the mission that you’re looking for so we got ta go talk to the bums here.

This is gon na be the mission should only take a few minutes, but we’re looking for the item that we get at the end. But i’m generally curious to see what’s going on here because, as we came up, they were talking about some kind of super secret squirrel thing and i’m curious. Sorry dog got a map, hey rick. You got a map, no use mine for smokes and wherever you want to be sure, as [ __ ] ain’t here yeah, that’s sure nothing for you here have a nice day now, what’s in the briefcase, what the this piece of junk yep – probably nothing, probably nothing. Maybe bottles, what are a bunch of bums got a suitcase for huh stuff like that. Doesn’T just get lost, we’ll find anything in there except trouble. It wasn’t stolen. We found it yeah, whatever you say, just know that whoever comes looking won’t be asking questions. I don’t want to ask questions or give it to her. You won’t get it open anyway.

Oh no, i’m totally gon na get it open where’d. You find it. I said where the those dumpsters over there for [ __ ] sake. Josh, look. It wasn’t us all right: coke was already cold. We swear what really – and here i had you pegged for top tier mercs. Now out of my way, move it or lose your head home skillet. I got skippy chill the [ __ ] out, okay, i can’t believe they just gave it up like that. So we need to open this suitcase to continue our quest now, ah to hack it. We need nine in technology um i mean obviously you’re gon na have to level up your technology to get to it. So we need to get five five e nine, which is so five five yeah.

So we’re gon na go right here here and then bam easy peasy, lemon squeezy exit, the interface open this bad boy. What do we got going on here? So we got some files launch exe? Oh triangulate, oh, what’s glitching out unauthorized data transmission, rapid response unit alerted: are you serious? So we got ta go to the area. A routine inspection of your data has revealed some unsettling irregular irregularity. Wow where’s our hearts. We got ta go to the drop point. Let’S get the hell out of here before the coppers. Come oh going into the middle of the desert. Never ends well, never ever ends. Well, so we’re going to a drop site here, oh yep.

We definitely got coppers here or something i’m not 100 sure. Oh man, skippy we’ve got him permanently doing headshot damage now, which is just super nice. It’S it’s almost to the level of just insanely broken. Excuse me, sir gentlemen. I’M gon na need you to die now, oh dude, why are you so glitchy? Anybody else want to go. Oh look at that, that’s cool it confirmed somebody bury it here, looks like a freaking cr. It definitely crash landed here moment. Of truth. Here goes the hell. Oh okay, so we got the the untitled 18. This is a painting worth. Four thousand dollars like four thousand dollars that doesn’t sound like a lot we’ll get to that in a second 2021 untitled number 18 oil on canvas sheesh pearls before swine. What the hell was this doing on the moon? Why else? Some bougie prick hung it on his wall. Half the lube’s floating in space. You ever been there with the chump change. I got screaming into a mic.

Are we gon na? Have a moon, dlc, now dreams all right? Let’S bail before heads start rolling. As for the painting, you’ll have buyers lining up in no time i like that johnny’s so knowledgeable on this all right now we just need to go to a drop box and we get into the method for making a ton of money now any dropbox to sell Your goods will work. I just went to the one that was closest to me and from this point i highly recommend saving your game just in case anything messes up. Maybe your game will crash, maybe it bugs out whatever it may be, just go ahead and just make a new save game. Real, quick once you’ve done that just go ahead and go to the dropbox we’re going to go to cell. We need to go to our miscellaneous and then at the bottom. You’Re gon na see your map. Now the map sells for 4 000

Now, when you sell it, if you go to buy it back immediately, it is going to cost 4 000 to buy it back. But if you exit out and then go back to the machine, you can buy it back for five dollars, so you can make four well three hundred three thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars every single time. You sell this and then buy it back. It’S ridiculous! So once you get quick at this being able to exit, go back in, buy it and then sell it again, the faster you’ll be able to make all of the money.

Now there is a couple things to speed this up. If you set your default to price down, you’ll, be able to hit your miscellaneous and then you’ll be able to sell it right from the top now, every time you go back into this machine, it’ll have that set so it’ll always be there. Now these atms will run out of money and there’s a very quick method to be able to fix that just go to skip time, you’re going to hit back once you’re going to skip 24 hours and then you’re just going to continue on with the method go To miscellaneous, sell it exit out, go back in, buy it miscellaneous, sell it and just continue on with this process until you have more money than your heart could ever desire. Now i do hope you all enjoyed today’s video, hopefully you’re. All millionaires now feel free to.

Let me know in the comments below how much money you ended up making from this method and definitely make sure to save along the way, because you want to be able to save that painting, and sometimes you might accidentally skip time with the painting in the atm And that would be bad news bears because if you skip time that painting will disappear so make sure just to save along the way. So you don’t get lazy, fat fingers and mess everything up, but i do hope you all have a wonderful day and i’ll see you all in the next one.

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