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All right, hello, guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you how to unlock this domain at the suigetsu pool, because yeah there is a domain. Downside is pretty useful for if you need to teleport here and uh yeah. Basically, there is a small puzzle to do how to do it. Uh yeah. You can see those four arrows right, one there one here, one uh, let me see, i don’t see it anymore here should be, and one here that’s how you have to align them.

How to do it just use this sakurablumbah this one align this one. First, okay, don’t like don’t work from here, because you can see it will change the direction i’ll try to work behind here until yeah. You don’t see it anymore, use this one fly to here in the middle and align this one right. This one is aligned, you can wait, the electro thinker disappear or yeah just whatever you. You need then come here again, this time, uh yeah.

This one will keep following you so keep again after this okay direction. Then, when you’re far away come to this one perfect i’ll go here, align this last one once you align those last of the this last one, all four. Basically, you can see those four pillars. Will uh yeah unlock or get unlocked? This one is a nothing, nothing special.

It will just change the thing in the middle. It’S not that’s useful. To be honest, you can just keep the this one just swap into any electro character. I advise you to use lisa. Let me see lisa here, just a light to them.

The one two three and four you will see now the water level will yeah will decrease after the water level decreases. You just have to go down because you will see here, there’s a small tunnel, just a swim inside it. You can take it with more chest if you need yeah just take them, because the more chassis is come to that in the exploration percentage as well. Maybe you’ll you’re at 99 percent uh just to take it. Let’S uh climb up from here and the rest, a while also yeah kill those enemies, and then i don’t have a dps.

Okay, nice, okay, now activate this one then activate this one in this room there is another one and this door will open. Also, i saw another mora chest, so let me take that more chest. First, here, there’s another one. Now let me pick all of them first, because maybe yeah okay, the reason you can just come here from the from this thing, because the door is basically that the door anyways now from here watch above yeah, you can see there’s another secret room. That’S the climb here we go uh this thing yeah, where we need it later now activate this one and boom this domain will get yeah.

You will be able to unlock the domain. Perfect, oh right, to heal, start to this one and open this door as well. Here we go, we can go back to unlock the domain just get inside from here. The challenge as well. Oh, this yeah.

This is the new collectible material. Since it’s really near to the teleport waypoint, i will mark it for future collection, [, Music, ] – and here we go after unlocking this domain just to come here. There’S another puzzle to do inside it because the left edge loose is inside. There control this side open this door now. Let me defeat this enemy.

First, okay, after you killed this one, the door will open again alright. Now what you have to do is activate this one, okay, just to follow them this one. He told you to activate this one first, this one, then this one go now is this one, and that is the last one guys here we go okay after this, you just have to summon this again to get the electro close element on you. Okay, after you have an air go into this window, look for this one to the right. Collec direction!

Wait the electrical electro element to disappear, go out again, take it again and this time on this one. Okay, when those two are activated, though yeah we basically uh, cannot do this. Okay, okay, this thing will guide us here and uh we and to go out yet so yeah. Let me we don’t need this one. Let’S put that to here here.

First uh, we must go, take the electro granum uh, which is uh here. If i remember no, not storm, it’s up to you, take or not. Okay, now just wait. Okay! Here we go oh boom, nice, the bar disappeared and the electrolysis is here.

Let’S create a chest as well: that’s all guys for this video thanks for watching hope. This video helped you and see you in the next one bye,

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