How to Unlock The New Base Parts | No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021


Ah, a group of adventurous citizens wish to leave the settlement. They have a training and breeding program in mind and wish to search among local fauna for suitable animal companions. What the welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here – and this is our frontier settlement playthrough and we are our timer – ran down. We are building our market over here, so let’s go over there. Now we have our next step.

So it’s starting to start to turn into something awesome, but we need to add a roof to it and we need 210 carbon for that. So not really a big deal. Let’S put that in there and now we need to wait another two hours for this timer to run down. So, oh man, i’m gon na, go out and get a whole bunch of uh buried technology because we’re gon na need to get use that in order to, but you know, buy the blueprints for our base components. You know there are a whole bunch of there’s.

Hundreds of new pieces, and so we’re gon na need a lot of bare technology, so i will see you guys back here in a minute, so we’ve waited till the next day. Everyone, oh so we’re still here. I think i’ve i’ve like aged a million years by now, but we have the one of the last ones the final fit. We need two quantum computers. Okay, that’s a little bit excessive all right, but i think i have the recipe for that now and, as you can see, i’ve got a lot of salvage data right there, but we need a quantum computer right here.

So we need anti-matter and a microprocessor, and so we need two of those, so two antimatters and two microprocessors. Oh god, we need to make a whole like cavalcade of stuff all right. Now we can make our quantum computer right and you can also buy these at the space station. If you don’t have the recipe, that’s totally fine, it doesn’t matter either way. As long as you have the quantum processor, you should be good.

Let me see up now we’re gon na mark it there we go and another two hour, wait time! Oh well, it’s time to go, get some more buried technology! I’Ll, see you guys in a bit. So while we were waiting for this uh the marketplace. To finally finish up, i actually got a call saying that uh we have a citizen dispute, some people are arguing and i need to figure it out.

So, let’s get out over here and figure it out. Hopefully we don’t get a spy again dang it and now i know you know to be wary of people of aliens. Let’S see, what’s going on. Ah a group of adventurous citizens wish to leave the settlement. They have a training and breeding program in mind and wish to search among local fauna for suitable animal companions.

[ Laughter, ] um. You know what a glorious expedition it’s gon na cost us 49 000 in debt to get it but it’ll begin the settlement expedition. Let’S do it and that’ll take 49 minutes for them. Okay, so that’s gon na take about an hour for them to go. Do their expedition!

Okay, that’s fine! Let’S see is our building up, it looks like it might have finished while we were over there. It did finish. Look at this. This is our marketplace.

Now. Oh, look at this marketplace. We actually have a marketplace now whoa. Now it doesn’t look like it’s all the way. Full i mean.

Maybe maybe they wanted to be open to the elements but uh. Maybe they need to uh close those off, but our our market is done, so maybe we can build another building. I didn’t think it was gon na be done that quickly. I mean quickly for you: it’s been about a half a day for me, um, let’s see, maybe we can get another building, oh no. We have to wait for them holy cow.

Okay. We are in major debt though, but our productivity is going okay, i guess uh. Okay, so we have 48 minutes left for of the on their expedition. Let’S go to the space anomaly because i have a lot of uh. Let me look at it.

I have a lot of uh salvage data. We can go, buy some of the new uh building stuff. So let’s go do that get to go to the space anomaly. So let’s do it. So if you did not know the back of this space, anomaly has a big marketplace that you could buy a whole bunch of upgrades and like base parts and stuff like that.

You can learn a lot of these, not all of them, but you can learn a lot of them by doing the base building mission. If you, you know, go to the base computer and do all of that stuff – and you know, get a scientist get an overseer at your at your personal base. They will teach you a lot of the base parts for free, but if you don’t want to go to that route, if you just want to get it done, come on back here in this middle kiosk right here, the construction, research that’ll teach you everything, but there’s A lot more uh pieces now, so i bought everything up until the frontiers update. I had all of the uh pieces unlocked, but now look at on the large prefab we’ve added the large window. So that’s a brand new piece that we just got with the frontiers.

Update we got that one all right and then on the small prefabs, nothing was added here: okay, oh technology, we had oh wait a minute, there’s an alternate landing pad. What the heck is, that it looks really cool. Look at that thing. It looks really cool a stable, reinforced landing pad for starships, okay, carbon. It only takes carbon.

Wait, a minute wait a minute. It only takes carbon to do that. Okay, we’ll let that one go so the normal one takes metal plating ion battery and microprocessors the alternate landing pad only takes carbon. That’S strange! Okay!

That means it’s uh. I don’t know if it doesn’t take that much to build it. I don’t know what that means. Is it not uh usable? Is it destructible?

Is it only one time use, i don’t know see so we’re going through. I don’t see any new stuff on like the decals, the aquatic, none of those stuff. Oh wait a minute. We have a whole new category. Posters are new, so we get posters okay.

Now in order to unlock all of them, you have to go down the tree, so that kind of i wish there was like an unlock all button. If you had the amount of salvage data you needed, i wish it would tell you oh yeah, you could just unlock all of them if you want okay but yeah. So, let’s get all these posters holy cow, there’s a ton of posters and i’m assuming these are cosmetics or like uh, visual stuff. That way, you can put it in the uh in the settlements as well, because if you didn’t know in the settlements, you really can’t build, you can’t number one. You can’t make a base, because the settlement counts as a base, but number two.

You can’t really build anything there, because it’s not your personal base, you have to build. You can’t build any like uh, teleporter or anything like that. You have to actually build a uh. You can build visual stuff like posters and stuff like that. Okay, so let’s see if we could build all this back at our settlement when we get back, there got all the posters okay.

What else is in here? Oh uh timber, shelving okay got it and this is under decorative. So this is all decorative like junk. You can put it around to make it look habit, you know like make it look like people are living in the building orange wall screen got it ventilated, crate got it, we have a small box, and then we have the tree of all the different small boxes. So we get all these, so we got everything in here, got it and then we have our decorative number two.

I guess modules. We have a different chair and upholstered chair i’ll. Take that and then we have different hanging flags, okay, all right, and then we have a weathered one. Okay, so it looks like it’s kind of torn up, and then we have the mini ones as well. Okay and then a weathered hanging triptych triptych.

I don’t even know what that is triptych of a corner table. I like it, so i’m guessing a lot of these. We could add to our settlement, but not all of them, because i looked earlier and there’s nothing really for all of that. Oh look at this ornate stools. Okay, look at all the stuff is the ones that we uh noticed at the settlement, holy cow, so yeah.

This is gon na, be a lot of stuff oil burner, got it a vintage tap and all this stuff. We look at that. It all takes 25 carbon. If you notice that i have a feeling that they they purposely did that that way, because it’s all visual, you can’t really use it or anything like that. I’M guessing that’s going to be the same thing for the alternate uh landing pad.

It’S going to be a visual aid and not really a uh, a thing you can use. Maybe i’m wrong holy cow yeah like a kite pattern, rug rolled canvas and all this stuff canvas divider, dude, a vintage cooking pan. All this stuff is like all the cool like stuff you could put in there and make a room look lived in wow, so you got tons of stuff here. Oh my god, there’s so many pages. Look at this all these decorative stuff, all right!

So i’m assuming all these once you unlock it, you’ll be able to do it at the uh the settlement. I know i keep repeating myself. I just don’t know what to do, but we’re gon na probably fast forward through this, because this is all like decorative stuff. Okay, guys holy cow, i almost ran out of salvage data and i still have a ton to unlock here. So we have a whole bunch of decorative modules.

We got the ornate stool, page and there’s just tons here, and then you have the step ladder and there’s a lot of like wooden stuff. Like brick piles. You know that’s not wood but drawn cart, cartwheel large tire, and then you have a spark plug page where it has like more of electrical decorations like a generator and all that kind of stuff, uh antennas and things like that and then in the lighting. There’S. Some of the sliding i already had, but then we have like a lamp post that is good for your uh, your uh settlement, i’m guessing, but there’s some of this other stuff hanging lights you can put up.

Oh, i can’t wait to try some of this out. There was nothing new in the industrial modules. There was nothing new with the uh agricultural, the farming stuff, but then we have our timber structures. This is a brand new setting and we had some of this unlocked already, but i had to unlock some of the uh walls and windows and stuff like that, and then they have a whole section just for the roof, like the different roofing structures. That’S insane and i didn’t do anything on these stone, so this is all the same thing that was unlocked in the timber, so they’re all the same.

So then we have the stone. We have to unlock all of these walls and stuff like that, and then they have the same thing set up for their roof. They have a whole roofing section right there and i haven’t done any of this stuff. Yet because i’m about to run out, i only have five salvage data and if you noticed, i started out with 140, so you’re gon na need a ton of salvage data unlock. All this stuff, then we have the alloy structures, the metal, basically walls same thing, walls and stuff, and then the alloy roofing same thing.

So you need to do the walls and the roofing on all three of the uh main building blocks, and then we have a primitive shape. There’S nothing here to unlock storage units, there’s nothing here and large prefabs, okay, we’re back to normal all right. So i need to go: get some more uh buried technology, let’s go back and start searching for that and actually let’s go to the settlement and see if i can build some stuff. So i just landed on the uh planet, where my settlement is, and i’m still unlocking look at that it is still unlocking all of the things that i grabbed from the uh, the space anomaly holy cow, but we’re in here. Let’S see what we can make nothing.

Nothing wow, okay, let’s get in here. Maybe we got ta, get closer, nothing wow, okay, so nothing gets in here huh. Maybe it’s glitched a little bit, so i’m gon na give it some time i’m gon na get inside. Before i melt, i feel like. I should be able to add lights and stuff in here, but maybe not all right.

That’S okay! We’Re gon na give it some time. We still have 35 more minutes until the uh expedition is over. So i will see you guys in the next video you

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