In-Depth Look at Artifacts & Weapons By: LedgeEndDairy


I hesitate to call this a guide, as not enough is known about the game as of yet, at least publicly. I’ve searched for a lot of info on the mechanics of the game, and couldn’t find much.


I am building this post off the first-steps of others – a few content creators as well as the wiki. This post will aim to be a second step for the community, and hopefully somebody can build from my post as I have built from others.

I think getting into the basics again is a waste of everyone’s time, honestly, as you can find them everywhere, from YouTube to this subreddit’s wiki, to the game’s ‘official’ wiki. Here are a few links to get you started, so that this guide/discussion doesn’t become too congested with random info:

  • Weapons/Artifacts Explained. This is both a YT video as well as a “TL;DW” in the comments that basically says the exact same thing as their video, if you just don’t want to watch them.

  • Very basic overview of how things work, to get you started.

  • Artifacts page on the wiki. Has specific data like main stat ranges, max levels of different artifact rarities, different sets and their bonuses, XP needed to level per rarity, etc. Takeaways that you may miss otherwise:

  • Higher rarity costs more to upgrade than lower rarities, and also levels up further (+4 per rarity).

  • Substat values are somewhat random (they have a range, which is higher at each rarity tier). What substat appears when you obtain the artifact, as well as each +4 tier is completely random. Unfortunately the wiki doesn’t contain substat value ranges at this time, the game is likely too new.

  • Artifacts will be the true end game (and likely cost-sink for whales) of the game. Right now everyone is hard for collecting heroes, but this game can essentially be run with 8 total heroes. Once you have two solid teams, the only thing left to do is grind their artifacts.

  • Full Explanation of How Stats Work. Including the damage and damage-reduction formulae.

  • Something to note for other gacha veterans (particularly SW and/or E7) – your WEAPON increases your BASE ATK. This is super important for %ATK values. The Feather is added AFTER %ATK calculations, the weapon is added BEFORE. High-tier weapons are super important to damage values.


Eventually, if you play (or pay) enough, you’ll have a full set of solid artifacts for your characters that min-max their stats, but for now most of us are somewhere between AR 20 and AR 35 or so, and can’t obtain these ‘end-game’ artifacts.

That said, you can still try to min-max the early game if you’re so inclined. Note that this is mostly a solo-player experience, and some don’t enjoy min-maxing and just want to chill. That’s cool. Some of us enjoy spread-sheeting our characters and making them as powerful as possible, as soon as possible. This section is for us.

TL;DR: If your crit rate is less than 100% (which it will be for the majority of the game), ATK% is the most important stat you can obtain, followed by crit rate, then crit damage.

There are some artifact set effects (like Berserker) that muddy this claim a little bit, and I’m not entirely sure how Physical / Elemental Damage (and Mastery) fit into this all. If I had to guess, the order would be this: ATK% >= Elemental Damage (depending on the character > Crit Rate > Elemental Mastery > Physical Damage > CritD for Early Game. As your Crit Rate Approaches 100%, CritD moves up the chain until it matches ATK% at Crit Rate = 100%.

  • Someone like Lisa – who does ALL electro damage – would likely benefit more from Electro damage% than ATK%, since its values are higher. Fischl, on the other hand, deals solely physical damage with her basic attacks, and would therefore benefit more from ATK%, even though Oz is purely electro.

  • Unless I’m mistaken (which I could be), Physical Damage% is literally never wanted over ATK%, because there’s no “pure physical” hero in the game, everyone deals a solid amount of elemental damage, so taking ATK in those cases is preferred over ‘specific’ damage. Even with Physical’s higher values.

Early on, Crit Damage is inferior to all other forms of damage. Straight up. It’s entirely dependent on your crit rate%, and early on you just can’t get your crit rate up high enough to make a difference. Crit Rate Main Stat with a Berserker’s Set Bonus (+12% Crit Chance) will get you to about 50% crit rate, ~75% or so if you have the 4-set bonus and you’re below 70% HP.

The math – without getting too technical – on min-maxing stats is essentially this: For Crit Rate = 100%, +ATK% = CritD% is the most ‘efficient’ way you can allocate stats. For Crit Rate < 100%, then +ATK% > CritD%. Meaning there will be some balance of ATK% and CritD% that maximizes damage, with +ATK% having the higher value (+ATK% includes ALL attack values outside base character attack and weapon attack, so flat values (such as the feather) would get calculated into a % of Character + Weapon ATK).

  • See Infographic. Note I’ve only included base attack so the ‘average damage’ value at the end makes sense. Base attack has 0 effect on these results (Think [A = B] so [2A = 2B], if that helps).

  • 1-3 – This shows an increase of 100% in ATK (e.g. “doubling your attack value”) equals the same damage as +95% Crit Rate and +55% Crit Damage. Or, essentially, +100% ATK = +150% (CritR + CritD). This is from the base character values, as everyone starts with 5% crit rate, and 50% crit damage.
  • 4-9 – This shows that at CritR = 100%, the ‘most efficient allocation’ of stats, assuming you only have a set amount to allocate, is ATK% = CritD%. 4-6 and 7-9 just show that this is irrespective of how much ATK and CritD you have (i.e. “it doesn’t matter how good your artifact quality is”), you will always want to seek some balance of +ATK% = CritD%.
  • 10-12 – Shows the ATK% > CritD% for values of CritR under 100% a bit cleaner than the first three rows. How much ‘priority’ ATK% gets is entirely dependent on how high your crit rate is. At low values of critR (early game), ATK% is massively dominant, at higher values (late game), the difference is nearly negligible.
  • 13-16 – An impossible case that just shows some more of the math – at “everything = 100%” this is the breakeven point for +ATK% >= CritD%. You can see throwing all 300 points into attack equates to the same as evening out all the values. Whereas when we have slightly higher than 300 total points of value, it is now “ATK% = CritD%”, set in stone.
  • Note, again, that this is PLUS ATTACK PERCENTAGE. Which is why 300% ATK = 400 damage on row 14 (100 base attack, +300% ATK = 400 total attack).

  • Note, also, Average Damage is the last column. For values of CritR% under 100%, you will have some attacks that deal paltry damage and some that slap really hard. 🙂

This doesn’t mean that an artifact w/ Crit Damage is useless, it just means that the choice between crit rate main stat and crit damage main stat, especially early on, will always go to crit rate. ATK% main stat is still likely going to be preferred over crit rate, particularly because atk% has larger values, but don’t trash crit rate because of that, it’s still very usable (critD as a main stat, however, really isn’t).

With how I see substats used in this game, I doubt obtaining 100% crit rate will be possibly solely through substats, contrary to other gachas that use an “equipment” system like Epic 7 and Summoners War. Substats roll way less often and far lower in this game than others, and obtaining ‘rare artifacts’ is a lot harder in this game as well.

I mentioned this in the TL;DR above, but might as well be thorough: Artifact set effects, some weapon passive effects, and character dupe bonuses can end up muddying these claims, because they alter your stats for a period of time or under certain conditions, instead of it being permanent.

Also, I make no claim on Elemental Damage Bonus, Physical Damage Bonus, or Elemental Mastery. If I had to guess, they fit between Crit Rate and Crit Damage (in the order I listed them) in terms of how much ‘umph’ they’ll give you overall, but I don’t know the potency of Mastery, for instance.

Also, it’s my personal opinion that +Heal% as a main stat will be mostly useless unless you’re using Barbara, who is basically a permahealer and likely only used for her elemental synergies, and not her ‘water damage’. That said, I think I’d still rather have +HP% on my Barbara over +Heal%, because it makes her more survivable, while also increasing her healing anyway. For those lucky enough to pull Qiqi, she’ll want ATK% over Heal%, so she can actually deal damage while healing.

Flat ATK vs. %ATK

This will be a short section. Flat ATK (and HP/DEF) values will be more valuable early on versus later. Note that a 4? Feather will give you 232 total attack when maxed. Another 4? artifact with ATK% Main will give ~+35% ATK.

Let’s assume we’re using Fischl, as most will have her due to Venti’s Banner, with the Favonius Warbow (a 4? bow), which most will have, I believe (I got two through story, maybe just lucky?). At level 60 (unascended), Fischl has 172 base attack, and the bow at 60 (again, unascended) has 293 base attack, for a total base attack of 172 + 293 = 465. 465 * 35% = +163 attack. Significantly less than your feather.

So early on Flat ATK > ATK%. That said, we don’t truly know all the base stat values of each weapon and character (or at least they aren’t listed yet on the wiki), so as they reach max rank, this will likely change, as each ascension is a larger gap in strength than the previous (i.e. “exponential”). A month from now, if we’re all still grinding, we will probably see that ATK% > Flat ATK, because % scales with base.


There’s not much else to discuss until we know more. I was just sick of not seeing a more in-depth look at artifacts, so I created it myself, haha. Did I get something wrong or you have something to add? Discuss below! 🙂

Also, if anyone knows, here are some questions I still have about the mechanics of the game, that if someone has the answers to, we need them posted somewhere:

  • Substat value ranges.

  • 10th summon pity. Does anyone know if this increases the 5? rate as well? Or is it 99.4% 4?, 0.6% 5?? I assume it increases the 5? rate, because from streamers whaling they get an average of one 5? per $100, which is like 50 pulls. Otherwise it would be every 90 fairly consistently, since that’s the 5? pity.

  • I can’t find the answer to this question anywhere. The game lists “1.6% with pity”, but I’m 99% sure that’s just talking about the 90-summon, 5? pity.

  • Higher level stats for weapons and characters. That’ll come with time.

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