INSANE FREE 5 STAR PULL I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! Patch 1.2 Review and New Features Genshin Impact


Right guys that control, let’s go for it, yo no way are you me already hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming, and i thought i would just do a quick little video to maybe just explore dragon spine, but also just go over some of the new features In uh 1.2, because i just just got it – you got some free prio, jim 600 to be exact, and there is a notification to open this up, and you can see all the new features for yourself if you want to go over it um.

This might be something you want to do after you’ve explored a bit just to kind of go over everything, that’s new. I know they’ve talked about it a bunch, but you never know for sure until you actually read this and they just basically go into detail on what they’ve all done stuff like that um in the shops a little bit of different uh stuff too uh. They rearranged. Uh, the order of which you go to get prior gems actually or your acquainted, fates and stuff with your pile gems, have a decent amount of characters, leveled up to 1780 and then even 50. So i know i’m not gon na get like all the free ones that you can get, but with each new character that you get.

I’M obviously gon na fast forward through some of this, because this is gon na take for take a while kind of nice that they did. This, though, gives you more incentive to level up all your characters, let’s just fast forward all right, so i think it’s about 40 wishes around that we’re gon na go for it and uh. I don’t know if i’m gon na summon on the albedo banner at all um. I have such already c6. I don’t really use fiscal or bennett, so i don’t know i’m gon na try a little better see how he is. I’M really saving for gangnam, though argon you all right. Did we get a character or a weapon and i’m very very excited to explore. Dragon’S blinds, oh livonia’s greatsword. Ah, i really wouldn’t mind lisa. I need the free to play, characters i wouldn’t mind maxing them out, but anyways all right, guys. Second, pull! Let’S go for it. Yo no way are you me already? Oh my god, i’m actually so nervous right now, please.

What am i getting? I want a constellation. One gene, that’s my favorite character or a atlas weapon. I need one of those. What am i getting? Oh dude, no way i’ve been trying to get d luke i haven’t got that’s like one of the only characters i haven’t gotten no way are you kidding me just in two pulls or 20 pulls no completely free d. Luke right on. I was not expecting that when i started making this video as if in my luck too, i have almost no ascension materials for either d luke or even an ascension uh xp books. I have like none. I just leveled up clean 80

I am bone dry. Oh i got a few. Actually, okay, we can get them to 20.. We can snag one more pull, because i think i have like nine. I might as well make it a solid 10.. Oh my god, that’s amazing! Oh, i’m gon na have to start grinding some books now for him. I was really gon na start saving for gagno and then i’m gon na hit ar 50 soon. I just need to start saving some books jesus all right. Well, we got enough for one more pull, so let’s do that here. That was just beautiful man. Thank god. They added that to the game that you can get free acquainted, fates from your character level up ascensions! Oh, that’s amazing, as if that just happened that just made my night, i have not gotten a d luke. That’S like one of the few characters that i’ve been dying to get. Oh all right, i think that’s c6 noel maxed out, i believe and uh. This was a great free pulls. Oh yeah, we got. Oh sorry, we got one more here. Imagine if we get something else crazy. That was nuts. That doesn’t happen. A lot sorry. I thought i only have three sets of poles. I forgot. I had 40.

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