Is Albedo A 5 Star Character Worth Pulling For? Genshin Impact 1.2 Banner


How’S everyone doing grunty gaming and i wanted to discuss albedo and if you should pull from, because there’s been a lot of mixed feelings about this guy and coming off that whole jean lee um drama um. I just wanted to put my two cents in there because i didn’t really discuss the john lee thing too much. I have john lee and he is a blast um, no matter what you say, people are gon na be upset. Now, let’s look at the banner here itself.

The four stars are amazing: me personally, don’t really care to pull any of them, because i have sucrose c6 and i don’t use fiscal or bennett, but yeah they haven’t changed that with the five star. So it’s basically just the standard five stars with the promotional one. Now, let’s check out albedo himself um. I just want to get a feel for him, because how can you really decide if you want to try a character until you actually use him, and it’s great that this game allows you to have like a free trial with them? You know otherwise you’d be just pulling blind now. Let’S try this teleporter that everyone’s been talking about.

Oh see, this is uh. This could be kind of fun in the open world to explore and stuff like that, not to mention you can do really cool combos. With this, with ka-ching cli um hell, any bow and arrow user would be amazing. On this thing, imagine gonyo sniping people with that on that platform that’d be insane. I might actually consider pulling for this character actually now that i’m thinking about this now here’s a thing about pulling for five stars and about five stars in general, if you’re a pure numbers player like if you just like stats, you know heavy damage output, let’s throw The teddy bear off here: if you want heavy damage output and that’s your main concern, then my god by all means you know. Maybe this is the best character, and this feels more like a support, character, um, just the feel of it. He feels clean feels fun to use um young lee was a little awkward for me, but i like the fact that generally can make structures and stuff like that see like i like interesting gameplay, i, like the lore, i like the character designs.

All that to me plays a huge part and if you should pull a five star and a lot of people were excited for john lee and then you know if they follow a lot of the community. Let’S do it yeah, so you could you should this character? Could be a ton of fun, and one of my biggest regrets in this game is not pulling venti. When i had the chance, i had no no no interest in pulling for this character, i’m considering now i’m trying to save for ghania. I might try to go for both like he is a lot of fun. Let’S see if he can do his elevator or there’s enemies here, it seems to be able to do some damage too, which is nice, uh, okay, so enemies can kind of screw over you using your elevator move, which i’m not a fan of okay. We have his ultimate here that we can use – let’s just throw an exile in here for some extra damage here. He see he feels really good. He feels strong. The most important thing in this video is like: should you pull for him? Well, yes, and no depends. If you’re big numbers guy – and you just don’t think that, like he’s appealing to you, you know his design. Oh here we go. Oh wow, okay, so kind of someone is young lee that does one big geo burst of damage, which is all right, i suppose um. I just i don’t know to me: i feel like there’s a lot of negativity in this community, starting to brew with, like you know, jungling’s getting a buff now, because people want to complain which by all means, it’s great that he’s getting a buff, because i have One, but did he need it?

Oh it’s! Okay, so you can actually use this ultimate from the elevator, which is a negative to me, and i don’t like the fact that you can’t um use this elevator when there’s a ton of enemies around. So you got to kind of be choosy when you use it now, like i said um this character has a really cool design. Very interesting. Gameplay feels clean to use, feels like very good he’s a good sword user um. He feels similar to gene to me where just very straightforward attacks, but just very i don’t know, neutral um. I like the fact that you can make this little elevator and i like that anyone can go on it. That would make for some very cool combos and gameplay um. If you like his design his lore his story, his you know his gameplay.

Do you think it’d be interesting to traverse this map, because just heavy dps numbers alone isn’t the only thing that should make you know a five star important, like i think, being having interesting moves is just as important for a five star. You know, and every five star we have is different in the way you know like kaching and mona are amazing. Five stars, but they’re both very different mona can like she can dash on water and, like kachin, can teleport gene can heal your entire team with one move and hurl enemies, you know, there’s every five star seems to have their own little quirks. You know chi chi can heal you constantly young lee can create pillars, venti could just swirl enemies in like a hurricane. This character can use an elevator type geoflower thingy.

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s pretty cool, not gon na lie, clee just blows up and every character like yeah. Some characters hit harder than others, but some characters are more interesting. Some characters making traverse in this world – and this is an open world game and i hate that john lee got such hate. You know some. Some people were so excited for generally and then just hearing the community bash them they felt like they got ripped off for getting julian. They felt guilty for getting him like they got excited, they pulled from got him and then, as the community just bashed him, they started to feel like man. Maybe they made a huge mistake, it’s like! No. If you enjoy using jung lee then like that’s all that matters, you know if you like him for what he is and what he brings to the table. Let’S have a look at albedo here.

Who knows? Maybe his talents change a lot man? It’S like 12 a.m. Here: okay, flower of eden, so regenerates 1.2 energy for albedo, uh transit blossom, generate um. Solar insomnia grant albedo fatal reckoning for 30 seconds. What is fatal reckoning – i don’t know it stacks increase the level of something by three. Usually, that’s called solution. Threesomes and increases plunging attack damage see this this that’s an important consolation. What if pasture is turned by three okay, so another that increases his final ultimate by level three levels. The active party members with the area effect are protected by the shield created by crystallus solar sonia increased their damage by 17, so he seems like a solid um support potential dps character. Um has the following properties.

Whenever solar is on your field, take damage will generate transit blossom, which deals area effect, probe our geo damage and scales off his defense, okay, um and obviously, like i just said in constellation four. If you use your plunge attack from that it’ll gain like 17 damage, or something like that or 30 um, that would be a huge consolation, see that that’s a bit of a game changer. This ultimate is just a surge of crystals and if the flowers on the field as well, then you get extra area of effect geo damage. Now, i’m pretty sure every five star we’ve had controversy with you know: tartaglia he’s a constellation trapping you know so on so forth. I think if you enjoy character design the gameplay, if it’s fun, interesting to you, um, there’s a lot of factors that make a good five star, not just straight numbers and each five star serves a role.

They don’t all have to be the main dps character. I think albedos are pretty interesting here. I am considering rolling for him, but let me know what you guys think um. Obviously, at the end of the day, it’s really your preference, but yes, he is worth rolling for and if you do, i hope you’re happy with him and on that note guys hope you enjoyed this video hope that maybe give you a little more encouragement to roll Form if you are – and you feel maybe uneasy – because all the weird um a lot of people are not excited about this banner they’re, more excited about the four stars and albedo is getting a lot of hate for already for no reason. So hopefully this helps you like feel less guilty about rolling for him, because if you think he’s a cool character, then that’s all that matters. What everyone else says, but anyways. We will see you in the next video later!

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