Jean Is The Best Five Star Character/Waifu In Genshin Impact! Builds, Combos, Artifacts & Gameplay


For monstat for freedom. That is what i fight for [, Music, ], please! From this day onwards, my honor and loyalty lie with you: hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming – and i am here to talk about the best five star character in the game. Now, before you click off the video and dislike the video and get in a rage because, god forbid, someone have their own opinion because opinions that tend to offend everyone, you are welcome to disagree with this, but just hear me out, i believe gene is the best. Five star character in the game: she’s my favorite character, and i she is the first five star character i ever pulled. I had no intention to pull her and i did not even want her was not interested her in the slightest.

I really wanted mona and ka-ching, but she’s the one i got and as i got to use her, i have since got mona and kaching, and i have gotten every single five star in this game and every character in this game, with the exception of venti and Child but i’ve gotten to use those characters as well. So what i’m trying to say is i’ve used every character and i can honestly say that gene is the best now. What makes a good character is it game play? You know just raw power aesthetic? Is it their design, their story, their lore, how smooth they are to play and how? Well, they control how much fun they make the game, because at the end of the day, this is an open world, rng game. So whatever characters and whatever works for you to beat this game is the best you know not. Everything is spiral. Abyss, 12

There’S a lot more to this game that makes a five-star character because the five stars are the cream of the crop. You know they’re what you drop the hard cash for and they’re what make this game appealing they draw people in. You know everyone wants the five star characters now, i’m here to tell you that gene is the best and we will go over why that is so. You know give me the benefit of the doubt before you hit that dislike button and by all means. If you disagree, you are welcome to we’ll have a discussion in the comments as long as you’re not being ignorant now, let’s go over gameplay and, like every character, has very unique qualities, especially the five stars. They’Re all really fun to play and i don’t really have anything negative to disable any of them.

So it’s not really me, you know downgrading other characters, but more just amplifying what jean separates them from the rest of why i always enjoy using her the most and why she’s my main character because, like i said, i have majority of the characters. So why did i choose her? Well, there’s a lot of reasons, but i’m going to go over just the gameplay to start the way she controls is just clean, there’s no other way to put it, you always feel safe. I feel like if there was a one one character team in this game, that it would be gene what other character could survive a domain or four ruin guards by herself, and i have a video where i have killed. Four ruin guards with just gene in my party. What other character can do that? Let’S say your enemies are uh smashing up a little bit your team’s about to die, no problem with one click of a button with gene.

Your entire team comes back from the brink of death. Like are you kidding me? That’S insane jean’s different too, when she’s attacking, because i know other characters can heal people while they attack, but gene can stunlock enemies even big level, 90 hilly trolls look. Are you kidding me she can stun lock them chichi can’t do that. Neither can noel, but jean ken and she can stun lock basically any enemy of any size in this game other than like really really big bosses like ruin guards, and it not only does a ton of damage. But it’s great for biting you some time and it’s a ton of fun as well. [ Applause ], her gale blade is not only her most powerful and versatile move. You can hurl literally like eight to ten enemies, even more if they’re clumped together, it does an absolutely insane amount of damage, especially when you get her c1, which is the easiest constellation to unlock.

You get that swirl effect with a reacts with every element you can mix and match it with so many different combinations. Not only is it insanely powerful, but it’s absolutely ton of fun, which is one of the most important things in the game and you can use it to huck hilly trolls into the water off cliffs. What more could you ask for it’s powerful and fun and the my favorite move to use in the game besides kaching’s teleport, it does an insane amount of damage and reacts with everything now bread and butter here, her dandelion breeze does us absolute insane amount of damage And it heals your entire team, like i just showed you that, combined with your gale blade, you are going to recharge your energy particles, so fast no one’s going to be able to even put a dent into your team and if they do you’re going to heal Them all now jean reacts well because she’s animo and my favorite element in the game, but she reacts with every other element, whether it be electro, hydro or pyro.

You’Re gon na have a swirl effect that can be just at all times, which is really handy because she can fit on any team she’s, so versatile, it’s insane and she’s so easy to control, not only for like seasons players, but for beginners too. You know she doesn’t require a very complicated artifact sitter. You know kit she’s easy to build and that that makes a good character if they’re, very user friendly, because not everyone’s spiral. Abyss 12 nut writer. Some people just like to play the game and explore now, if someone’s, not very good at this game, and they don’t really know what they’re doing gina is the one okay, one of the best characters to have, i would say: they’ll keep she’ll, keep you alive and Help you learn the game she did for me.

I did not want this character, but i got it and now she’s my favorite character of all time. Like i don’t know, she’s just so much fun just the way she plays she’s so smooth, and i don’t know what it is, but for some reason anytime. There’S elements involved in a video game or tv show or something i always like the wind element, the most i always do. I don’t know why she, just it’s so fitting for her being that she’s, like the grand master of the wind state of monstat and the wind, like you know the wind region and she’s. You know controls animo, it’s just perfect. Now i have this cool team. Um built where i did made gene interstructurable. You got to check that video if you haven’t, but basically using jungli, chichi and barbara.

I make jean indestructible and it’s a wicked team composition and basically, if i’m ever in a pinch in the game, i throw this team comp on there and there’s no way. I can lose it’s a guaranteed win literally. She becomes invincible because she’s a strong animal five-star character. She can fit on literally any team with no complications and she can fit any role. Her versatility is another huge factor in why she’s so great. Now we’ll look at the character herself, her artifacts and her weapons. Now you know i got her at level 90 with her attack pretty much maxed out for the artifacts that i have right now, because i kind of ran out of them, but her attack and hp is pretty solid, she’s a well-rounded character. You know she’s like a paladin’s built character. She got a solid defense, solid stats all around, which means that she can fit any role. You want to slap some energy recharge on her with the uh fevonius sword, sacrificial sword, um, solid options for dps the flute for four star um.

You can usually go with the sort of dissension for just straight attack too. She scales off her attack uh the festering desire, the new sword from the dragon spine, um event, uh free to play completely energy recharge for support, skyward, blade for energy, recharge, great option and the equilibonia the bread and butter of gene. It has such a versatile kit that literally all the weapons fit her play style depending on what you want to do now. You can build it with artifacts many different ways. You know two-piece or four-piece gladiator, with a combination of the varieties and uh set for animal damage. Fifteen percent – you can go with the noble set two for extra burst damage. Um. You can literally run a ton of different stuff with her.

You can go with the four four piece varieties and uh set two to get that extra swirl by forty percent for ten seconds. Depending on how you build her, you can go with the meetings set for extra healing jean can fit literally any role. You don’t even have to use her for attack. You can literally keep her in your party for energy, recharge and just healing your team, because you will regenerate enough particles with energy recharge, to be able to use your ultimate and heal your entire team and guess what? Just? Because you don’t have a ton of good artifacts dumped into gene and your best weapons, she has a high hp in defense. Naturally, so she’ll survive long enough to be able to heal your team. That’S the beauty of her.

Not many characters can say that and she fits well on every team, because swirl is good with every element: you’re not going to want to have multiple the same elements on any team, but swirl kind of brings everything together. But let’s now talk about the actual character of jeans itself. Lady vanessa, i hope your watch over monstat remains unclouded [, Music ]. I do not know if i or the rest of the world, as you had hoped for, have become stronger, [, Music ]. It is my honor to work alongside you all praise be for the animal arkham’s guidance speaking of work. It must have been hard work to put all this together, despite my initial reluctance to sponsor a knights of fevonius event in any way, i, like any other citizen of monstat, owe gene my gratitude for her hard work.

Oh master d, luke i jean’s character and just her character arc in general is my favorite in this game. She has the best character, design of any characters, and there are a lot of good design characters in the game. She’S, an absolute waifu like, oh, my god and she’s, built to be a strong. You know beautiful, elegant, but yet powerful and intelligent leader character, she’s, like the full package, her voice acting is the best and i love her character. The most i hope they explore her character in the future. I’M worried that, maybe because of the monster chapter being done, that they won’t really go back to gene and, like you know, the knights of evonius, i’m really hoping they do, but even d luke, which is like a fan.

Favorite has just mad respect for gene, even though he hates the knights of evonius, and i would love to see that you know more of their history because they seem to have a bit of a history. Those two characters: she’s just the most well put together character in terms of design, character arc. You know, voice acting and just an overall presence in the game. I would really like to see you know just like a really big, like cinematic of like this game, where, like all the characters can come together, gene is just like the most like, i guess, dominant character in this game. Besides d luke, they have that big presence in the game.

Their characters are just so good and so well made not to mention she is a waifu like come on. If you go by, just the sheer character, looks aesthetic and just the overall design gina is the best waifu in the game. I’Ll argue that to the grave we’re not going by just looks, though, we’re going by personality and everything there’s no one that comes close to gene she’s, the full package, not to mention she just commands respect from every other character in the game. You know, even if they’re from leeway like ning long and jung lee, they all respect, gene because she’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s just so fitting that the knights of evonius is like you know. Grand master is like an animal user representing the nation of you, know wind, it’s just so fitting she’s, just such a well put together character. What can i say now to summarize?

I know that a lot of you maybe just care about numbers like the whole john lee fiasco, you know people were so upset that he was not what they wanted and like for me. I think there’s a lot more to this game than just strict numbers. You know and gene has the numbers to back it up too, but she has a lot more going for it than everyone else. In my opinion, it’s easy to play for people that may not play the game a lot or pretty new to the game. She’S almost unkillable in almost every kind of build you do for dps she’s an excellent support character. She can build or be built with so many different varieties of artifacts and weapons she’s, not a one-trick pony like kaching or d luke. You know like she can be just as well of a dps as they can, but she also has the kit to do so much more she’s about as good of a healer as chi, chi and noel.

Only she can stun her opponents and she hits harder uh. She reacts well with every element, she’s, so versatile, couldn’t think of a better five-star character and i’m so lucky that she was my first one and she will forever be the number one slot on my party, not to mention she has the best character, design, character, arc And just overall voice acting and story can’t wait until they explore that further. That is to summarize this video and my forever favorite moment in genji and impact will be defeating four ruined guards single-handedly with just my gene and my party. That was my favorite moment in this game.

Besides just annihilating child with my unkillable combo, but anyways, i’m gon na wrap this video up hope you enjoyed and thanks for hearing me out, feel free to disagree. If you want to – and let me know why you know who’s your favorite five star, what makes them so special to you, because at the end of the day, this is an open world, rng game, there’s no right or wrong way to play it the best way To play, it is to have fun and whatever characters make it the most easy to play through and beat the game. That’S the best. There is not everything has to be spiral. Best floor, 12.

This game has so much more and it’s such a beautiful game, with beautiful, designed characters and just different gameplay aesthetics. That, like i feel like a lot of people, are just zoning in on just like one aspect of the game, but anyways. That’S my rant for this video. Don’T get angry or offended by my opinion, just feel free to share yours and what you think is the best five-star character. And if you don’t like gene, that’s fine, you don’t have to hell. I have d luke in my party now and i barely use him and he’s like the fan favorite.

So you know whatever works, for you to play this game and have the most enjoyment out of it is the best character. That’S the best way to be so. Anyways hope you guys enjoy the video and we will see you in the next one: [ Music, ] [ Applause. ] later i am jean the dandelion knight requesting approval to join your party from this day onwards. My honor and loyalty lie with you.

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