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Jean Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & Best DPS Healer Genshin Impact


[, Music ]. Oh, we got 30 seconds to take down this big boy. Oh no problem! Look at that! Oh look at that damage! Oh we got eight seconds. Oh you’re done bud. You didn’t stand a chance against the dandelion knight grand master. Let’S go all right! Guys how’s it going grunty gaming and we are gon na be talking about gene the grandmaster of monstat. She is an absolute monster. I’M going to be starting off this video talking about how to build her, what artifacts weapons etc. Talking about her abilities, i went into full depth of that with her review video, so if you really want to just dive into jean and what you actually can do, because i’m going to assume in this video, you kind of know what her abilities are. You know, and i’m going to be talking about – you know different combos. She goes with different characters, certain true combos, uh, good character, combos and just like other characters that she can blend well with, because obviously i have an entire five-star team. So it’s broken and gina is the best character on that team, but not everyone’s gon na have multiple five-star characters but gene. That’S the beauty of her. She goes well with any team.

She blends well with everyone and she just is broken the more the more. I think about it. The more i realize she’s broken people really underrate her on a tier list. Look at her attack, defense, etc. Her elemental mystery. You don’t really need unless you’re using her as a support character, which i don’t recommend, but you can because she’s, a healer too, like her base stats are insane her regular attacks really strong and she can, with her charge or charge attack. You can hold or suspend an enemy in air which makes for really cool combos, her gale blade. Oh my god. It charges so fast. You can suck up to like five or six small enemies and just purl them off a cliff like they get immobilized her dandelion breeze does insane damage output, like you just seen with that boss, but it also heals your entire team and then you can level it Up like i got it at only level two right: now, it’s going to be broken, the more i send this character and she actually heals herself just with consecutive attacks, just with consecutive attacks and heals her team. She has a 50 chance with every time she swings her sword, she heals herself and her team, so you can use her as support. You can use her as just about anything. Obviously, as the best weapon to equip with her is the achille of avonia. It is the best five star blade in the game, in my opinion, and it goes well with her like defensive paladin, based like bulky character. Everyone that has gene on their team knows that she’s almost impossible to kill, and this just adds to it, because the achilles avonia has a 20 chance that it’ll bounce enemy attacks off them and repel their attacks and do damage to them. I mean any four star blade.

You give her that you actually dump resources and upgrades gon na be good. If you want to use gina, as your main, i suggest going all in on attack. Don’T worry about. You know the all the elemental stuff and like the cooldowns and whatnot, but if you want to use her as a support character, then i would use maybe this blade right here like a sacrificial sword, because it has properties that will best complement her actual elemental skills. If you’re using her just for her healing you know just for her to pop in heal everyone and kind of just recharge that but you’re not using her as your main, where you’re dumping a bunch of good artifacts in here, that’s the blade. I would use something along that line. This four-star blade. The fevonia sword would be good for hers to be her main attack unit dump all of her resources in attack. This thing has insane damage output. If you upgrade it and a lot of good percentages to increase it see, you can really play around with her a lot she’s a character that blends well in any team. The skyward blade is a good five-star blade. It increases your attack rate and uh. It has so much it’s it’s so much fun, but it goes well with kaching, because kaching is explosive and fast already, whereas gene the achilles of avonia has the defensive factor, which goes well with gene’s character.

As far as artifacts go, i’m still working on building artifacts because i don’t even have gold ones. Yet. I only reached adventure rank 30 like yesterday, but you want to invest if you’re, using her as your main, invest in your hp and attack alone with a little bit of defense, because she gains defense from mercury of evonia. That sword gives you literally 20 chance to repel enemy attacks. So i mean it’s not as desperate for you to dump into her defense. But if you don’t have that sword, then you might want to invest in some defense too. That’S what i’d be going in all in attack, hp and defense? Don’T worry about elemental mystery at all. Don’T worry about critical rates and like that, because you know what jeans is going to be a bulky, heavy damage, output, character that can heal herself constantly and for every 50, like every second attack, more or less 50 chance every consecutive blow. She regains hp for her and her team and she regains 15 of her hp. So if you invest in her hp, just imagine how much like you’re, not even going to be able to even kill this character, she’s going to be indestructible, almost invincible, it’s actually crazy! That people don’t rank her higher on a tier list. I don’t even know how that that even happens, actually how i recommend using her for her best ultimate, like you know, getting the best usage out of her barbara and chi-chi might be slightly better healers as a support character. But you know what jean can be a support character too, because not everyone has barb and chichi as well, and you got to kind of use the characters that you can get, because you know we can’t just pick the character we want.

You got ta get lucky right now, we’re gon na talk about which characters go well with gene different combos, i’m gon na be showing you like combos that are tricky and kind of finessy, just cool, looking and also combos that go well in, like you know, really Crucial dungeons and time trials, who jean blends with well and how to build her and who to build with her. Because you know what jean goes well with a lot of characters. We see putting with other five star characters like kiching and chichi enemies. Don’T even get a chance at the ground, you put it with someone like fiscal or exiling, or they have claymores or amber gene. Has the gale blade where you could trap enemies and just do cool combos like that cool setups, where gale blade will add to any fire or electric attacks? And then you also have characters like barbara, where are also healers? So you have gene, that’s a healer and regenerates hp like crazy and we’re not even talking about her dandelion reason. You have someone like barbara, upgrade her a bit and have her healing as well how the hell you ever expect to kill anyone on your team. No one’s gon na die.

You fight a big boss, no problem you’re, regenerating hp faster than anyone could ever take it from you, god. The possibilities are endless. I’M just gon na demonstrate a few things with gene here and then we’re gon na jump into all the different characters and cool combos. I’M going to be doing them, there’s so many you can do. I already have an elemental combo video for jean. You can check that out as well, but like yeah, she cuts through people like butter, especially with her five-star achilles avonia, that’s upgraded to level 60 as well, like there’s just broken and see they all attack me. I have a 20 chance of doing that. Every time repelling straight up attacks, while already being insanely bulky and being able to regenerate hp. I just regenerated hp, they’re two hits in a row man. How do you expect this character to even get killed? It’S impossible, like they can’t put a dent in me.

There’S no way, and that’s just using gene, i’m not throwing in barbara chichi anyone that can heal me as well like it hurts my brain think about how like insane she can be if put the right, artifacts and just the right build with her like she is Easily my name for life, look at this i’m receiving damage and just healing myself simultaneously. This mage has no chance. There’S you just can’t kill me. I’M sorry, there’s no way. You’D have to have like 10 characters attacking me at once, and even then i can switch into mona. I can switch into cha-ching or i can switch into chi-chi it’s it’s. It’S broken really brilliant, with kaching, because they’re both high attack only jeans like that paladin, the team bulk, the team leader, the team healer well kaching – comes in for cleanup she’s cleanup duty. She does insane damage up when she’s so fast, so these two together enemies barely have time to hit the ground and even gather themselves. They don’t even get a chance, and then you know chi chi and jean go well together too, because they’re, both healers, you have the orb of frost. It just adds this to the craziness, and then you got mona where she can add a claymore trap enemies, and then i can use my gale blade to literally trap them again and by this point, they’ll either be dead or almost dead. There’S really no way for them to even almost get a hit on you and that’s to say that gene can repel the hit to begin with anyway. She got a 20 chance and to heal herself. Like i said: how do you kill this character?

I don’t know. That’S just two character: combos we’re not even talking about the whole party of four here we’re gon na. Do that at the end of the video it’s insane you see, you have like gene here that she can, with her charge, attack curl enemies into the air trap. Them and then mona comes in for cleanup, put that orb of frost with chichi, where you’re getting double healing. Now and honestly, you just you, cannot die, then you put in mona for the freeze and you can’t you just what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to stop this, and really it’s just it’s kind of just easy peasy for me going through the map. I really have no challenges here. I have yet other than the big wolf boss. There’S not been anyone that can really put a dent in the gene put her down to halfway. I have yet to have that happen, since i’ve had her at level 60.

And then you put all four characters in here man: they just cover everything. There’S it’s too overwhelming for anyone. I just roll into places, take it and leave. Then again you got a five-star team. What do you expect, but it’s not even fair, now, gene to go with baido. She goes with fiscal decently too. She goes with exiling. She goes with amber. Put her with baido. Baido literally, can just take hits too, so you have a character that can heal your team on multiple ways, and then you have someone like bio that can just do insane. Damage output well, just tanking a ton of hits vito such a defensive bulky character. Put these two together, how the flying are you planning on killing them it’s impossible put amber then for the claymore. You can trap enemies in that. If you have it upgraded, maybe you don’t want to spend too much and you only have half your teams, like you know the three characters. She goes well with all the free characters too. I won’t have time to cover all of them in this video and i don’t have obviously every character unlocked, but you know what put her with vito. How are you going to kill them? Bio has that electrical defensive ability and vital herself are special. She can literally absorb blows she’s hard to kill alone, let alone putting gene where she can constantly heal. Your team put her here with fiscal, where you can trap her trap enemies with the gale blade and the raven super fun to do um. I don’t have fiscal leveled up that much, but people love fiscal she’s like ranked one of the best characters in the game and for good reason. She’S super strong. She goes well with a lot of teams and jean’s no exception. She goes well with gene 2.

You can even put her exiling in the teddy bear. I don’t know what it’s called exactly but like you can just trap enemies here and they’re just gaining pyro attack, and then you can fling them. I kind of forgot to fling them. I ran out of stamina, but honestly there’s so many cool mix-ups. You can do where you can trap enemies with the gale blade and they have like they’re receiving damage from like the raven or the teddy bear it’s a lot of fun to do enemies. Don’T last that long and the gale blade is so strong that once they get flung, there’s very little chance they survive, and then you have someone like ninghuang. That adds a totally different element of defense. These characters go well together, because ninghuang has the chrysalis effect that she does where it adds extra defense. She has her jade screen that stops.

Projectiles and gene comes in constantly healing your team, constantly impossible to kill, have ignorant putting up barriers out in chrysalis, adding that insane defense factor, peppering enemies from a distance and ninghuang goes well on any team as well so having the geo and the animal effect together. With a couple good elements like you’re, looking at a very scary team here, someone like baido, ninghuang and gene in one team, three very defensive characters it’d be impossible to kill them. Jesus christ like leveled up and descended properly it’d, be so hard to kill. Then here we got barbara that he’ll, i don’t have barbara leveled up that much right now, so it’s hard to demonstrate, but barbara is constantly a healer and then, like i said pair, that with gene ah good game. It’S over these two characters: leveled up and ascended properly. How are you supposed to kill them, they’re, constantly healing each other and constantly regenerating their attacks, there’s no way such a good character combo.

Obviously i love my team right now. I have jean mona kaching and chichi, as my support. Um characters barely have a time to even hit the ground. I love going around just raiding chests doing tasks, doing dungeons or domains. Because, honestly, when i have four of these guys, i have such a good system. I think this might be the best team in the game. Obviously there’s a lot of different combinations. You can do and that might not be totally true. But for me it is because literally like you, don’t even have a chance and jean is the front and center piece of that team she’s. The main reason my characters never die and really really tough challenges, she’s always healing them, and then any important boss, fights or anything like that, she’s always putting the most damage in and keeping my characters alive. Now. Obviously, if you don’t have a full five star team, like i do here, you know what she’s gon na keep your characters alive too. Any characters that you invest in are gon na be strong.

But to summarize, i recommend using her as one of the main characters on your team. If you have her massive damage, output, invest in her attack in her hp because she can regenerate 15 percent of her hp, 50 percent of the time. That’S insane and the healing she’s gon na do the killing of avonie is the best weapon she can have, and obviously any five star blade that you have is gon na be good. If you don’t have that one, because, obviously not everyone’s gon na have it, but any blade that really emphasizes her attack, invests like crazy, her hp and attack and a little bit in her defense. Don’T worry about the elemental mystery. But if you do want to use her as a support character, then by all means go for it. It’S definitely doable and on that note guys, thank you so much for watching hope. You enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one: stay safe out there.

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