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Keqing C3 Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & Best DPS Support Genshin Impact


Hey how’s everyone doing today grunt gaming, and we are here to talk about kaching, different builds and combos. Kaching is probably one of the best, if not the best five star in the game right now, as far as fun, to play good dps good at what she does fast hits hard she’s just well overall, just amazing. The only problem is, she suffers from the similar thing that jean does jean is too well-rounded that you can’t really place her in one category, whereas kaching is a dps through and through she’s, not a support. She fits one role, but man. She kills it at that. One role her attack and damage is just insane she’s, just one of the best, if not the best dps in the game, not to mention how fast she is and just how fun she makes the game.

So, let’s explore some weapons for her, so i would be going for just physical damage myself, which i got the kelly of avonia, but you could go with the flute um skyrider sword, probably not um! You don’t want really energy recharge too much. You really want to maximize her attack. That is the main thing for me um. I do run the skyward blade with her a lot, but i don’t really feel that energy recharge is her best attribute. I just run that, because jean holds the kill of avonia and she’ll be able to spam. Her alt with this sword right here, but her alts and her abilities recharge pretty quickly on their own. Their cooldown is pretty low, so you’re going to want to go with a four or five star blade that really just amplifies her attack or physical damage, because she it just she’s a heavy hitter and she hits fast she’s, not really meant to tank. Too many hits the achilles will allow her to.

She has a pretty decent hp stack, but her main focus on a team and her main role is just computer damage. That’S what she does best, whereas gene is the opposite. Gene is like the jack of all trades master of none. Gene can fit any role, fit support, fit attack for dps fit like secondary dps, whereas is just she’s going to be the one you want to run so right now, i’m running the gladiator set of four to maximize her attack, like i said, kaching, isn’t really a Support so you could go with the gladiator set of four to get that 35 attack or you could go with a set of two and two to get that 15 electro.

And if you got the four piece thunders fury set. You’Re gon na increase all of her reactions to other elements like significantly by 40. That’S crazy and then energy recharge sword might not be so bad and i’m lucky enough to have her constellation at three. I actually just pulled her third consolation today on the standard banner. So pretty excited about that um she’s, probably my best five-star character. Right now, i would have to say without a doubt, um and if you haven’t used kaching before man, if you ever do pull her, you are in for a treat. I got her as my main dps right now and she just runs the floor, not to mention she makes the game a whole lot. Funner. There are more types of combos in this game than just straight damage like exploration, combos, just splashy combos, just like you know doing cool little things in the game. Just kind of like you can do in breath of the wild like kaching is the epitome of that.

If you haven’t noticed or haven’t been following my channel, she is probably one of the most popular characters in my combo videos because of how like fun and versatile she is, and she hits so hard she hits from a distance. You can mix it up, it’s just so much fun, katrina’s, just an absolute monster. Just like i said, though the thing about her is that she fits her role. Amazingly she’s, probably the best in the game, maybe with the exception of d, luke and clee. But kaching is not a support. None of her abilities really support anyone else. If you don’t have her attack invested in her abilities, aren’t going to be that great, it’s not like you can sub her in and her abilities are going to like amplify your other characters. Not really mona, jean, you know, john lee, all good support characters. You know if you want to have them just that energy recharge, just spamming their abilities and not really as your main dps.

They would be great for that role, the kitchen she’s front and center. That’S what she’s good at that’s what she was made to do and honestly can’t really go wrong. She honestly annihilates herds on a whim and, like i said, if you want to go with that, thundering fury set you’re gon na get a 40 increase to every elemental reaction. You can get with her. So that’s a good option. You can run the two and two with the gladiator or just before, gladiator, because the gladiator is a little bit more obtainable right off the bat because you get those from their weekly bosses and whatnot. But the thundering fury is what i’m going for, because you’re going to get a 40 increase on and that’ll be make kaching even a little bit better as a support option too, because you can sub her in for just her reactions, and that would be amazing. There’S a lot of different options.

You can actually do with her, but, like the main thing with me and kaching, is that like she is just makes the game so much more fun and at the end of the day, i think that is the most important aspect of this game. You know having heavy numbers and big numbers for heavy damage is all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day you want this game to be fun right. You can even pair her with beto. She goes well with mona clee, jean obviously all the five stars, bennett um. Anyone you could think of barbara. You could see really can just max out her damage here. Yeah she she’s an amazing character. You can even go with some crit rate on your artifacts as well that couldn’t hurt. As a matter of fact, i would definitely consider it. I know crit rate’s a little harder to find for the artifacts you want, but i would definitely consider putting some artifacts under their crate and attack.

I got a little bit of hp invested into her um with the achilles avonia, maybe not the most optimal. But here you can see here you can like snipe the weak spots of enemy too she’s, so mobile, oh, my goodness like she’s. Arguably i think, in my opinion, the best dps in the game. I don’t own a d luke, i do own a klee and i don’t know kaching just runs away with it. She hits so hard so fast and she almost never gets hit i’ll, be hoping that she’s, my first five star. I can pull at constellation six. I just don’t got the money for that. You know just a regular guy with a regular job. I can’t justify dropping too much on this game, but um honestly. Another thing you can do too with her is her stiletto you don’t have to teleport in you can use to blow people up, you know, put a sigil on them, you know, and she goes well with almost everyone and, like i said, give her a good supporting Cast and she’ll be the best dps you’ve ever invested in and if you do decide to go with the thundering fury set.

Getting her good, pyro, cryo and hydro supports will mean you’re gon na have such insane reactions and damage output, because her attack is off the charts and a gladiate. Like i said, the gladiator set excellent option. Um, i usually run the skyward blade with her, which isn’t the most optimal, but i’m getting to spam, her like teleport stiletto and her um ultimate. Like almost constantly, i do feel like the pyro um. The pyro overload is her best like reaction combo, because of just how much damage it does overloads. I think the strongest one in the game, so you might want to consider someone. That’S got like good pyro clee, maybe not obtainable, for everyone. Exiling is an excellent option. Hell even amber, if you want to use her little uh baron bunny, not the worst option amber, can be decent too built right. Um. You can see she just absolutely like annihilates doesn’t matter who she’s paired with apologize.

If my voice is a little weird, i’m a little under the weather, it’s not coved, just a regular coat um. You can see here too, that she can. You know kind of teleport out of harm’s way, makes for interesting fun, gameplay different ways to kill enemies. That is like the most important thing for a character for me not to just numbers they put out not not to say that that isn’t important, but any character can be built. You know to be powerful. One thing i quickly learned about kaching. I wasn’t trying to get her wasn’t trying to pull for her, but i’m happy. I did because she’s, probably one of the, if the most fun characters to use in this game, her teleport just her mobility, her damage her cool character, dynamic.

Even in the story. I, like her character and the dialogue and voice acting she’s, just an awesome character to pull and, like you know, if you want to run her with mona barbara lisa awesome options, you can even run her with vito to get that like extra electro, cle exiling awesome Options even amber for her bear and bunny she can trap enemies or lure them in and kachin can just blow up. She goes well with john lee, too gene chichi they’re, an amazing pair because you get chi-chi’s orb of frost constantly conduct, especially against the um ocean boss. She has so many good different character, combinations, it’s incredible um and you can really just maximize them all with her. As your main dps she’s not going to be as good at support, which is why i don’t have her on my team half the time, because gene is my main, my main dps in this game.

But kaching is my secondary dps on my secondary roster for the spiral abyss and let me tell you how many times she saved my ass. So to summarize this video, yes you’re, going to want to build ka-ching with physical damage attack and getting the thunders fury set. Isn’T a bad option either because you’re going to be able to maximize her um reactions and her abilities recharge pretty quickly. So that is to summarize uh builder, how it suits you and just remember that it’s about having fun too and there’s no there’s not a more fun character to use and explore this world than kaching. So with that said, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think and we will see you in the next one later.

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