Klee is SS Tier but also the hardest Carry to play mechanically. Here’s an in depth guide on her animation cancelling mechanics By: JinJinx231


TL;DW: This is a guide on all of Klee’s basic animation cancels to increase her basic attack combo output by up to 30% while also teaching you how to turn her into a kiting goddess that can ouput BIG DPS while constantly moving.

There’s really no way for me to explain all the dense info in the video without you watching it but here’s the time stamps:

00:00 – Opening clip

00:40 – Intro

01:17 – Why is Klee Sin the Hardest to play Carry?

03:42 – Animation Cancels to Learn

04:21 – MachineGun Walk Cancel

08:45 – MachineGun Walk Cancel Slowmo

09:41 – How to input the MachineGun Cancel

10:39 – Double Tap Short Hop Cancel

12:31 – Double Tap Move Jump Cancels

13:48 – Double Tap Short Hop / Chasing Slowmo

14:23 – Double Tap Evading/Kiting Slowmo

15:03 – How good are these compared to other carries?

15:32 – Melee Frame Counting Methodology with hitlag accounted

16:36 – Math on Why Klee is SS Tier Carry

18:00 – Charge Attack Jump Cancels

19:36 – Charge Attack Basic Attack Cancels

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