Kujou Sara Build To Skyrocket Your Damage: Genshin Impact


We need to talk about cujo sara. Not only is she the cutest girl, i’ve ever seen. She’S got some major end game potential. I took her through the spiral abyss with some of my main teams and i hit damage numbers that were higher than anything. I’Ve ever seen on my account the attack damage bonus that she can provide is a game changer and you can fit her into multiple different teams, but i have a couple warnings as well: i’m going to review this character, i’m going to talk about her good weapons.

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So, as many of you know, i risked it all to go and get kujosara. I wanted one copy minimum, but i ended up. I ended up spamming out a few and i ended up getting a c2 kujosara. Now i’m gon na open up this little review, saying i honestly feel like with c2. She really becomes the character she’s meant to be, and before this she can be a little bit clunky.

It’S very unfortunate that c2 brings so much potential, but i think is you know, still at c1 or c0, a decent character, but she’s not as accessible as soon as you get c2. This little uh extra crow feather. It allows you to easily apply the attack bonus to whatever character you choose, there’s always enough time to get in there. It’S got a big area of effect and it might not hit super super hard. It doesn’t matter if all you’re doing is using sara as an attack booster, someone that you’re taking the base attack, which right now is only 6 46, because she’s only level 69

Nice um, it’s still really solid at this level, and so i’m already happy, i’m already happy what you can do uh you know with these passes and at c2 and if i take her weapon to level 90.

If i take her up to maybe level 80 even potentially 90 down the road, i’m gon na hit some of the biggest damage numbers i’ve ever seen. So let’s talk about why kujo sara is pretty lit. Venti has 1600 attack, but with a simple press of the e button, kujosara can turn him into an almost 2 000 attack monster. Now kudosara again is level 69..

Taking her to level 80 would give me like another 30 base attack – maybe even 45, depending if you wanted to go to like 89 out of 90, but also my weapon. I can get another like 40 50 damage right here now. That would mean i could easily push venti over 2000, but here’s the uh, the big, the kicker. I could take this up much much further and if i was able to get more constellations and get an extra free levels, it turns out to be a ton of attack, damage similar to something that bennett can do now. This doesn’t have the healing and the buff is for a pretty short duration at only six seconds, but if you’re just trying to one bang something oh baby, this can work so we’re doing 17, 000 and then about 29 000 with argonyu, but watch this after buffing.

With sarah we’re gon na get a nice big damage boost 19, 000 and the other one, it’s actually like 33, i believe yeah, 33, 19. 000, almost 20, 0.33, 000.

So that is a pretty big boost of damage. It’S like a like a ten percent overall damage boost to garnier, which uh you know if you’re using your ultimate you’re using uh, maybe a d luke ultimate that is pretty nice.

So let’s take a peek and see what that looks like so i threw kujosara in multiple different teams. I used her with my gonyu. I used her with this team. I really liked her in this team because she just adds an extra boost of damage, allowing you to burst down some enemies uh, but also you know with this team. It’S a very unga bunga spamming buttons, just attacking with d luke and it works.

You know you press e, you get that damage buff and it’s pretty cool, but with kujozara, and you know, when you start throwing her ultimate into the mix. I can buff up my shincho and now he’s gon na hit harder. I’Ve got a nice rotation there. I can do some ultimates here. I can get a buff on d luke now so he’s buffed and he’s gon na start melting right, 50, 000 damage on a basic attack here.

If we start throwing, you know bennett into the mix. All of a sudden. This is going to get really crazy. We can buff up our shin show here. He can do a bunch of extra damage with that burst.

Look at that damage, absolutely beautiful, all right, uh! We can use bennett. Now, let’s go. Let’S go back to bennett. We can buff up d-loop and now, with all the vaporizing and the double damage box, i mean it’s a pretty nice number right.

90 000 damage there, almost pretty damn cool. Now kudos, not gon na do great here because he’s electro but 25 000 damage on that huge aoe, 25 000 damage ikujosara is unleveled and her weapon isn’t even leveled up her talent’s, not leveled up it’s a level four talent. That’S pretty! Damn good make sure that we’re vaping and he’s doing like 50 000 damage on that vaporize. But what if kujo sara buffs him up all right?

So let’s burst up d luke here and we’ll buff him up, make sure we get the bait and he’s still buffed and 63 almost 64 000 damage. So again that one i mean we went from like 55 to 65, almost uh, that’s a nice chunk of damage that we’re getting for just pressing a button on kujosara. So i mean that is a nice chunk of damage to get. But you have to remember it’s gon na buff, all of his abilities and you’ve got six seconds to do it. So the second you press that button.

I can do a full rotation of this lay in with an ultimate and burst down those enemies during that six. Second window i mean i just lost the buff there, and so i feel that it is enough time to boost up your team and let your damage dealer do their thing on someone that might have a longer burst window, or you know someone like gonyoo who’s. Doing these big charge shots, it might not feel as rewarding because there’s down time in between those attacks, if you’ve got a really bursty damage, dealer uh, where you can spam out your abilities, i think that you’re going to like cujo serra quite a bit. However, that being said, it is a lot more clunky if you don’t have c2, because you’re gon na have to dodge out you’re gon na have to charge up a shot, which is quick, then swap, and it does feel like you’re waving around a little bit too Much to get that damage, if you have cujo sara at c2, all you do is press a button. You swap, and you start unga bang like that and you’re into the damage.

So that is definitely something to consider now. Here is another thing: if you are using kujosara for just pressing e and swapping uh, there’s something you need to know popping this near this enemy right, no energy particles generated now. If i shoot there and then it hits that’s when you get them, they’re painting the upper hand, so the baby one doesn’t do anything, does not give you ener any energy, but you can still just shoot the ground nearby uh and you get energy particles from that. As long as they hit so um, you know: that’s okay and you know honestly yeah. You might be able to even do some fun stuff with it.

Where um you buff someone right or die, i mean wait. What now just to clarify you, don’t actually have to shoot the arrow in this vicinity to get the bot. If you want to shoot it over there, you can but you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the buff that provides. So i i don’t really like. I don’t know why you would do that.

You might be able to do some fun stuff here. Where you go in. You know you bust someone do a bunch of damage right, maybe pop your ultimate, but then you can charge up and then you can buff someone else. So this little hidden mechanic that you might not have known about can actually be pretty cool for enabling two different characters on your team yep. It requires some swapping, but that damage especially at higher levels, might make up for it.

So i mean, i think, that if you have some well bear uh well-built sub, dps characters, you want your venti or something like that to hit like a truck there’s some potential there um. On top of that, if you are doing that, it does allow you to actually get the particles, because, if you don’t you’re gon na have some major issues with energy generation. If you’re not doing this one at some point uh, your team is just gon na. Have you know, trouble long term uh? It also gives you multiple opportunities to proc your sacrificial bow, which is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Now, if you’re using it twice, that means you’re gon na be getting some energy recharge here for your party, which is pretty cool overall, but you also, if you are getting some constellation on this character with c1 every three seconds, you can actually reduce the cooldown of The tengu storm call, so you can have pretty much 100 uptime on this, even if you’re not using something like the sacrificial belt um, the more i look at it, the more i realize that the passive here you almost don’t need it because of how quickly she Gets this ability back, but the high base attack and the energy recharge is definitely nice on this bow, but i’m honestly considering swapping over to the fuvonius warbow for that extra energy recharge to spam, my ultimate or burst ability the base attack isn’t amazing on this, but The energy recharge might be worth it uh, depending if you want to pop that burst more often than not. I think there are quite a few different options. Uh she does hit decently well with her ultimate ability and um. You know. Boosting his damage by 30 is cool but elemental mastery on electro character.

It’S just not great! So for me. If i had to recommend anything, it would be like a big bass attack five star weapon, maybe some crit on there. If you’ve got like the, what is it skyward heart, but for me four star bow, i think i’m gon na go with the sacrificial. That’S what i would recommend – it’s, not god tier, but i think it’ll definitely do the job and you get some value out of it in multiple different situations.

Now, for artifacts you can do a no bless set just make sure you’re using an electro damage bonus. If you’re trying to get that bonus, you could do energy recharge if you wanted to just buff, but i think that she does hit pretty hard with that ultimate ability or burst ability. Um mine at level like four, was doing 16 000 damage in the spiral abyss. So that’s pretty damn good and um, you know, no blast is going to boost up your team and i think that’s pretty sweet. However uh this set could be also pretty damn good.

Getting this energy recharge and increase elemental burst damage. This is just a universally great set. I just don’t have an amazing one ready to go just yet. You could also build it for like electro damage, i suppose, but i don’t think it’s worth farming those artifacts when you’ve got stuff like this. That is universal and you can throw it on like 20 different characters.

Right now, after playing her more, i would have to say that she does feel like a strong buffing champion and i did get 36 stars in the spiral abyss. However, i also have some very good supports like shincho at c5. I have my d luke’s, you know triple crown c1. I’Ve got a five star weapon, so am i getting carried by kujo sara or am i getting carried by the other characters? Obviously, i think the other characters are bringing so much to the table.

I could probably throw a level one barbara in and still do good, but i think that this attack buff is undoubtedly valuable and the amount that you can keep this up really really exciting. For me, i love it, absolutely love it now. Would i recommend this character or what i recommend whaling out for this character? Some of you already went and got riding shogun, so maybe you already have her and i think she’s worth building to mess around with and have some fun. She is a very fun character and the damage buff is great, but if you don’t have c2, i see her being a little bit more clunky and not as mobile player friendly.

If you have to go into aiming mode and you’re trying to strafe around and you’re getting knocked out of hits, it can be clunky. But if you’re just pressing a button quickly and swapping off that’s a little bit different on pc on console. I’M not sure if it’s as bad of an issue, but i feel like c2, is where she really starts to shine. If you can get c6, she can be an amazing support for electro dps characters and if we uh, if we ever get like a you know like a really good electromain dps, i’m talking i’m talking like who tao level electro dps, she might be one of the Best characters in the game supporting and giving this extra crit damage is unheard of and all the other bonuses she’s giving. I think that kujosara is pretty damn sweet.

I love her visually she’s, the best looking character in the game or one of them. For me, absolutely love this character and i think she’s she’s got that fun factor for me and i hope that you enjoy. I hope that this guide helps even a little bit to getting you on your way to building kujosara and um. You know if you don’t have c2 just yet: that’s okay! You don’t have to build every character right away, but as soon as you do get that c2, you can really consider putting some time in spending the resources and getting these skills up.

Because the more you invest in her she’s gon na actually hit really hard with his burst damage, and this attack damage bonus that she’s giving is nothing to sneeze at, but that’s pretty much it for me. Thank you so much for watching make sure to check out dislight the sponsorship in the comment section below, and i will see you later – bye

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