Life Skill Explanation – Genshin Impact Newbie Guide


Hello guys welcome back to my channel, and today I will review Genshin Impact again. Today’S video is about life, skill and life. Skill in this game is a little bit different, so let’s check it out. First is about cooking. You need certain ingredients to cook your food. You can harvest the ingredients in the field just like this. You must always explore in this game. So if you are RPG lovers, you will love this game, and sometimes you can find a food to restore your HP without cooked it. Just like this Sunsettia and apple and to start cooking, you must find this in the field.

You can light a fire using character who has fire element. I only have amber for now, so I will use her tap and hold Amber’s normal attack to light a fire. Now you can start cooking in this pot. You need to cook manually for minimum 5 times. To can start the auto cook hit the yellow area. You cannot cook when the weather is rainy, because you can’t light a fire under rain. Next, you can find food NPC at the town. You can buy food to revive and restore your HP, but there’s a limit for each town. She is selling cooking ingredients too, and you can buy a recipe from her to unlock new food.

You can craft potions, talent, materials and others with this NPC and when you are crafting or cooking, you can always select a character who has benefit in it. Next is about hunting and fishing. You can hit wild animals, you see in the field. I will try to hit the wild boar. The animals can run away if you are getting close to it, so try to hit them from afar nah. You can get raw meat from wild animals. Now I will try to catch a fish. You don’t need fishing rod here, simply catch the fish with your bare hands, chase the fish and catch it.

Now you get the fish. Meat keep watch your stamina. While you are swimming or you will drowned to death. If you hard to find the wild animals, you can buy raw meat from this Draff NPC, and this is the NPC location you can buy ten for each meat and refresh every one day. Next is about mining. You can find shiny stone in the field and start to mining, hmm. Okay, we can use explosion to break the sturdy object. Okay, I will use Amber to explode the stone, use, Amber skill and wait until explode after mining. You can craft it with blacksmith NPC at the town. You can craft enhancement, ore using material you get from mining and remember to use character who has benefit in it. You can use the ore your crafted before to enhance your weapon in this game. There is no battle power or combat power system or something like that, and we only use weapon here, no armor to find the ore location.

You can talk to blacksmith NPC and choose “ Any tips on finding ore in Mondstadt ?”, and he will tell you about the ore location. The new location for the ore will appear on your map. You can buy a weapon from this NPC too, and you can use the unused weapon to enhance your current weapon and my last tips guys keep exploring. When you are at the field. You can buy food from NPC, but trust me. It won’t enough. So keep searching for cooking and mining. The food can restore your HP and give you some buffs and there is no auto route here. So you must search for yourself and that’s all for today, guys if you like my video, please share and subscribe bye, bye,

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