Lisa DPS Build Guide Best Weapons, Artifacts And How To Use Her On Your Team! Genshin Impact



Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming, and this is going to be a lisa guide for those free to play. Players and lisa is pretty underrated too, like she’s, not the strongest character, and she definitely has her flaws, but she does have more going for than people give her credit for um we’re gon na be talking about how to build her, what artifacts to use and what To focus on because look at her base stats here she does not have great defense or hp, so you’re going to want to invest a little bit into hp, obviously um and, as you get better artifacts, you can really just expand on that. But i’m going to be focusing on her attack and her elemental mystery because your main character, the traveler, if you’re free to play, that’s going to be your main bulky, hp, slash defensive character, um, that’s gon na take hits. Lisa is not a tank. So if you’re gon na invest into good artifacts, i would invest mostly into our elemental, mystery and attack with a little bit of hp. Um depends what your team’s like.


If you have a lot of healers or yes good support, characters that can heal your team, then you can be a little more lenient on defense. But if you’re free to play, then you maybe don’t have any healers um chances are you’ll, get a few characters from the banners and i’ll go over that as well, but for weapons. I would go with the eye of perception for her attack and then that attack percentage boost and it’s easy to refine, but you can use the fevonius codex as well very good option, obviously a five-star good, the mapamere. I don’t know how to pronounce that, because i’m but um this is a game, a weapon. You can build in game and the sacrificial fragments is not bad either. I would go with the first three though, and that last one the mapamere you can build in the game for free, so you don’t need to spend any money and lisa is mainly focused on just explosive attack, with elemental reactions. Um she’s wide open for attacks. Most of the time, like her special, has a big surface area damage, but you kind of are exposed and like with that lack of defense. It’S going to be tricky.


So if you had a claymore user like amber that could throw up that bunny to draw enemy fire um. That would be very useful but see like. Even now, you can get that you know explosive area damage in, but she’s always susceptible to damage, which is unfortunate, but she does hit very explosively and i think, having those very strong elemental reactions with that high elemental, mystery and attack is going to be key for Lisa, you know, that’s why i want the i perception as a weapon the best one, because it ups her attack the most in her percentages, and you want that you want to be able to switch her in for explosive attack and elemental reactions with water fire. You know ice characters. You know your main traveler is going to be what you want to bring in to tank most of the hits lisa you’re going to be swapping her in and out for big explosive damage.


But if you’re using her as your main, then you will have to invest more defense. She goes really well with barbara and barbara’s a pretty realistic character that you could obtain, even if you’re free to play, especially with the promotional banner right now save up for it, because barbara heals so that’ll give you more chance to be more lenient with lisa. You can just kind of run in there with less consequences. I don’t really have barbara upgraded whatsoever she’s like literally level one, but obviously, if you’re, upgrading barbara, alongside lisa they’re, a great combination, barbara’s gon na be healing and use lisa as your main attacker get the water going and you’re going to be having some really strong Elemental attacks and then you throw in amber if you’re free to play player to use their bunny claim or their arrows you’re going to have a ton of damage.


Building up leases can definitely be a main damage output. If you use her correctly on the right team, i think she goes the best with barbara for a free-to-play player um, they do great damage. Um you’re always gon na have that water effect, which is useful and then lisa once she gets going not to mention you can actually unlock your constellations more realistically than other characters. So that’s another plus before and if you get that healing going and another great uh person that lisa goes with is mona. Obviously mona is a five star, so it you know it’s not as likely if you’re free to play player. But you know, if you do happen to get mona, mona does have a claymore too. V goes so well together. These guys. I have combo videos on these two because they’re insane mona draws enemy fire with her claymore um. She does insane damage and then lisa comes in for cleanup.


You can immobilize characters with mona in so many ways and then lisa just cleans the mess up in one shot, because lisa has an insane damage. The only problem is lisa’s open to attacks when she uses her specials. That’S where mona comes in mono draws enemy fire and you know using her claymores to keep them occupied and lisa has time to build up her super attack for special and she doesn’t receive tons of damage for and gets punished. So they go very well together. Obviously, not as a realistic bet, if you don’t have mona, but like again mona barbara, you know any water character, she goes well with or any fire character as well um. Those are how i think lisa should be used the most, and you should always always always focus on her attack and elemental. Mystery.


Don’T worry about her defense that much a little bit of vestment into hp depending on if you can heal her or not, but that’s just a very quick guide on how to use lisa for those free to play players because lisa’s a badass. You know what forget the tier lists, don’t need them. Lisa is an awesome character and if you decide user, this is what i think you should be doing. Invest in those attack and elemental mystery artifacts with a little bit hp and on that, though, guys hope you enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next.

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