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Lisa Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & Best DPS/Support Genshin Impact


Hey how’s, everyone doing today grunty gaming, and we are here to talk about. What’S that different combos, you can do with her and a build guide. I did do a build guide already, but there tends to be a little bit of mixed reviews on that. I know, as the game goes on everyone’s learning more and more, but god forbid in this community. If you have a disagreement with someone, because everyone plays the game differently, everyone has fun playing differently and you’re only competing against yourself. It’S an adventure game now, lisa she specializes in area damage.

You know her ultimate and her special and you can go mix up a lot of cool combos with other different characters that are either free or very obtainable for the amount of prio gems you could have had since the game’s been out and i’m not going to Go into any crazy, too crazy, combos, but like just a a few that you could do with her different teams. Mashups stuff, like that, as well as different builds, you can go with lisa is a pretty strong character, she’s a little bit underrated. I think personally and like i said both of her ultimate and her special requires uh enemies to be in like her area of effect, she creates a large area with her lantern and they have to be in that area.

So we’re gon na go over some combos to utilize that as well as some builds now as far as weapons go, there are quite a few options. The eye of perception is a good one. If you want to go for just dps attack the fuvonius codex for energy recharge, which is a solid, solid option, um, not the best you could go with. But if you want to recharge your ultimate a ton of times, you also have the mapamere elemental mastery. That is where i would be going with, but i just don’t have this uh weapon leveled up and the sacrificial fragments is another elemental mastery and because i have it at refine rank 5. That’S the one i’m going to be trying to go for currently trying to level it up, ran out of resources, but um yeah that all these are solid options and obviously you have five star five star catalyst: weapons too. If you have the option to do so now, what i’m going with right now is the instructor’s teacup. I have two instructors items because you get that elemental. Mastery raised by 80

And i feel like elemental mastery is going to be one of our strong points, as well as the wanderers trope set of two as well. That’S going to increase my um elemental mastery by another 80, so 160 in total, and you can also try to find artifacts that also give you more elemental, mastery and energy recharge. I have just gone with this set for now, because they’re, the only ones i have leveled up but see. I thought this um thunder soother would be good, but it’s actually good against electro characters, not for them. So yeah. I would go with the two-piece set of two with the wanders trope and the instructor set, depending on what you have.

I would want to definitely capitalize on your elemental mastery as much as possible, because that’s where lisa is going to come in strong because there’s a lot of good elemental reactions you can get now all my characters are a little under leveled for this video, because i Ran out of resources, but i’ll go over some different combos like exiling here with lisa. You get that overload such a good pair. These two make and exiling was a free character and when the game first came out, if you did the uh her achievement or her event, you get the big surface area damage here and then exiling’s ultimate really complements leases. If they’re in that area of effect, because you’re constantly overloading and the higher your elemental mastery, the stronger it’s going to be enemies are going to have a really hard time touching you – and this is only two characters we’re talking about here – i’m not talking about using Your whole team of four to utilize it.

This is just if you’re, really going for lisa as one of your mains sucrose is another solid option, because you know you could literally have any kind of elemental reaction with pieces. You know electro, you can have water fire ice, you name it and sucrose is going to absorb whatever is around whatever enemies: you’re fighting right, uh, kanye or kenya. I don’t know how to pronounce, but you get that conduct constant conduct, both free-to-play characters. So you’re not gon na have to spend a single time or even get lucky. Um and again, you mash all four of these guys together, put all their ultimates in here, but you’re gon na wipe out herds of enemies, and these aren’t necessarily hard characters to get two of them are free. One of them was given to you for free and the other one was a raid up banner not too long ago. So, like you can easily get this team.

This is an excellent team combo here we’re not even going to get into like the more five star characters yet, but you see what i mean you can really mix and match and do a lot of crazy damage with lisa, depending on who you want to give Her as support just remember, i would go with elemental mastery, i’m going with the ir perception for now, because it’s my highest um based attack weapon right now for this video, because my sacrificial fragments is a little under levels at the moment, and then you of course, Have chi chi you get that constant conduct with the orbit frost. You want to throw mona in there too, like there is so many options you can go with lisa just that area of effect. She wreaks havoc she’s great for crowd, control, it’s great for just big damage on a large crowd.

Large area she’s not super strong against, like big, strong ruling guards or anything like that. But that’s why you have the team four you can you can compliment her weaknesses? Very well – and here she goes so well with mona. Of course, you’ve got the mona lisa here have a couple videos of that already, but they wreak havoc together. Of course, you have to have mona to do this, but hopefully you do um. Obviously, lisa is by no means the stronger element or one of the stronger, like electro characters, but like she’s, not useless. Now, if you want to go with just completely free to play and just your main character, you can do that too again.

My characters are very under level for this video because i’m adventuring 45, but you can even with amber and your main traveler depending if you want to go animo or geo, you can mix it up archaic. I don’t know how to pronounce that, but he adds that extra cryo, which gives you conduct constantly and melt with amber. If you throwing her, you know decoy up there or flaming arrows. The only thing is lisa is not gon na have super super strong defense. So if you’re going with the wanderers trope – and you have some gold artifacts – maybe not a bad idea to invest in some hp but you’re, mainly gon na go for the elemental mastery. That’S gon na be the big one.

Energy recharge is a solid secondary option too. Get a little bit of that going through. I think the map ameritu is a perfect free weapon. You can craft in-game for lisa as well great option if you have a five-star catalyst weapon and elise is your favorite main character you’d be stupid, not to use that. I would use a five-star. I wish i had a five-star catalyst, but these are just some examples of some really good teams. I put together for lisa with very reasonably like free to play or i’m easy obtainable characters. Obviously you can like sub in characters in and out, as you see fit like barbara could easily sub in for mona.

Is that, like hydro, electro combo, you know there’s other fire characters, there’s other ice characters, there’s a lot of different options you can go with and if you have five stars to compliment her then obviously go for that. There are so many options and i encourage people to share their opinions. Like you have some good options for lee said some good, like opinions on like different team builds by all means. Let me know in the comments, because that’s why it’s the game that everyone loves? It’S a beautiful game.

Let us just share our ideas, don’t bash people for having a difference of opinion. Everyone plays differently and i do apologize. If my last lisa video wasn’t the greatest i could have done, i could have done a little bit better but at the same time, no matter what you say on the internet, if your opinion is different than someone else’s you’re gon na get on but anyways, hopefully You guys enjoyed this video, you found it helpful, let me know, and if you have some difference of opinion or like things i could have tweaked or different ideas for lisa in general, share them. Please, on that note guys we will see you in the next video later.

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