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Hi guys! Racoon here with a guide on how to defeat Maguu Kenki, I’ll be going over team comp, his mechanics/skillsets and how to dodge or play around them. So let’s start with team composition! For my DPS I’ll be using Geo Traveler, but any of your strongest DPS will work just fine. I would also suggest having a shielder in your team, I’ll be bringing in Xinyan.

If you don’t build her, don’t worry! You can substitute her with Noelle or Diona. As for my healer, I’ll be using Barbs. You can bring in Diona/Noelle or even Bennet, the only issue with bringing them in is that they have to be in the battle often to heal. So unless you’ve built them with a lot of umm, Energy Recharge %, I would recommend Barbs because of her E’s passive healing.

As for sub-DPS, I’m bringing Fishcl for her E, but Xiangling or Xingqiu will also work! Now moving on to Maguu Kenki’s mechanics/skillsets, Maguu Kenki has 2 phases in battle. His first phase is when his HP is above 70% and once it goes below 70% he will then go into his second phase.

So let’s start with his attacks during the first phase. Now his attacks are actually random, like there is no specific order of- of um, which attack comes first, so with that said.

.. Let’s talk about his shield bash, this is really easy to spot as he summons a huge shield in front of himself and proceeds to bash it forwards, to avoid this simply dash to the side or dash behind him. The next attack he has is a charged slash, he’ll slowly go into a stance before slashing, giving you enough time to react. The slash deals damage in a circular hitbox in Maguu’s inner circle , you can i-frame this or if you’re not too confident with your dodging skills, you can dash away from him just to be safe.

So the next attack is a charged dash attack, he’ll do this cool samurai thing you see in anime where the sword goes SHINGGGG then things just get cut in half (lmao??), so as soon as you see the little spark on his uh- sword, just dodge to the side and you’ll be fine. Next is the triple slash combo, this is pretty self explainitory and also very easy to dodge because it’s a pretty slow attack. He’ll just slash at you 3 times.

Last but not least, is his shield attack. Maguu will summon his shield to circle around you before dealing damage, to avoid this just dash away from it. It’s quite slow so it’ll lose you pretty easily if you just dash away 2 time or somethin…

Now let’s move onto his phase 2 attacks, so here is where it gets a little dangerous because now his attacks also deal elemental dmg. Most of them are similar to his attacks in phase one except they’re now infused with elements and they HURT.

So in phase 2 we also have the charged dash attack. Like in phase 1, you can avoid this by dodging when you see the little spark effect on his sword. The only difference this time, will slash at you AGAIN after dashing.

Another new move Maguu has in phase 2 is the shadow clone, Maguu will quickly step back away from you, leaving a shadow in his place. Both him and his shadow deals damage in a circular hitbox, however his shadow’s hitbox slightly bigger. So when you see this just dash away and keep a safe distance to avoid damage. Moving on to his charged slash, it will now vacuum you in before dealing anemo damage.

Similar to phase 1, you can avoid this by i-framing or dashing away, however if you DO chose to dash away, be careful not do go TOO far , because after his first slash, comes a second slash by his shadow, that covers a bigger area and deals cryo damage.

Next we have his triple slash combo again. In this attack, after Magu slashes at you, his shadow will appear and slash at you as well. That makes a total of six slashes you have to avoid during this attack. I would suggest to keep yourself at a safe distance while this goes on because dodging 6 attacks consistently might be a little hard. Oh and he also charges at you at the end so keep an eye out for that.

.. The next attack is a dual slash attack, Maguu will dash away from his current position, leaving a shadow in his place. His shadow will proceed to slash at you once, then Maguu will follow up with four quick continuous slashes. When you see this, drop everything and run for your life because his slashes HURT.

If you get hit by one, your character might stagger and then you’ll just die, so focus on dodging here. Now for his last move, I’ll just call this his ultimate move? Because that’s what it looks like? Maguu will start aScENdiNGg for a few seconds before smashing the ground dealing big AOE damage. You’ll see a circle slowly spread out around him and you can use that to time your i-frame, now if you’re like me and you’re not THAT good at i-framing.

I would suggest saving your ult for maybe 1 or 2 characters, so when you see him about to SMASH the ground just use your ULT to avoid the damage. And I THINK that’s all of his movesets? So um…

now I’ll play a video on how I defeated him..? I dunno I hope it helps 🙂 Aaaand he’s deaaad! Yaaaay.

..! I hope this video has been helpful to you guys, feel free to leave any comments or even questions down below and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time <3!

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