Marksmanship Achievement Namecard | Genshin Impact


First, we will first unlock the achievement “Deadeye Dick.” I chose the place near a big tree in Mondstadt. Because you will get a really easy spot to manahin the target. Walk to this spot until you can see the archer hilichurl on the tower. Aim for the head. Keep his archery soul. The next achievement is near the same tree. If you killed the previous hilichurl, You have to wait until the next reset, let him respawn first. If not, just walk past the tree roots, until the hilichurl appears on the screen. But, you won’t arrow from here. Lu had to step back behind the tree roots. Aim again at the head from this spot. You can spam arrows in there, or you can use your archery skills, bang champ ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ Keep a soul !! After several times finally hit it too. The last one is a bit hard to get. Basically, you were told to find an eagle. You can find eagles in high places like in Huaguang Stone Forest for example. But, it feels really difficult to arrow the eagle flying around like that. So, I found a nice place at Stone Gate.

But, you have to stand right where it is. The eagle here has the same flight path as the others. The eagle will fly straight for some time, So the arrows are easy. Remember carefully, the establishment must fit here. Near the bird’s nest. Now aim at the arrow. Keep a soul right ?? The eagle gets hit easily. After you have successfully unlocked all of your achievements, You can claim “Master Archery Card.” Now use his business card. Surely you already want to use it right? Why don’t you watch this video, huh? Still a soul once, right? ♪ Dungs not dungdungdungdungdung dungdungs ​​not ♪ ♪ Dungs not dungdungdungdungdung dungdungs ​​not ♪ ♪ Dungs not dungdungdung drung drung drung drung ♪ ♪ Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssss ♪.

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