Mona Elemental Mastery Team Builds/Combos, High Damage Reactions With Mona Genshin Impact


How’S everyone doing today grunty gaming and i’m going to be doing a elemental mastery based team around mona, so we’re going to have monaclee fiscal and chi-chi for the first one and then we’re going to substitute certain characters in and out just to see. Because you know someone might not have cli and chichi and mona three out of four of them are five stars, but i’m going to be experimenting with this one first to see how it goes and go from there, because i think elemental. Mastery is kind of a cool concept and mona has really like. I got her built to have like pretty high elemental mastery for the artifacts.

I have, and i got sacrificial fragments at refine rank five, so i really kind of wanted to showcase that and try it out and what better partner to have than klee, because klee hits like an absolute truck um. We got the ir perception with max attack and she’s going to be. Like my secondary um, we got fiscal with her oz she’s, basically going to be here just to run her abilities same with chichi her over frost. What not and then cleomona are gon na. Be my two mains here that i use for attack output, but moana’s gon na be basically what this team revolves around with her elemental mastery, because she’s gon na react with different elements. Now, for those of you that don’t know basically elemental mastery, the higher your elemental mastery, the higher your attack’s gon na, be when you cause a reaction with either electro pyro cryo, you name it um and for animal and geocharacters is gon na, be more of a Chrysalis or a swirl effect, but mona you want to capitalize by like having as many characters that can have specials that leave.

You know elemental schedules as possible, like you want as many of those as you can. That’S. Why, like cleve with her little bombs, there’s always pyro on the field which is going to cause a vaporize and fiscal has a raven that really helps too, because there’s like you can run lisa, which we’re going to try in a bit there. But like there’s a lot of different characters, you could use for elemental reaction, but i felt like this team was really strong, um, not to mention you. You cover a little bit more bases, clee’s, really strong, chi-chi’s a sword user. So you can bulk her a little bit. Fiscal’S got the bow character, it’s a little more variety than having just like three catalyst users, but depending on which characters you have unlocked. Like i said three at three out of four five stars is kind of hard to get, especially if you’re not um, putting any money into this game. But one downside to this team or this concept of a team is that, like it’s not super super strong against, like bigger bulkier enemies like boss, enemies are, like you know: um ruin guards things like that with big shields. That’S where claymore users geocharacters, are really strong, sword, user shine but then again like.

If you have chichi built up, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But right now i’m gon na try. I swapped out chi-chi for sucrose just to show you that you can, like you know, play around with it a little more switch. It up sucrose kind of blends everything together with her ultimate um she’s, one of the best, like, i think, support characters in the game. I would say you spam her ultimate: it’s like broken blends. Everything together, especially on an elemental master team, because it kind of just literally absorbs any element – that’s near it, and then you can really just capitalize on that. With this um build for mona, so we’re gon na show you here we’re gon na just spam, a bunch of elements on the field here, get sucrose’s ultimate and then we’re gon na put mona in and just absolutely annihilate crowd control. With this build no problem like there’s so many different builds, you can do and i feel like fiscal. It really helps with having her raven and both of her abilities kind of centralize around the raven oz. So it helps get electro on the field constantly and please just please just a monster now we’re going to try running instead exiling lisa and sucrose.

So for someone, that’s, maybe a little bit more free to play um other than sucrose. You can get lisa and exiling for free, so if you have mona, i’m gon na throw at all their specials here. Watch this just absolute wreak havoc. Look at all those reactions! Ah, it’s insane just instant death carnage, love it super fun, super fun, different um builds! You can do, and you know, there’s been kind of like a lot of negativity surrounding this game with, like you know, people just like bullying, other people and, like oh you know this team’s better than that team. Like you know what the game’s about to have fun, you know it’s all about having fun and no matter which way you get. Sometimes. I would like to go for just the flashy combos over just the more like strategical ones like this is just fun, i’m having so much fun doing this, like i’m, just absolutely just annihilating this base right now, which is elemental, mastery and reactions.

It’S just so much fun such a fun build. You know. Most of these characters in my party right now are not even close to leveled up far enough for the venture rank i am, but who cares? It’S just fun, you’re, just throwing out some moves here. Like look at this – and it’s like, i said, though, like the bigger bosses with the shields, it’s a little harder with this build because, like you know, they kind of block you out, it’s where you would need like a good geo user here, especially if you had A shield that could be burned by wood – it wouldn’t be so bad, but the thing is, you can do this build with this team or with the first team with clee and fiscal. The only thing, though, is with lisa and exiling they’re a little bit more obtainable. If you’re free to play the only thing with lisa, though over um fiscal, is that fiscal can kind of throw in her electro on command, whereas lisa you kind of need to spam, her ultimate and they got to be in that surface area, which is kind of Unfortunate but we’re just going to bully this hilly troll right here. Let’S keep we’re going to try and juggle him in the air here, but anyways guys, quick little video hope you guys enjoyed um yeah.

I just wanted to showcase this elemental mastery team, a couple of them i put together just for fun, just fooling around with the game and exploring just you know, farting around. That’S isn’t that the whole point of this game just to have fun with the characters you have and try new things, different, combos characters, you name it utilize what you can in the most creative way possible. That’S like one of the funnest things about this game. To me, but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video um. Let me know what you think and we will see you in the next one: [ Music ] later [, Music, ], hey

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