My first 50 f2p Wishes in Genshin Impact – Beginners’ Wish and other Banners


Hey it’s Gamer Heart and welcome to Genshin Impact, which I started like a week and half ago,  a truly beautiful and fun game, shame I have like 1 free hour per day to play…  but in this video I wanted to show you my first 50 wishes, Genshin Impact is a gacha game after all,  and I will go full free 2 play through it, wish me luck. But did I get lucky with my wishes? Where did I get enough primogems for 50 wishes you may ask, well mostly journey rewards and  compensations, yeah from mail, huge thank you devs and also from playing the game.

And for the new players there is beginners wish, which is a bit cheaper, and we are guaranteed to  get Noelle. Which gamer hearto got, with a bunch of weapons. Noelle is quite cute,  with a big ass sword, good for mining ores, didn’t use her much though. For my second time with beginner’s whish I didn’t expect anything to be honest,  because I’m not new to gacha games. But seems Rngessus smiled upon me and I got Barbara  and Chongyun, water and ice, nice, sorry.  They are quite a good team, Barbara makes the enemy wet and Chongyun freezes them to hell.

As I was so lucky, I tried the Venti banner, but it rained on me with more weapons and Barbara,  which got a boost, which is something. After a while I decided to try the standard banner  for Jean or Diluc, yes I know,  I maybe should have waited for other banners in future… because welp the luck wasn’t  on my side… 4 star weapon, ok… I will give it to my main hero… nameless hero… link… sorry…

But there is no peace for the wicked, and i just have to waste the primogems, don’t I?  So I decided to do 10 separate wishes,  cause why not, and people on youtube seems to get good stuff with such strategy, weapons  rained on me, again, and a 4 star spear was the thunder before the lighting, which was Fischl.  I was happy, still am. And my, you’re ded when it rains, team was ready.  I don’t know if I can say I was uber lucky, but I’m happy with what I have. My team may struggle with ice enemies, time to time, but everything else is walk in the park,  well so far, I’ m not far in the game. We really need a fire element, which will be Xiangling,  when I will be level 20 Adventure rank. I’m not really far in the game, as I said.

So yepsi that’s the video, I wish you luck with your wishes and have fun in Genshin Impact,  thanks for watching, would be awesome if you leave a like, till next time then and tschussi!.

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