Genshin Impact Interactive Map / Meteorites – Hilichurl – Books + A LOT MORE!


Genshin Impact Interactive Map Tutorial And Video

Hello, Everyone – this is Dux and having an interactive map, is the most beneficial thing that you can do to improve your genshin impact experience. In fact, having an interactive map will help you tremendously in each stuff that you are doing in the game. Of course, from doing quest for from Finding anemoculus finding geoculus finding chests having a good map is essential to do this stuff properly. So today, I’m showing you the best one by far the best one that you can find online.

Of course, I found a lot of website that actually do the same thing, but this one does it differently, and let me show you why, for example, if you’re going to this website, you are probably seeing the usual stuff, the map and the stuff on the left, But if you watch closely on the left side, if you go, for example, for the new mob that they just added into the game, you can find it this cold unusual Hilichurl, I’m sorry for the miss pronunciation, but yeah you can find everything in this map. Of course, that’s also an easy-to-read UI. That will add you tremendously also because you don’t need to go to click on the ima …


The marker – and it will need to go on another website, for example, on imageur your or something else, to find the image that you need. Everything is in the same place here. You just click the image and you will find yourself the perfect stuff. Where is it where you can find it and how you can reach it? I’Ve got the description also, so it will be very, very easy to do and, of course, for the main stuff that everyone uses a map for this is the best. By far and I’m talking about the anemoculus and geoculus stuff that, if you go to, you will find it very very, very, very easy to find each anemoculus thanks to this feature, it just click and you click. Where is it? You don’t need to reach another website? You don’t need to go anywhere else. Everything is this map. It’S very very easy to read very, very easy to find each anemoculus – and you can also add notes here, so they might come in handy and that you can write the important stuff like subscribe to dux. So to my Channel right now, so if you do that, please please please, and you can find everything you need to do and everything you need to know about genshin impact, and this will help you tremendously.


Also, this map has a very interesting feature. In fact, if you remove everything you can find also so also the meteorites shard. Yes, I made 2 videos about this, but today just have everything here. You can go here in this website and find each meteorite in the site that you, you are still missing. Probably so you just go here and you’ll find yourself the master out that you can do to find every single one of those, and they also that’s another very, very interesting thing that most of the other website doesn’t do, and that is the chests. In fact, if you going to any other website that promote this kind of service, you go there and you’ll see the common chests exquisite chests. Ok, everything is there also, but when you click it, nothing appear. You just find yourself the chest:


That’S not ok, you need to find yourself the best possible information about the chest, also because there are a lot of chest that are on top of each other, so it kind of hard to find it without the help of an image, and this website has the Best, you are the best way to find it so yeah, just click here and you’ll find yourself your chest without having to worry about anything all the achievement. All the good stuff would be yours without having to without having to waste any time finding it by yourself, and this will help you your experience tremendously, I’m using this map since a lot of time – and this is so so amazing – you can also find the I Made a recently a video about to the farming out and in that video I cover some place. I go to each day to complete them in Parliament at and this website, if you want to do a more extensive farming with the zero stamina whatsoever.


So if you are a free-to-play player – and you really like this game going into this app, you will find every single artifax. So you go here and you can find all the artefacts with the description. So they will tell you: where? Is it exactly in the crates? They respond, so you will know if they respond. Also and again, that’s amazing – you go here. You’Ll find everything you need to find. Also course you can find yourself for the best routes, for the chest usually come on the response. So, for example, you go here and you’ll find that this is the most the most dance space with a lot of trust. You go here and you find your account for yourself if any of this just respond. So this is a perfect map to farm a perfect mark 2 out in your journey, and I also have got as usual. You can find the usual stuff that will help you upgrade the Euro character, your weapons, everything you need to find it’s your!


You can find you can find everything dear and the last part of a map with this feature is this the books? In fact, if you notice on the achievement system, there are also books and books are very, very hard to find. Sometimes, if you don’t have the perfect location so, instead of going into different kind of websites and YouTube videos to find each book similar meaning in this way, you will find each of the books and there’s also the location where you find it where you can find It and it it’s so so easy, so it’s yeah, it’s a no-brainer that this map is the best one out of everything. I found it not not only because the usual amount of stuff that you can find on this lap side, but also for the simplicity for the UI that will help you so so much not waste time and going into another website, the maybe as summer more out. Some pop that yeah, not that good so yeah.


This is the perfect map for you and give it a try, and let me know if you find this useful. Of course you can track all your progress here. You can track all the found location, all the notes. All everything here so yeah this is the perfect map. I hope you enjoy it. If so, please, please, please consider, subscribing and liking the video and yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for watching!


Genshin Impact Interactive Map List Of Tools

So I decided to make a list with all interactive maps and some informations about them.

MapLanguageComplete?Mark as foundQoL / extras
g-i-map.appsampleEN (more with Machine Translation)Not for chests / resources / seelies. No elites/bosses.YesHave farming routes
mapgenie.ioENLooks almost complete, except for elites/bossesYesNo subdivision for elites/bosses. YOU CAN add markings after you login
gamewith.netENResource only.Well, yes but you wont use it anywayCan’t put it in fullscreen…
yuanshen.siteCN (EN, translated)Looks pretty complete for everything. BUT no seelies / challenges divisions. Also can’t divide chests by qualityYesYou need to click individual clusters to expand them. Can be annoying. It has photos for most chests.
static-web.ghzs.comCNLooks pretty complete for everything except some chestsYesGot videos for most hard to find seelies / others or at least a hint. You can create your own markings
wiki.biligame.comCNLooks pretty complete for everything. Have more chests and crystals / white iron than the others.YesVideos for *oculus.

From my observations, the 2nd map in the list is the most complete English map. The CN ones are pretty complete, with the 3rd CN one having the most chests and other resources. Different maps can have some informations others don’t even if they are more complete, so every map is missing some information, at least for now.

The 2nd CN one is the one I decided to use just because it’s prettiern have the 2nd with the most information AND you can create markings (can’t name them, tho :/ ).

If anyone use another map I can also include here.

EDIT: translation to 1st CN map by /u/EliteMasterEric(translation by /u/gbdematos) :

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